Silhouette Trap soundset for Serum by ModeAudio released

ModeAudio Silhouette Serum Trap PresetsFollowing up on the release of the Hinterlands downtempo soundset, ModeAudio is back with a new soundset for the Serum synthesizer instrument by Xfer Records. Silhouette features a collection of 50 Trap presets for Serum, built from 18 custom wavetables. The pack is primed and ready to harness those dark, bass-drenched vibes and use them […]

Grid Racer, Shared Tomorrow & Impact Factory sample packs at ModeAudio

ModeAudio Grid RacerModeAudio has released Grid Racer, a sample pack featuring a 470MB collection of Synthwave loops, retro drum samples and MIDI patterns. This royalty-free collection aims to infuse your next 80s-style production with rich, analog warmth and captivating melodic depth. Check this pack’s dashboard and you’ll discover 150 tempo-formatted, key and tempo labelled music loops right […]

ModeAudio releases Eclipse Dark Ambient Samples & Drones and Fissure Glitch Drum Samples

ModeAudio EclipseModeAudio has released Eclipse Dark Ambient Samples & Drones, a sample pack featuring 1.14GB of shifting drones, resonant textures and serene SFX samples. This royalty-free collection presents a deeply cinematic sound palette of stunning diversity and flexibility. At the heart of this release is a library of 110 rich, deftly-produced drones and textures, taking in […]

ModeAudio releases Crystalline for Serum, Vortex & Askew sample packs

ModeAudio CrystallineModeAudio has recently released Crystalline, a soundset featuring 50 cinematic dance patches for the Serum synthesizer instrument. Glistening in the neon dark with 50 presets for the award-winning Serum VST synth by Xfer Records, this is a patch library with a difference – this time, we’ve crafted each preset using our own, handmade selection of […]

Giveaway: Win a ModeAudio sound pack of your choice (3x)

ModeAudio GiveawayModeAudio is currently offering 30% off on all its sample packs, synth presets, and field recordings in a Summer Sale, so this

ModeAudio sound packs 30% off in Summer Sale

ModeAudio Summer Sale 2017ModeAudio has launched its 2017 Summer Sale, offering 30% off all its sounds packs royalty free of loops, samples, synth presets, MIDI

Hologram soundset offers chill electronic sounds for Serum

ModeAudio Hologram for SerumModeAudio has launched a soundset featuring a collection of chill electronic sounds for the Serum synthesizer instrument. Hologram offers oceans of deep,

ModeAudio Giveaway: Win a free sound pack of your choice (2x)

ModeAudio Giveaway packsModeAudio’s latest releases include the Soul Trap sample pack and Mesosphere, a soundset featuring ambient presets for Xfer’s Serum synthesizer. Blending the

ModeAudio releases Scatter, Outlook & Glimmer sample packs

ModeAudio ScatterModeAudio has released Scatter, a collection of ambient glitch loops. A blinding fireball streaks across the sky, breaking up into clusters that