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Haywyre – Smooth Criminal (Face-Melting POV Synth Jam Cover)

Haywyre – Smooth Criminal was uploaded by: Haywyre
Duration: 250
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Dragon Roost Island, From The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker Soundtrack

VGM #20 – Dragon Roost Island (The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker) Ft. Soundole was uploaded by: MotiveMakesaMan Music
Duration: 265
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QuNeo Tabla Performance Of John Bergamo’s ‘Piru Bole’

QuNeo Tabla Performance (Amy Knoles Performing an Adaptation of John Bergamo’s “PIRU BOLE”) was uploaded by: Keith McMillen Instruments
Duration: 102
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The Brain-Controlled Art Of Lisa Park

Lisa Park is a multidisciplinary artist whose recent work explores incorporating biometric sensors (heart-rate and brainwave sensors) into interactive art. Eunoia, above, is a performance that uses brainwaves – collected via a Neurosky EEG (Electroencephalography) sensor – to generate sound and manipulate the motions … Continue reading

Moldover + Livid Instruments’ Guitar Wing = ‘Not Your Mirror’

Livid Instruments has released a new video demonstrating their Guitar Wing controller: “Controllerism Godfather Molder performing “Not Your Mirror” using Livid Instruments’ Guitar Wing. Moldover is using the Guitar Wing to control Native Instruments Guitar Rig and Ableton Live for … Continue reading

Nigel Stanford – Science Vs. Music (Cymatics)

Reader Hauke Menges ( let us know about this amazing music video, for Nigel Standford’s Cymatics. Cymatics is the science of visualizing sound waves. The video does a great job of incorporating a wide variety of cymatic scientific visualizations – in sand, … Continue reading

Fourier Analysis With A 100-year-old Mechanical Computer

(1/4) Intro/History: Introducing a 100-year-old mechanical computer was uploaded by: engineerguy
Duration: 219
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ludoWic vs How To Destroy Angels (The Space In Between)

ludoWic vs How To Destroy Angels (The Space In Between) was uploaded by: T ludoWic
Duration: 324
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