Hard Industrial Techno, Dark Cinematic & Modern Hip Hop Kits by Industrial Strength Samples

Industrial Strength Hard Industrial TechnoIndustrial Strength Samples has launched its latest sample pack Hard Industrial Techno, a collection of loops and samples for hard edge electronic music. With the re-emergence of hard electronic music we have been having a wicked time in our studio! Again, we have been on a mission to deliver you the most banging set of […]

Touché now puts expressive control at hand for $229

“Expressive control” has largely translated to “wiggly keyboards” and “squishy grids,” with one notable exception – the unique, paddle-like Touché from Expressive E. And while keeping essentially the same design, they’ve gotten the price down to just US$/EUR229, making this potentially a no-brainer.

The result: add this little device to your rig, and play gesturally with a whole bunch of instruments, either using provided examples or creating your own.

Preset-packed paddle?

Expressive E’s approach has set itself apart in two key ways. First, they’ve gone with a design that’s completely different than anyone else working in expressive control. It’s not a ribbon, not a grid, not an X/Y pad, and not a keyboard, in other words.

The Touché is best described as a paddle, a standalone object that you sit next to your computer or instrument. There’s a patented mechanism in there that responds to mechanical movements, so with the slightest pressure or tap, you can activate it, or push harder for multi-axis control.

And that, in turn, opens this up to lots of different control applications. Expressive E market this mainly for controlling instruments, like synthesizers, but any music or visual performance input could be relevant.

The second clever element in Expressive E’s approach is to bundle a whole bunch of presets. The first Touché had loads of support even for hardware synths. The new one is focused more on software. But together, this means that while you can map your own ideas, you’ve got a load of places to start.

Touché SE

The original Touché is US$/EUR 399.

Touché SE is just $/EUR 229.

Here’s the cool thing about that price break: the only real sacrifice here is the standalone operation with hardware. (The SE works with bus-powered USB only.)

Other than that, it’s the same hardware as before, though with a polycarbonate touch plate.

In fact, otherwise you get more:

  • Lié hosting software, with VST hosting so you can use your own plug-ins
  • UVI-powered internal sound engine with leads and mallets and loads of other things
  • 200 ready-to-play internal sounds, which you can call up using dedicated buttons on the device
  • 200+ presets for popular plug-ins (like Native Instruments’ Massive and Prism, Serum, Arturia software, etc.)

So connect this USB bus-powered device (they put a huge four-foot cable in the box), and you get multi-dimensional gestural control.

Standalone, VST, AU, Mac, Windows. (Would love to see a Linux/Raspi version!)

I’ve been playing one for a bit and – it’s hugely powerful, likely of appeal both to plug-in and synth lovers and DIYers alike.


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Loopmasters releases Hip Hop & Rap sample pack

Loopmasters Hip Hop & RapRekkerd Exclusive: Save 20% off sample packs, synth presets, courses and bundles at Loopmasters with coupon REKK20 at checkout, today only!Loopmasters has launched a new sample pack titled Hip Hop & Rap, a modern representation of crystal clear and bass heavy sounds that are perfect for beatmakers looking to create a contemporary rap banger. Rocking […]

Roland debuts AX-Edge Keytar and JUNO-DS76 Synthesizer

Roland AX Edge featRoland has introduced the AX-Edge Keytar, a performance synthesizer designed to be played in a standing position with a shoulder strap. Building on decades of refinement and input from artists around the world, the AX-Edge features 49 full-sized keys and a professional sound set crafted specifically for keytarists. It also offers a sleek, modern design […]

Producer Loops releases Festival Anthems Vol 2 sample pack

Producer Loops Festival Anthems Vol 2Producer Loops has launched a second volume in the Festival Anthems series of construction kits. Festival Anthems Vol 2 reignites this popular series of mammoth Construction Kits from the Producer Loops label. Inspired by Armin van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet and W&W, this high octane collection is packed with acid sounds, razor-sharp drums, memorable fills, huge […]

PreSonus announces Atom production & performance pad controller

PreSonus AtomPreSonus has launched Atom, a portable, versatile production and performance pad controller. Though Atom comes with tight Studio One integration, the USB controller is compatible with most music production and performance software. Produce beats, play virtual instruments, and trigger sound effects and loops with unsurpassed expressiveness and flexibility! Both a compact, dynamic performance controller and […]

Hack a Launchpad Pro into a 16-channel step sequencer, free

Novation’s Launchpad Pro is unique among controller hardware: not only does it operate in standalone mode, but it has an easy-to-modify, open source firmware. This mod lets you exploit that to transform it into a 32-step sequencer.

French musician and engineer Quentin Lamerand writes us to share his mod for Novation’s firmware. And you don’t have to be a coder to use this – you can easily install it without any coding background, which was part of the idea of opening up the firmware in the first place.

The project looks really useful. You get 16 channels (for controlling multiple sound parts or devices), plus 32-steps for longer phrases. And since the Launchpad Pro works as standalone hardware, you could use all of this without a computer. (You can output notes on either the USB port – even in standalone mode – or the MIDI DIN out port.)

You’ll need something else to supply clock – the sequencer only works in slave mode – but once you do that (hihi, drum machine), you’re good to go.

Bonus features:

  • Note input with velocity (adjustable using aftertouch on the pads)
  • Repeat notes
  • Adjustable octave
  • Setup mode with track selection, parameters, mute, clear, and MIDI thru toggle
  • Tap steps to select track length
  • Adjust step length (to 32nd, 16th, 16th note triplet, 8th, 8th note triplet, quarter, quarter note triplet, half note)
  • Rotate steps

On one hand, this is what I think most of us believe Novation should have shipped in the first place. On the other hand, look at some of those power-user features – by opening up the firmware, we get some extras the manufacturer probably wouldn’t have added. And if you are handy with some simple code, you can modify this further to get it exactly how you want.

It’s a shame, actually, that we haven’t seen more hackable tools like this. But that’s all the more reason to go grab this – especially as Launchpads Pro can be had on the cheap. (Time to dust mine off, which was the other beauty of this project!)

Go try Quentin’s work and let us know what you think:


Got some hacks of your own, or inspired by this to give it a try? Definitely give a shout.

The open firmware project you’ll find on Novation’s GitHub:



Hack a Grid: Novation Makes Launchpad Pro Firmware Open Source

Launchpad Pro Grid Controller: Hands-on Comprehensive Guide

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Tinami – Modularisierter MIDI-Controller für USB, DIN-MIDI und iOS

tinami controller modular

Der Tinami ist sicher nicht der erste „modulare Controller“, weshalb man immer zuerst prüfen muss: „Ist das nun das Ding, wo die Leichtigkeit der Modularität sinnvoll ist gegenüber einer festen Konfiguration?“

Die Idee ist immer noch sehr gut, nämlich endlich einen Controller zu haben zu genau dem Problem, das man hat. Seien es ein Synthesizer oder bestimmte Knöpfe, die ein iPad physisch nicht haben kann und daher auch „blind“ bedient werden kann oder etwas für die eigene Reaktor-Bastelei. Das System ist nicht dazu gedacht, es auf der Bühne umzubauen, sondern die Elemente passend zu stecken und sie dann zu belegen.

Tinami – ein modularer Controller

Für die Belegung mit Funktionen gibt es einen Editor, der MD1-Blueprint heißt. Das System ist nach dem „Zusammenbau“ ein ansehnlicher Kasten mit 16 Knöpfen. Es ist der Modularität geschuldet, dass es ein symmetrisches Gehäuse ist und man auch Knöpfe, Taster und ähnliches austauschbar einbauen kann. Es gibt insgesamt 16 Speicher für die Sets, und das Gerät hat neben USB auch MIDI-DIN-Buchsen, sodass man es auch für Hardware-Synthesizer nutzen kann, bei denen ein paar Parameter fehlen und man gerade diese schmerzlichst vermisst.


Ganz wichtig für den Bau eigener Programmer und Controller von und für Hardware sind SysEx-Strings und NRPNs. Denn ohne diese wäre so ein Controller nur die Hälfte wert und funktionierte bei einigen Synthesizern gar nicht erst. Das wird und soll der Editor dann erledigen. Dass Projekte dieser Art oft genau das fehlen lassen ist der Grund, weshalb der Synthnerd da eher nicht anbeißt. Der andere kann die grobe Abmessung sein, die sich hier aber in Grenzen hält. Andere Angebote erinnern an Lego Duplo. Wie schon erwähnt, ach nee, hatte ich noch gar nicht: Dies ist ein Kickstarter-Projekt und braucht erst ein paar Mitmacher, bevor es realisiert werden kann.

Die Frage, ob man das braucht, richtet sich nach meiner Erfahrung an die, die viel auf der Bühne oder im Studio bestimmte Knöpfe eigentlich immer genau so haben möchten und auch so beschriften möchten, dass es genau zu dem Problem passt. Es ist zwar änderbar, aber nicht mit „mal eben“. So ist dies eigentlich zwar modular und man KANN es ändern – es wird aber in der Praxis so sein, dass man sich für die wichtigen Dinge davon vielleicht sogar 2 oder 3 kaufen wollen würde, damit alles abgedeckt ist. Beispiel? Editor für den Roland Alpha Juno-1 oder PG300-Ersatz bis hin zu Softsynths wie Diva nachbauen und so aufstellen, dass alles, was mit der Maus keinen Spaß macht, hier abgebildet werden kann, ebenso Effekte und iPad-Apps.

Mehr Information



Tinami Verschiedene Knoepfe

Tinami Verschiedene Knoepfe

Eden Flow sample pack by Loopmasters brings ambient, bass-heavy bliss

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Sync your gear with Ploytec’s new ONE.2 MIDI Clock Tap Tempo Pedal

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