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Quick Jam: Digital Warrior, Open Source Step Sequencer, Plus KORG volca beats and Bitwig

Don’t call it a comeback. Hardware step sequencing is becoming the must-have accessory for even computer users.

And the boutique Digital Warrior controller, which neatly combines knobs with colored pads, is a great solution. I’ve been messing about with the Arturia BeatStep, as well – review coming – but the Digital Warrior has some tricks of its own. It integrates nicely with Traktor, like the still-forthcoming MIDI Fighter Twist from DJ TechTools. But the reason I wouldn’t buy or recommend the DJTT piece is – no MIDI DIN connector. And that spoils the fun.

Here, the Digital Warrior is comfortable not only integrating with your computer but with MIDI gear, as well. Note the cable making its way into the volca beats. And the volca beats I think has become most popular of the volcas with good reason: the touch strip at the bottom is ideal for quick sequencing. Some of the sounds I think are better than others, but it does have a grungy and unique sound, aided by the PCM and grain controls. And, crucially, the bass drum is deep. (I remain interested to hear what Akai’s rival Rhythm Wolf will sound like, though the tiny size of the volca is perfect when you’re cramming a live rig into cramped quarters, which always seems to happen onstage – hey, half a meter square is enough for you, right?)

You can output MIDI clock (as with volca beats), or use the MIDI port as MIDI thru, turning the box into a proper MIDI interface.

Bottom line: whether working in something like Ableton or Traktor, you can layer hardware step sequences over top so that you actually have something to play (rather than waving your arms around while some scenes or tracks play automatically – bah).


Digital Warrior a compact open source Traktor Remix deck sequencer and MIDI Controller. Sequencing Korg Volca Beats through the on-board MIDI out connector.

Designer’s blog:
Track: Sobamonk – Back and Forth (Paul Gutschmidt Remix)

More video: here’s the box driving Bitwig Studio – and did I mention I really like how Tomash, the creator, plays?

Good stuff.


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CoolSoft updates VirtualMIDISynth to v1.9.0

CoolSoft has released version 1.9.0 of VirtualMIDISynth, a software MIDI synthesizer implemented as a Windows multimedia user driver, accessible as a standard MIDI Out device. Version 1.9.0 adds a long waited (and popular) feature: *reverb and chorus* settings. These settings are not “live”, they must be set through *Configurator -> Options* tab, so a VirtualMIDISynt […]

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n-Track Software updates n-Track Studio for iOS to v3.4

n-Track Software has released version 3.4 of its n-Track Studio for iPhone, iPad & iPod. n-Track Studio is an audio and MIDI multitrack recorder that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a full-fledged recording studio. You can record and playback a virtually unlimited number of audio and MIDI tracks, mix them during playback […]

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SIR Audio Tools updates qwertyGO! to v1.5

SIR Audio Tools has released version 1.5 of qwertyGO!, a software application for triggering sounds/songs with your computer-keyboard/midi-device. qwertyGO! is useful for all musicians/artists/DJ’s on stage, theaters, radio stations, for sport events or wherever you want to play jingles/backing-tracks/sounds-effects. It’s just this nifty little helper you sometimes need! Changes in qwertyGO! v1.5 Audio Plug-in Environment […]

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Adam Monroe Music releases Adam Monroe’s Beats

Adam Monroe Music has released Adam Monroe’s Beats, a drum sample library and MIDI beats collection instrument plug-in for Windows. Adam Monroe’s Beats features 30 fully customizable virtual drum kit presets featuring 37 snares, 27 bass drums, and 22 toms. 10 layer velocity, 3 note round-robin, with both left and right sides of the drum […]

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Source Audio introduces Soundblox Hub v1

Source Audio has announced the release of the Soundblox Hub v1, a MIDI Interface, port expander and multi-pedal scene saver. The Hub introduces an entirely new “modular” approach to multi-effect systems. It has the power to unite up to five Soundblox 2 pedals into one thoroughly integrated, MIDI controlled, multi-effect machine. “We’re very excited about […]

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5Pin Media releases Bass Line – The Sequel

5Pin Media has launched Bass Line – The Sequel, a sound pack featuring over 350 bassline MIDI files. The popularity of various styles comes and goes, however there is one vital ingredient that remains forever unquenched, the thirst for bass. In particular bass of a certain character created by a family of Mono-synths which happen […]

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AIRA Secrets: Here’s How to Take Command of Roland’s TB-3 and TR-8 with MIDI


Part of the appeal of the Roland TR-8 drum machine and TB-3 bassline synth is their hands-on control. But apart from the normal reasons you’d additionally want external MIDI control, you’ll need it for certain kinds of automation recording.

The problem is, the AIRAs (at least with their current firmware) lack the ability to record automation internally. You can record patterns on the TR-8 and TB-3, but not changes to sound parameters, effects, or that Scatter thing. So, if you’re making a pattern and find a shifting timbre or glitchy effect you like, there’s no way to save it easily for performance (apart from recording audio, of course).

The solution is to make use of MIDI Control Change messages. Yet, for a company that almost always fastidiously shares its MIDI implementation in documentation, Roland has mysteriously not done so on AIRA. Fortunately, my colleague NERK, with whom I make music as the dubious, shady techno duo NERKKIRN, has gone through and worked out what the MIDI messages are.

A complete list (so far) for both the TB-3 and TR-8 is below. These aren’t official, so it’s possible there are more messages missing; we’re in touch with Roland to try to find out, but if you’ve discovered any more, or any more tips or hacks, we’d love to hear them.

NERK, aka Benjamin Weiss, has also built some Max for Live remotes for each device. The TR-8 is available as both a Drum Rack and a remote control surface, for convenience. Download them free at


Roland AIRA TR-8 Drum Rack and Remote 1.0


Roland AIRA TB-3 Remote 1.0

With those patches, it’s even easier to take control of parameters by mapping them to other hardware, including Ableton’s own Push, as Ableton LiveSchool demonstrates in a recent tutorial:

Now, on to the MIDI implementation. So far, if it’s an onboard control on either device in the form of a knob or fader, you can automate it with MIDI.

There are some more frustrating limitations that it appears can’t be solved with this approach, however. On the TB-3, for instance, my understanding is that you can’t transmit slide changes when playing patterns. Slide is recorded in step mode, but not in real-time recording (which is a bit bizarre, as it seems you’d want it even more in the latter) – that I’ve confirmed with Roland. If I’m correct that you can’t transmit these via MIDI, it limits the TB-3′s usefulness as a sequencer for external gear and means you can’t use this to record.

That said, I still think these two boxes deliver phenomenal value. They sound great, they have lots of controls, they’re great fun to use, and they look … well, okay, I’m going to look into how to cover up those green edges. I’m hopeful for a firmware update that fills in the gaps, but it’s still pretty easy to recommend the two – especially when armed with this MIDI knowledge the docs forgot.

Here we go:

See De:Bug Magazine for the complete German versions and coverage:

AIRA TR-8 und TB-3 in Live modulieren und die Liste der MIDI CCs


MIDI implementation

Note that this is both send and receive. The TB-3 I think is a pretty useful controller for outboard gear, so that works nicely.


71, Accent
9, Shuffle

91, Reverb Level
89, Reverb Time
90, Reverb Gate

16, Delay Level
17, Delay Time
18, Delay Feedback

12, Ext In Level
13, Ext In Side Chain

20, BD Tune
21, BD Attack
22, BD Comp
23, BD Decay
24, BD Volume

25, SD Tune
26, SD Snappy
27, SD Comp
28, SD Decay
29, SD Volume

46, LT Tune
47, LT Decay
48, LT Volume

49, MT Tune
50, MT Decay
51, MT Volume

52, HT Tune
53, HT Decay
54, HT Volume

55, RS Tune
56, RS Decay
57, RS Volume

58, HC Tune;
59, HC Decay;
60, HC Volume;

61, CH Tune
62, CH Decay
63, CH Volume

80, OH Tune
81, OH Decay
82, OH Volume

83, CC Tune
84, CC Decay
85, CC Volume

86, RC Tune
87, RC Decay
88, RC Volume


74, Cutoff
71, Resonance
16, Accent
17, Effect
12, ENV
13, MOD
11, X

For more NERK:

NERKKIRN at V-Records

And for German speakers, De:Bug lives online:

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ModeAudio releases Dust Road – Massive Vintage Loops

ModeAudio has launched Dust Road – Massive Vintage Loops, a loop and MIDI pack of frayed, baked and dreamy nature, perfect for those making Downtempo, Chillout, Dubstep and beyond. Welcome to the extension loop pack made from our preset release of the same name, bringing the undulating, lush and distinctive sound of the presets to […]

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Mainroom Warehouse releases EDM Club DNA: Festival Edition

Mainroom Warehouse has launched EDM Club DNA: Festival Edition, the first in a new sound pack series. The pack boasts a whopping 35 brand new Construction Kits and weighs in at a colossal 7.5 GB. Inspired by the world’s biggest EDM festivals, like Tomorrowland, Global Gathering, Electric Daisy Carnival, Creamfields, BPM Festival, Ultra Music Festival, […]

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