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Kebu’s 80’s-tastic Live Cover Of Tangerine Dream’s Le Parc

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures an all-analog synth cover of Tangerine Dream’s Le Parc (L.A. – Streethawk), performed live by Kebu at the Sthlm Italo Disco Party 2015, Stockholm, 16.5.2015. Le Parc comes from Tangerine Dream’s album of the … href="">Continue reading class="meta-nav">→

Live Prophet 12 Synthesizer Performance

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance, by Daniel Davis, on the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12. Technical details: Live improv performance, featuring Prophet 12, Pigtronix Infinity Looper, Strymon Bigsky, and Eventide Modfactor.

Bach Visualized With Neon Lights

Bach In Lights is a music visualization, based on Bach’s Prelude And Fugue In C (Well-Tempered Clavier, Book I, No.1), performed by Pierre-Laurent Aimard. The video is a 3D animation, created as a promo for Sinfini Music. Director Alan Warburton animated … href="">Continue reading class="meta-nav">→

Jean-Michel Jarre & M83 Debut ‘Glory’ Video

Jean-Michel Jarre is cranking up the hype machine for his upcoming, still-to-be-named studio album. Today, he released the music video for Glory, a collaboration with fellow Frenchman Anthony Gonzalez (M83). The video explores how we often glorify the absurd. Here’s what director Lisa … href="">Continue reading class="meta-nav">→

8-bit Remake of Hasselhoff’s True Survivor is the Best Thing We’ve Watched This Week


Okay, we hit some sort of nerd singularity just now. Start with David Hasselhoff’s cheeky, cheesy “True Survivor.” Remake it on the 8-bit SidTracker 64 app. You’ll swear all of this actually happened in the 80s, even if it didn’t. Retrorgasm.

And yes, this gem is included in the app.

Musical arrangement: Fredrik Segerfalk
Graphics by Vanja Utne:
Video and extra GFX by Moppe
SidTracker programming by Daniel Larsson

Please roll down your windows and ghetto-blast this one this weekend.

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Classical Indian Music On iPad + Animoog

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Navneeth Sundar, captures a live performance of Shri. Lalgudi G. Jayaraman’s Desh Thillana composition. Sundar, a composer and pianist from Chennai,  recently discovered that the touch screen provided by the Apple iPad works well … href="">Continue reading class="meta-nav">→

‘Telstar’ On Stylophone & Ukulele

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Smokey Stubbs, is the music video for the Fluff Tadpole cover of the vintage electronic pop hit, Telstar, written by Joe Meek and originally performed by The Tornados. Technical details below. How to play … href="">Continue reading class="meta-nav">→

All Of Daft Punk’s Tunes, Live, In 5 Minutes

IntroducingLive is a band that takes on the challenge of performing classic ‘unplayable’ electronic albums live. They started by tackling DJ Shadow’s seminal Endtroducing. Here, they preview their live performances of Daft Punk. Band Members: Drums – Mike Reed, Bass/Keys … href="">Continue reading class="meta-nav">→

Chris Randall – Bounce (Live Techno Jam)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Chris Randall (Audio Damage, Sister Machine Gun), captures a live studio performance of Bounce. The techno jam features Eurorack modular synth and Ableton Live.

Jamming With iPad-Controlled Household Objects

Conductr & CaboSanRoque have collaborated to create a new project, HiLo, for Sonar 2015, that features iPad-controlled household objects. HiLo is the first collaboration between Conductr and CaboSanRoque: CaboSanRoque manipulate objects to reveal their sonic personality and turn them into … href="">Continue reading class="meta-nav">→