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Orbital Calls It Quits, But The Music Goes On And On

Brothers Paul and Phil Hartnoll announced today that they’re hanging up their iconic torch-glasses and parting ways, as Orbital, for the final time. Having first broken up in 2004, the Hartnolls reunited to play the Big Chill, celebrating 20 years … Continue reading

Diego Stocco – Beachwood Real-Time Multi-Processing Improv

DiegoStocco – Beachwood / Real-Time Multi-Processing Improv was uploaded by: Diego Stocco
Duration: 166
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Dudadius’ ‘Chicago Patch’

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a modular synthesizer live performance by Dudadius. The performance was part of a presentation on modular synthesis for Chicago Ideas Week. Technical details: Intro drone is Intellijel Shapeshifter with some Audio Damage dub delay. … Continue reading

Broken Wave

Broken Wave was uploaded by: millolab
Duration: 281
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Watch Music Made from Clicky Keyboards


It’s incredible how much sound is part of our world, sometimes in ways so profound we actually somehow miss them.

Tech site The Verge wanted to spice up a story on the anniversary of IBM’s Model M keyboard, a product for which sound was an integral part of the experience. (That’s so true, in fact, that people will pay a premium for products like Das Keyboard that emulate it.)

The result will come as beautiful music to touch typists everywhere, an etude in spacebars performed on a dizzying array of gadgets of the past.

Producer John Lagomarsino goes into the how-to — the project involved extracting typing noises, then playing them back on Apple’s EXS24 sampler in Logic.
How we turned 12 clicky keyboards into a music video

That workflow falls apart when it comes time to add the videos back – the effect is beautiful, but the process is quite a lot of manual labor. My answer to this would have been Sony’s Vegas; that editor treats audio and video on level playing field and has thus been a tool of choice for AV mashups for the likes of Eclectic Method. (There’s a reason for this: Vegas was originally created by audio folks.)

There’s a deeper issue here: too many creative apps treat visuals and sonic as unrelated entities. (They’re distinct, but very often you want to do something … well, like make music out of people typing.) I’m curious if readers have other ideas for how to accomplish this? Regardless, fun to feast on this.


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