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Sonoio (Alessandro Cortini) – Thanks For Calling

Alessandro Cortini has released a new music video for his Sonoio project, Thanks For Calling. Sonoio is a solo project of Cortini, (Nine Inch Nails, Modwheelmood). See his site for more info.

Psychedelic Synth Jam

Psychadelic jam session – KORG ms-20, TR-8, analog four, line6, volca – (BURG – The saucer people) was uploaded by: ollilaboratories
Duration: 1138
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Tyler Fengya (8) Plays Solitudinous, By Keith Emerson

Tyler Fengya (8) playing Solitudinous by Keith Emerson was uploaded by: Tyler Fengya
Duration: 118
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Live Adult Music – Heartbreak

MOOGFEST SOUND LAB | ADULT. | Heartbreak was uploaded by: Moogfest
Duration: 278
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Erik Norlander’s Dreamcurrents

Dreamcurrents on Moog Apollo – Erik Norlander – Live in Asheville was uploaded by: ThinkTankMediaMusic
Duration: 439
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Live Techno From Space Ego (Moscow)

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live techno jam by Moscow based music collective Space Ego. Space Ego ‘creates at the junction of classical techno and electronic sound experiments’, using vintage and digital synth and drum-machines. This live was recorded on … Continue reading

Kutiman’s ‘Found Video’ Arrangement Of ‘Give It Up’

Kutiman – Thru You Too – GIVE IT UP was uploaded by: kutiman
Duration: 265
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Gael Navard’s Rock Drum Circuit Bending

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance by Gaël Navard, Rock Drum Circuit Bending.  Le Festival de MAI – 8 mai 2014. via LeSalon

1:37 Of Keytar Shredding

Sunday Synth Jam: In this video, Fabrizio Muratori delivers 1:37 of keytar shredding on the Alesis Vortex keytar.  There is, unfortunately, no time for ‘synth face’ shots in this video. instead, the video captures a short keytar solo on Bad Cable Day, … Continue reading