Papareil Synth Labs demo of the TPG800 for Roland JX-8p synthesizer

Published on May 3, 2019 papareil1024

“Demo of the tactile PG800 for Roland JX-8p synthesizers
Made with an Arduino Mega, a 3.2″ tft screen ,and a 6 pin DIN plug .
All JX-8p parameters are editable in instant access . The TPG800 containt a extensible library of +500 preset patches.
More to come soon …”

ST Modular – EFI (4HP Analog Filter)

Published on May 4, 2019 Stefan Tretau

“Dual-Mode Analog Filter

EFI is an analog multi-mode filter that is loosely based on the KORG MS-20 filter, but has been improved to fit into a 4 HP module.

It has a Low Pass and High Pass Mode which you may choose via Switch on the front panel. Additionally there are two CV inputs with an attenuator each.

Resonance can self-oscillate and there is a

Per Kristian Risvik’s Digitron – Arduino Based Mellotron-style Sampling Instrument

The birth of my new instrument; the Digitron! Published on Dec 31, 2018 Per Kristian Risvik

“It will be a Mellotron-style sampling instrument which is using the Tsunami Super Wav Trigger. Making a Mellotron is a great excuse for getting into the world of Arduino, which is a superb platform for DIY. I’d like to give a big thanks to my good friend and electronics mentor par excellence; Terje

Reverse DC Motor (eurorack module)

Published on May 3, 2019 ggijs

via geiskes

“CV OUT: Rotating right gives positive voltage on the CV output, and rotating left will give a negative voltage, no rotation will give 0 volt.
The faster you rotate the higher the voltage will be.

The faster you rotate the higher the pitch and the higher the volume will be. But the volume is clipped by diodes to never go over around 5v

nonlinearcircuits 1/n – 1 divided by n

Published on Apr 29, 2019 cirtcele

“1/n – can be patch-programmed to divide by 3-9, or match if you add another module. The other outputs will be at different phases to the 1/n out. Or use it to process audio. Jam and preset inputs let you create absolute mayhem.”

nonlinearcircuits DelayNoMore3 – proto-type

Published on Apr 29, 2019 cirtcele

“Triple version of DelayNoMore (proto-type), can also be used as 3 individual CV controlled delay modules”

PhatOne – New DIY Programmable Mono Rack Synth Based on AS33xx and Arduino

DIY Synthesizer – PhatOne Demo (AS33xx and Arduino based) Published on Apr 28, 2019 Krzychu1995

English description below
Mam przyjemność zaprezentować instrument PhatOne – monofoniczny, programowalny syntezator w formacie rack 19″ 1U. Sterowanie odbywa się za pomocą kilku przycisków na panelu wraz z 2 enkoderami (konfiguracja, edycja presetów i ich zapis). Moduł

Eurorack utilities are KING!!! and the Pusherman A/B Switches

Published on Apr 25, 2019 DivKidVideo

“I had some fun with this thumbnail playing around and I have to say DivKid looks pretty cool as a slim guy with a crown. Now this isn’t a video on the general concept of Eurorack utilities, which really are the secret sauce and magic on a modular system … it is however a video of just one simple passive utility that I really enjoy using that make my

Mister – M – With Crumar Multiman Samples

Crumar Demo Published on Apr 18, 2019 gilleslacaud

“Mister – M – With a Crumar multiman inside”

I believe this is a Hansy Synth based on previous posts by gilleslacaud.

Quad Octoginta II Yusynth Miscreant from Million Machine March 3 OSC Eurorack Module with Joystick

via Million Machine March

“Since the CEM3340 chip was put back into production, and after seeing what a few other makers have built with them, I decided it was time for me to come up with my own take on this ‘tried and true’ chip! I looked over the various designs on using the CEM3340’s and settled on the Octoginta II.

Now that the VCO’s were sorted and I was able to purchase the DIY PCB’s, I