Arturia Introduces New KeyLab 88 MkII – Controller Supreme

Published on Jun 20, 2019 Arturia

“#KeyLab 88 MkII is a piano-feel master controller that’s a joy to play, looks the part, is built to last, features effortless integration, and comes complete with a professional software instrument collection.

Included software bundle: Analog Lab, Ableton Live Lite, Piano V, Wurli V and Vox Continental V

This controller includes overlays for Ableton Live,

BeBop Sensors Smart Fabric Sensors add MPE to KMI K-Board Pro 4


SmartFabric™ Sensors Provide Multiple Dimensions of Touch Sensitivity in Each Key for Info on Attack & Release Velocity, Continuous Pressure, Horizontal & Vertical Position, and Poly Aftertouch Messages for the Deepest Level of Musical Expression

“With K-Board Pro 4, we’ve taken the format of a

ROLI Introduces New LUMI Fully Illuminated Keyboard

Published on Jun 18, 2019 ROLI

“We reinvented the keyboard once before at ROLI, creating a revolutionary instrument that’s everywhere from La La Land to the studios of world-renowned artists like RZA, Grimes and Hans Zimmer. Now we’re doing it again, building on years of expertise and innovation in hardware, software, sound design, industrial design, and audio coding.”

“LUMI takes music from

Instruments Of Things Intros Eurorack Sensor Interface

Published on May 17, 2019 Synthtopia

“At Superbooth 2019, Instruments Of Things introduced a new Eurorack Sensor Interface, designed to allow new types of interactions with modular synthesizers.”

First post to feature Instruments Of Things.

Superbooth 2019: Sensi M – Custom Stick-on Bluetooth MIDI Controllers

Published on May 13, 2019 sonicstate

“Sensi M – in two different flavours so far, the master ‘Pressure Atom’ and a slave ‘Turn Atom’, gives you stick-on MIDI control over Bluetooth. The community based software ‘Mcore’ allows you to create, edit and share your firmware to allow for many different functions. More at the Sensisystems website.”

Pressure Atom
With a pressure sensitive interface,

Meet ZOA // a new 3D soft silicone controller for your synths!

Published on May 6, 2019 DivKidVideo

“This is a very early prototype ZOA soft silicon 3D haptic controller with MIDI/USB/CV outputs for interaction modulation of your music/synth devices be those Eurorack, semi modular, DAW etc.

YES the outputs of the step, I’m speaking to the designer(s) with some feedback.

It feels strange and wonderful at the same time, hence wanting to share a quick

SoundForce introduces MIDI controller for u-he’s Repro-1 plugin

via SoundForce:

“SoundForce presents a new model to its dedicated USB-MIDI controllers product line: the SFC-1, a controller especially designed for the fantastic u-he’s Repro-1 plugin.

With a whopping total of 51 pots, 41 slide switches and 6 tactile switches, you can control every single MIDI-mappable parameter of the plugin in analog fashion. The awesome effect chain is also

Stereoping Hardware Synth Programmer for Roland MKS-80

Published on Mar 29, 2019 Stereoping

“Some clips of the Stereoping Synth Programmer for Roland MKS-80, a hardware alternative to the MPG-80. The video shows how to connect Programmer and MKS-80, twiddling knobs and how the MKS responds, how to access hidden parameters and a minute showing many results of the built in randomizer. Finally you see an example of automating the MKS-80 in a DAW with

SOMA DVINA as a Eurorack controller

Published on Mar 21, 2019 Vlad Kreimer

“The main demo video of Dvina:”

SOMA DVINA (prototype)

Published on Jan 10, 2019 Vlad Kreimer

“This is the prototype of the first SOMA electro-acoustic instrument. It was inspired by Hindustani classical music but European music can be also played with it, of course.
In the video, besides DVINA I used a specially built pre-amp with a simple built-in one

Dubler Studio Kit Real-Time Vocal Recognition MIDI Controller

Currently on Kickstarter

“Dubler Studio Kit is a real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller. It offers up a never seen before way to translate your musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument you’ve been practising since birth— the voice.

With Dubler Studio Kit you can hum a melody or synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drumkit, or manipulate effects and filters with a “