Music Videos

Blume vs The Fractalist – ‘For the Last Time’

Music: For the Last Time, by Blume (Paul Madsen) Fractals and Visuals: Tree of Life, by the Fractalist (Jacob Bettany) This video is the rendered version of a live set, performed by the Fractalist & Blume in February 2015

‘Bach To Moog’ Sneak Preview

Moog Music has released a new preview video for Bach To Moog – a new album, by Craig Leon, that explores using the Moog modular synthesizer as part of a classical ensemble. Bach to Moog, coming May 4th from Sony … Continue reading

Composition For Cassette Mellotron, Automated Zither, Toy Piano And Oscillators

composition for cassette mellotron, automated zither, toy piano and oscillators was uploaded by: wouter van Veldhoven
Duration: 341
Rating: Continue reading

Theremin-Controller Modular Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Synthesist J Daniel Cramer shared this synth jam, which features a theremin controller, being used to modulate both the musical elements of a complex synth patch and the video’s visuals.  See the video end credits for additional details on … Continue reading

Live Chillwave Jam By Spearfisher

Sunday Synth Jam: Spearfisher (Peter John) does a one-take chillwave studio jam, using new and vintage electronic music gear, xylophone and voice. You can hear more of his music at the Spearfisher SoundCloud page, also embedded below:

Elektron Jam: Yaybahar Plus Elektrons

The latest in Elektron’s performance video series features the company’s Analog Rytm, Analog Keys, and Octatrack instruments, jamming with the acoustic Yaybahar instrument. The Yayabhar is made from natural materials – wood, membrane, strings and coiled spring. The materials aren’t … Continue reading