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Three Mothers, Two Hands Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Moog Music developer & MPE guru Geert Bevin, captures a live synth performance on three Mother-32 Eurorack analog synthesizers.  Technical Details: Live recording with a three Moog Mother-32 rack and a Moogerfooger Delay, no post-processing.

Deep Ambient With A Korg EMX-1 Groovebox

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Midera (Michael Raleigh) captures a live performance that showcases the possibilities of using music gear in ways that the designers didn’t anticipate. Raleigh pairs the Korg EMX-1 with the Eventide Space reverb, taking Korg’s groovebox … Continue reading

Quadrophonic Synth Jam, Recorded With Harry The Dummy Head Binaural Microphone

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Wein Glas, captures an unusual binaural recording of a quadrophonic synth performance at the German Modular Synth Meet in Fischbach 2016. The Buchla 200e quadrophonic performance was recorded with ‘Harry’, right, a vintage dummy head binaural mic system, created … Continue reading

Modular Synthesizer + Roland Juno Live Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Jasper, captures a live synth jam for modular synth & Roland Juno 60. Here’s what Jasper has to say about the performance: i incorporated my juno this time around. Here it is functioning as … Continue reading

Daft Punk – ‘Get Lucky’ Cover

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Miguel Fernandes, aka starshipfive, shared this live cover of Daft Punk‘s Get Lucky. Fernandes says that he wasn’t trying to recreate the original, but to create an original arrangement that had more of an electronic feel.  Here’s … Continue reading

Mobile Battery-Powered Synth Studio With Korg Volca, Novation Circuit & Pocket Operator

Matt Greer of Robots Against Children shared this video, capturing a live performance of Struttin’ on his mobile battery powered synth studio. His system features Korg Volca Keys, Monotron, Teenage Engineering PO-12, PO-16 and Novation Circuit – to create a battery-powered … Continue reading

A video glimpse of Teenage Engineering’s OP-Z in action

It looks like a small remote control for a game system, but it’s a musical instrument. The OP-Z caught our imagination earlier this year at NAMM with a host of bizarre and wonderful functions, from sequenced instruments and drums to live visual animation accompaniment (seriously).

Now, Cuckoo Music catches up with Teenage Engineering in his ongoing video series. That means a chance to see how the pocket music gizmo has progressed, as well as what’s happening with live visuals. Teenage Engineer David Mollerstedt joins:

Meanwhile, TE’s instruments see other lovely action. Mikael Jorgensen writes CDM to tell us about his new project Rancho Electro, a kind of visual music label featuring performance in the open air. As he describes it to us, it’s “electronic music, performed, filmed and recorded live and in a natural setting.”

Love that idea. If Mikael’s name is familiar, it might be from other band projects – one of them being keyboardist for Wilco. We’ll have to go more in-depth with this soon, but let’s immediately enjoy some lovely, jangling music out in nature.

Apart from the OP-1, you’ll spot a KORG volca beats and a Pocket Piano in there.

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Radiohead ‘How to Disappear Completely’ Cover With Therevox

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a cover of Radiohead’s How To Disappear Completely, by Allison Brown. The performance is much less ‘synthy’ than many of the videos that we feature, but it showcases interesting use of the Therevox ET-4 synthesizer. In … Continue reading

Synth Jam With Dave Smith Instruments Sequential Pro 2 & Buchla Music Easel

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via 100 Things I Do, captures a live performance of Of Magic.  Technical Details: Mostly using the Arp & Paraphonic mode on the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2. The Easel’s complex waveform is used as … Continue reading

Jordan Rudess Plays ‘Greetings Mr. Fripp’ On iPad

Sunday Synth Jam: Dream Theater keyboardist and synth designer Jordan Rudess plays an original composition, Greetings Mr. Fripp. Technical Details: Written in flight. Recorded on iPad. Played on GeoShred.