StarCruncher rev.4 -Monophonic Distorted Realm Explorer-

Published on Jun 23, 2018 ellis tronics


***This is a -one of a kind- Instrument *** (1) Available

4th entry to the StarCruncher Series of Data Distortion Synthesizers

‘Data Distortion’ Synthesis is an exciting and newly unexplored method of Digital Sound Synthesis. This experimental technique of sound processing can result in wildly unpredictable timbres and sonic

Introducing the MIDI to CV Converter (MBHP-CV) and a quick repair

Published on Jun 23, 2018 Sbranvlztronics

“The MIDIbox CV can convert MIDI messages to 8 CV and 8 Gate outputs. I added a monophonic analog synthesizer (VCO, VCF, VCA and VCADSR) to the MIDIbox so it can be used stand alone or controlling external analog modules.
I was having trouble with the menu navigation switches, so I replaced them and made this video showing the internals of the MBHP-CV.

Rakit Metal Synth (Working Name)

Published on Jun 23, 2018 Rakit

“A new ‘metal’ synth prototype, it makes a variety of metallic (and sci-fi) sounds using shaped noise.”

via where you can find more pics and a newsletter sign-up.

“A new prototype percussion synth has been in the works for some time now and it has finally emerged.

The prototype features:

White noise, ‘metal’ and external sound sources
A Polivoks

PMF QuantOct

Published on Jun 22, 2018 Randy Piscione

“This is a demo of a new quantizer from PM Foundations, the QuantOct.…

It’s a four input, four output module with 14 resident scales. Mine has the following: chromatic, whole tone, major, major pentatonic, harmonic minor, aeolian minor, minor pentatonic, dorian, lydian, plus four 4-note chords. Other scales are

SpaceCraft: Granular Synth for iOS

iTunes: SpaceCraft: Granular Synth – Mark Watt

“SpaceCraft is a musical instrument.

Transform any sound into a playable musical instrument via a technique known as Granular Synthesis. With SpaceCraft, you can create textures, soundscapes and arpeggiated rhythms from everyday sounds such as your voice, ambient noise or the high quality built-in audio samples.

Tap the ‘Import Audio’ button (

OTO Biscuit 8-bit Effects Makes Its Way to Software

Introducing OTO Biscuit – Softube Published on Jun 19, 2018

“Get it today –
✮ Vive Le Biscuit
Delicious 8-bit effects and analog filtering make the Biscuit a “magic box” – a must have for DJs, producers, engineers, and composers alike. It has detailed bit-by-bit control, unlike other bitcrushers, and built in digital multi-effects to complement the sweet-as-can-be

custom digital LFO/2*ADSR with midi

Published on Jun 21, 2018 Alexey Taber

test custom dig adsr/lfo with Roland System 100m

Published on Jun 21, 2018 Alexey Taber

Alexey Taber brought us the Polivoks clone with Alex Pleninger. See the Alexey Taber label below for more of his work.

New AVP SYNTH ADS-7 Prototype Pics

“First shots of ADS-7 prototype

P.s. there was a little mistake in printing (MDI instead of MIDI 🙂 ) at the rear side made by the case manufacturer but other than that its all good and sturdy!
So quite a limited first x10 unit batch 🙂
Price will be announced a bit later”


Uploaded on Jun 21, 2018 Arturia

“Pioneering audio hardware and software creators Arturia are thrilled to unveil the latest generation of their legendary KeyLab MIDI controller line.

KeyLab MkII combines the comprehensive control of Arturia’s classic original KeyLab with the streamlined workflow and smart features of KeyLab Essential, while adding exciting new features and a new level of

Introducing Galileo Organ 2 for iPad and iPhone

Published on Jun 19, 2018 YonacSoftware

“Available now!…

Meet Galileo Organ 2: the next generation in tonewheel and transistor organ modeling! Benefiting from completely redesigned physical modeling techniques, offered as a UNIVERSAL app with a built-in AUv3 plugin, and presenting many new parameters, Galileo Organ 2 is the culmination of our adventure