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Yacht’s Plastic Soul, Live In The Moog Sound Lab

Sunday Synth Jam: The latest performance in the Moog Sound Lab series features Yacht doing a live take on their song Plastic Soul.  Technical Details: Claire Evans’ voice is processed through a Moog 500 Series Analog Delay. Jona Bechtolt uses … Continue reading

Goldie’s Timeless, Live With An Orchestra

Goldie & The Heritage Orchestra “Timeless (Sine Tempore)” was uploaded by: GoldieOfficial
Duration: 647
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The Pipe Guy Plays Techno On PVC Pipe – With Flip-Flops

Adelaide, Australia “acoustic bass synth” player Jake Clark, aka Pipe Guy, plays a live techno/trance/house/White Stripes set on his homemade PVC pipe instrument. Clark plays his DIY instrument by whacking it with a pair of flip-flop sandals. Recorded live in Rundle Mall, Adelaide, … Continue reading

Daniel Davis – Afraid to Dream of Tangerines

Afraid to Dream of Tangerines was uploaded by: Daniel Davis
Duration: 983
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Hypersonic Division Test, A Micro Glitch Soundscape

Hypersonic Division Test | Micro Glitch Soundscape | Eurorack + Octatrack was uploaded by: A Box In The Sea
Duration: 169
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Duet No. 4, For Synthesizer & The Singing Ringing Tree

Duet No.4 for Synthesizer and The Singing Ringing Tree was uploaded by: John Keston
Duration: 217
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Old Beats – Roland Alpha Juno Chord Memory

Roland Alpha Juno Chord Memory was uploaded by: Old Beats
Duration: 349
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Steampunk Cover Of Daft Punk’s Get Lucky, On Bassoon & Theremin

Gettin’ Lucky with a Bassoon and Theremin was uploaded by: lvl111blacksmith
Duration: 156
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