QuirQuiQ A Free Kick Drum Synthesizer

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QuirQuiQ (Pronounced: “Quirk Kick”) is Punchy kick synth that fits in your shuttlecraft or in your pocket with a big sound and tiny cpu footprint. Utilizes digital envelopes allowing for precise control, and presented in a clear, resizable vector interface.

Slam the dancefloor with sharp and pounding kicks, ooomph away with long breathy

New Polymorph Desktop Analog Synthesizer from Nave Electronics

Polymorph Analog Synthesizer from Nave, Promo Video

Published on Oct 31, 2018 Nave Electronics

“We are glad to present our new analog synthesizer called Polymorph!
Polymorph is a analog synthesizer which is based on original circuit ideas of famous Polyvox synthesizer. It has the same sound character, and also it has a lot of interesting extra features.”

Presentation. February 2019. Polymorph

Vintage 1970s Oberheim Studio Amplifier w/ Phasor for Synthesizer

via this auction

Here’s something you don’t see everyday. This might be the first one to be featured on the site.  Kind of interesting to see classic Oberheim knobs in off white.

Details from the listing:

“Comes as seen
Great used shape.
The unit powers on sounds very good
Phasor effects working good
all original, w/ original speaker
Pots and Speaker date to 1976
Very rare Synth amp.

North Coast Synthesis- Coiler VCF-multimode filter unboxnig and first sound

Published on Dec 29, 2018 Dziam Bass

“North Coast Synthesis their Coiler VCF-multimode filter.

After a little bit of fun, it is certain to say that this is a great filter with a very smooth structure that translates into very beautiful sounds. The Coiler multilayer filter and rectifier pack the entire sound shaping nest into a single Eurorack 8HP module. It is a bipolar floating point filter

IK Multimedia Announces SampleTank 4 Sound and Groove Workstation

Published on Dec 12, 2018 ikmultimedia

“The new SampleTank 4 has been re-designed from the ground up to be every musician’s ‘go to’ workstation for music creation, with a completely new rescalable interface, a massively expanded sample library and a new cutting-edge sound engine with efficient disk streaming, to deliver more powerful music creation tools than you ever imagined. What might

Sinevibes Turbo – Multi-Engine Plugin for Korg Prologue

Turbo for Korg multi engine from Sinevibes on Vimeo.Promo video for Turbo Korg multi engine plugin developed by Sinevibes: www.sinevibes.com/korgturbo

“Turbo is a variable waveshaping oscillator plugin for Korg’s multi engine. An original DSP technology developed at Sinevibes, Turbo uses a pair of sine oscillators coupled with special sine-based waveshapers to create truly unique, spectrally

LM-2 Replacement Parts – LinnDrum PCB’s & Assemblies From Abstrakt Instruments

Some initial details via the Abstrakt Instruments Kickstarter:

“This is your chance to help fund and procure parts for the iconic LinnDrum (LM-2) Drum Machine. This is the second in our series of meticulously designed replacement parts projects for vintage synths & drum machines. This project follows up the completion of the Oberheim OB-X Parts Project [posted here]. We’ve established a low

AP GSP-1 Rackmount Panpot Synth Mixer?

via this auction

Description doesn’t say what this is. It appears to be a panning mixer, but for what? If anyone knows what this is, feel free to comment.

UNCPROP FamilyTool – Modular Synthesizer Extension for Moog’s DFAM, Mother-32 & More

NOW ON KICKSTARTER: https://kck.st/2Bz0q9z

“It will ship ready to play starting approximately July 2019. And here’s what it does:


6 A/B switches for up to six switchable routings
2 of which are OR-logic mixers
No external power source needed*
Passive MULT (1:4 or 2×1:2)
Patching fun with 24 I/Os

Fits eurorack modules up to 20hp and 35mm depth (

New Dreadbox Hypnosis Teaser

Published on Dec 21, 2018 Dreadbox

The design reminds me of retro 80s Peavey!

“Time Effects Processor with 3 Independent Effects :
Analog Spring Reverb with a 3-Spring Tank and a Unique Pitch Modulation Circuit
Stereo Analog BBD Chorus-Flanger with 3 LFO Waves
Stereo Digital Delay with 3 Delay Types and Freeze Function
Variable Input and Output Gain Controls (from MIC to Eurorack Levels)