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macOS High Sierra upgrade requires some caution

macOS High Sierra (10.13) is out today. And that means it’s time to check in on compatibility with all your gear.

High Sierra is mostly about under-the-hood changes, and what Apple promises will be some forward-looking architectural improvements. There’s a new high-performance 64-bit Apple File System, intended for those internal flash drives. There are major changes to graphics support, dealing with the GPU and Apple’s own Metal API – though no indication that has any particular implications for music and media just yet so much as in the future. Virtual Reality support, long possible on Windows, is coming to the Mac – well, sort of, in that you’ll need an iMac Pro or a pricey external GPU. But what most users will see right now is the usual bundle of minor refinements and usability features.

No, usually what this means – especially for the complex ecosystem of tools in music – is checking to see if anything breaks. And for once, this appears to be a relatively trouble-free update if you’re on the latest version of software.

Changes to the file system, though, mean some caution is warranted.

Here are some early reports. If you’ve got more to add, either as a developer or user, get in touch (comments on this post or Twitter are probably easiest).

One piece of advice: update your drivers before updating, as the only real wrinkle appears to be driver installation related.

Driver vendors need to catch up on validating their drivers, as reported by Serato.

Serato users are advised to hold off; Serato have a blog entry explaining. The culprit is a driver installation issue.

The latest AIR Music Tech plug-ins all work; see knowledge base story

New versions of Propellerhead Software work; old versions, though, don’t. (Think file damage with that new file system – danger, Will Robinson.) Reason 9.5.2, Reason 10, Reason Essentials 9.5.2, Reason Essentials 10 are all good, so just watch older versions. Here’s their statement:

Due to Apple’s introduction of a completely new file system (APFS) in High Sierra, many older versions are not compatible. This means that Propellerhead products before Reason 9.5.2 will not work correctly after updating to the latest version of macOS. Using High Sierra may in some cases even damage your documents, rendering them unusable.

We strongly recommend you NOT to upgrade to High Sierra if you intend to use earlier versions of Propellerhead products on your computer.

Most Akai Professional products are supported; there’s a blog post covering both macOS High Sierra and iOS 11.

Traktor Pro has an update now in beta; 2.11.1 is now in release candidate so I’d wait for that to appear as an update before upgrading the OS. There’s a public beta available.

We’ll add to this story as we get more reports.

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But when you want to choose your beat making controller to accompany your DAW, the choice isn’t that obvious.

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These guys reacting to Maschine MK3 is kind of hilarious

Choose your wardrobe carefully before you shoot, or be skewered by YouTube uploaders. But these producers have some points about the new Maschine, too.

YouTube videos are proliferating and – some of them are pretty strange. Maschine MK3 units are barely reaching artists and reviewers, and there’s an embargo on official press reviews until next week. But that isn’t stopping passionate YouTube users from uploading videos that just run webcam commentary over top of the official videos and promo shots from Native Instruments. (Not every product launch prompts this sort of reaction – it’s clear Maschine is a big deal to beat producers, and that NI has stolen some of that thunder from Akai and the MPC, even with recent standalone hardware competition.)

But, wait a minute… live video commentary over top of a video? This seems to set up some Mystery Science Theater 3000 / Beavis and Butthead commentary potential.

Well, UnQuantized Podcast, via Instagram livestream with SoundOracle and Triza, gets that vibe.

Oddly, the most irreverent commentary may also be one of the best informed – SoundOracle programs sounds for Timbaland and Polow Da Don; Triza is a producer for Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Rico Love, and Sean Kingston.

So, sure enough, I think they’re spot on with some of their comments. I don’t agree entirely about some of the criticisms of playability (though I’ve had at least a few minutes hands-on with the new hardware, which they haven’t yet). But they have some great points about layout and functionality, design and usability.

And – wait for it. At 1:37, their first comment is exactly right. Maschine MK3’s high-resolution color displays are in fact the same ones found on Maschine Studio. That’s not a bad thing, as those screens are great, and now you get all of that workflow and those displays condensed onto more portable hardware, with audio. (That said, I think if you’ve got a Studio, you should enjoy it – it’s still great hardware, even if I’d definitely choose the MK3 were I buying now.)

Of course, while I should be focused on the hardware and their production chops I’m… now also cracking up about them picking on the product specialist’s shirt. (Mean, but… funny.)

Given I may have some video appearances soon, I’m going to be careful not to look like a green-suited “lumberjack with the hat to match.” Though… heh, I have a sense of humor. Troll away.

Nice to “meet” these guys, though – skip the punters, going to subscribe to this one.

(What would you want in a video? Let us know in comments.)

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Blinksonic Now Compatible with Reaktor Player


“Boost & Stimulate your music production with original sound concepts.


Announcement « Blinksonic° is now made for Reaktor Player »:

As Native Instruments announced it few weeks ago,  Reaktor powers now third-party synths and effects.
I am delighted to confirm that all BLINKSONIC° instruments are now formated to be