Optigan Panoptigon- Production Unit Pics

via Optigan.com

“Happy 2019, Optigoners!

We’re happy to announce that the PANOPTIGON – the new Optigan/Orchestron disc-playing hardware developed by our associate Robert Becker & his company Quilter Labs – will finally be available in an initial limited quantity production run of 25 units for US customers in 2019. (The initial run are not approved for Europe due to additional requirements that

A New Yamaha Keytar – The Sonogenic SHS-500: It’s Your Turn To Be The Star!

Published on Jan 18, 2019 Yamaha Corporation of America

“Sonogenic SHS-500 is a new type of instrument from Yamaha that is perfect for music lovers who want to participate in making music, but maybe haven’t learned how. This Keytar (‘Key”board + Gui”tar’) gives you the freedom to dance, jump and move around while you play!”

New Electro-Harmonix Bass Mono Synth

Published on Jan 18, 2019 EHX

“The EHX Bass Mono Synth transforms your bass into eleven great sounding synthesizers… from vintage synth emulations to thick, stacked voices to deep pulsing sounds and more.

Its intuitive layout makes it easy to use and easy to dial in good sounds quickly. DRY controls the volume of your dry bass signal at the Synth Output. SYNTH controls the volume of the

Teenage Engineering Goes Modular with the Pocket Operator Modular System

Published on Jan 18, 2019 teenageengineering

“in our ongoing mission to help people not only listen to music but to also discover how to make music themselves, today we proudly announce the pocket operator modular series.”

Updated: Note there are two slightly different descriptions for each below.

“pocket operator goes modular!

the pocket operator™ family is breaking new frontiers – our

Korg Gadget 2 Music Production Software Coming w/ New Gadgets / Synth Models

Teaser: “With long-awaited Windows plugin compatibility, KORG Gadget 2 becomes the superior all in one music production software!”

Note the synth names pictured:

Memphis – MS20/10
Pompei – Polysix?
Tuipei – ?

Others faded in the background. You can find the current list of Gadgets here.

Arché From Expressive E

Published on Jan 17, 2019

“Arché simulates the physics of a real bow striking real strings in painstaking detail, leading to a level of realism that has never been heard before in simulated string instruments, played with a keyboard interface.

Combining Expressive E’s unique algorithms with their patented Touché controller gives keyboardists an extraordinary opportunity to harness the

New Roland Juno-DS & FA 06 Custom Skinned

via @synthjam

“Nothing much to say really Happy NAMM from Roland #synthjam #synth #namm #wnamm19 #roland #fa06 #junods”

New CircleFade CFM1 Sequencer

via CircleFade

HD Touchscreen
Max Loop Length: Unlimited
Simultaneous MIDI Sends: All 16 Channels​

Record Sequences
Piano Roll / Random / Pad / Record
Quantize 1 / 128 Step
Ratcheting & Swing
Scale Mode

Control Hardware
12 Assignable CV Ports:
Synchronization Master / Slave
Control Hardware

Predictive Mode
Use Our Artificial Intelligence
Train The AI Though The

Plugin Alliance Announces a New Product Line of Virtual Instruments

“SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA: as the music, sound, and event technology communities collectively unite in making their final approach for landing at The 2019 NAMM Show in Southern California, January 24-27, Plugin Alliance is proud to announce its approaching entry into new space with welcomed Virtual Instruments (VIs) that are all set to turn heads and open ears when released into the wider world…

New KROSS Special Edition in 4 Neon Colors & KROSS 2 Pure White Edition

via KORG

“The KORG KROSS 61-key model, popular for its class-beating performance and stylish design, is now joined by new models in a variety of colors. The lightweight body that makes the KROSS so easy to transport is a perfect match for the four new neon colors: green, orange, red, and blue.

These models also have additional PCM that provides special pre-installed piano and electric piano