Boredbrain Transmutron Dual FX Loop Crossover Filter for guitar pedals & eurorack

Published on Aug 17, 2018 Boredbrain Music

“TRANSMUTRON, a new product from Boredbrain Music, is a dual FX loop crossover filter for guitar pedals & eurorack.

Link to Pre-Order…

· Split signal into two frequency bands
· Process with pedals, eurorack and other effects
· Crossover, crossfader and resonant notch modes
· Control splitpoint with CV

Ellitone Multi-Synth :: 25 Patches

Published on Aug 16, 2018 ellis tronics

via Etsy

“The Ellitone Multi-Synth is a budget-friendly synthesizer that can produce a wide variety of sounds thanks to its 7 selectable synthesis/operation modes.
Each of these 7 synthesis/operation modes utilize the instruments 4 knobs, 4 keys, and center patch bay in different ways.

One of the most important things to know about the Ellitone

InsWorks Esencial Rev02, controlado por el Korg SQ-1

Published on Aug 14, 2018 Carlos Alberto Gutiérrez Vera

SynthArk Hardware Synth Programmers

SynthArk currently has controllers for the Roland Alpha Juno line (Juno-1, Juno-2, MKS-50), the Emu Proteus line (Proteus 1-3, MPS), DW line (DW-6000, DW-8000), and DSS1, and the Yamaha DX11 and TX81z.

via SynthArk:

“We are currently designing MIDI SysEx programmers for various vintage synthesizers. The programmer panels are designed to work with Eurorack cases and our custom MIDI controllers

Sbranvlztronics Arduino Clock Divider Logic Thing preview

Published on Aug 13, 2018 Sbranvlztronics

“First test of the Arduino Clock Divider Logic Thing module. The thing is driving a Roland SC55 via MIDI (drums and slap bass), and the ADSRs of two analog synth voices (VCO VCF VCA ADSR) on the Matrix II Analog Synth. Pitches for the analog synth are derived from the CV Quantizer (to the right in the video). The drum kit pieces are controlled by the 8

New Kiwitechnics Kiwi-1000 Upgrade for the Oberheim Matrix-1000

Kiwitechnics, makers of the Kiwi upgrades for the Roland JX-3P, JX-8P, Juno-106, and KORG Polyix, have a new DIY upgrade available for the Oberheim Matrix-1000. The cost is $295 plus shipping.

Details via Kiwitechnics:

This is an upgrade for the Oberheim M1000 rack mount synth module. This will transform the M1000 from a difficult to edit preset module with a poor

FXExpansion Cypher2: A sound design adventure

Published on Aug 9, 2018 FXpansion

“Journey to uncharted sonic horizons with Cypher2, the new premium software synthesizer from ROLI and FXpansion. Featuring the world’s largest collection of 5D presets and an extensive range of advanced sound design tools, Cypher2 makes every performance a true adventure in sound.

Cypher2 is now available for $199 (£159, €179) on

Cypher2 is


Published on Aug 8, 2018 Michael Rucci

via RUCCI Handmade Electronics

“This is a 16-step sequencer that outputs control voltage from 0 to 5 volts. This is used to manipulate other equipment that utilizes incoming CV.

In addition to being able to select the number of steps (2 to 16) there are other modes and patterns…

16 Steps forward followed by 16 in reverse
8 blocks of 2 steps repeated 16

Joranalogue Filter 8 "the cutting edge in analogue VCF design"

Published on Aug 8, 2018 DivKidVideo

“TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW – Here’s the new Filter 8 from Joranalogue. It’s a VCA based filter topology similar to but not exactly an OTA design. It features a unique resonance circuit and (according to Joranalogue) is “the cutting edge in analogue VCF design”. Now I can’t talk specifics about the circuit but feature wise it certainly packs in a massive

Experimental Electronic Instruments by Raul Alvarez

Currently on Kickstarter where you’ll find additional details and some videos.

“The goal is to develop a catalog of experimental instruments in order to evolve the electronic music production scene. The project will deliver new ways to interact between digital, analog and the physical environment.”

The campaign starts with four proposed devices: an analog mono synth, analog drum synth