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Pomplamoose – The Internet Is Awesome

Pomplamoose – The Internet Is Awesome was uploaded by: PomplamooseMusic
Duration: 195
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Matt Hill’s ‘Interzone’

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Matt Hill, captures a synth jam, Interzone, that recalls the classic synth music of the 70s. Here’s what Hill has to say about the technical details: Drums are Volca Beats through the Minibrute’s filter being … Continue reading

80’s Soundtrack Style Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Mitch Wiseman, captures what he describes as an 80’s sci-fi film soundtrack synth jam.  Technical details: All sounds come from either the Moog or the Prophet, with the exception of the drums which are Tempest. … Continue reading

John Carpenter’s Halloween

Sunday Synth Jam: This video, via Motive Makes A Man (Ace Waters), is a video song cover of the title theme from John Carpenter’s horror classic, Halloween.  John Carpenter not only wrote and directed the low-budget film, but also scored it. “Here is … Continue reading

The Dystopian Project – Winter’s Hall

Sunday Synth Jam: Bruno Di Micco, composer and keyboard player for the Irish progressive rock/metal band The Dystopian Project, shared this video for the band’s Winter’s Hall. On Winter’s Hall, Di Micco plays Korg and Roland keyboards and Apple iPad. … Continue reading

Orbital Calls It Quits, But The Music Goes On And On

Brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll announced today that they’re hanging up their iconic torch-glasses and parting ways, as Orbital, for the final time. Having first broken up in 2004, the Hartnolls reunited to play the Big Chill, celebrating 20 years … Continue reading

Diego Stocco – Beachwood Real-Time Multi-Processing Improv

DiegoStocco – Beachwood / Real-Time Multi-Processing Improv was uploaded by: Diego Stocco
Duration: 166
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