Tone2 Icarus2 Synthesizer

Published on Feb 17, 2020 Tone2 Audiosoftware

Tone2 Icarus2 factory sounds

“Icarus2 is an extremely powerful synthesizer-workstation. The award-winning audio-engine provides a gigantic sonic range, offers true high-end sound quality and creates a wide range of sounds impossible with other synths. Icarus2 ships with 1600 hand-picked patches created by professionals.

This workstation is one

CAVISYNTH : SLKT4 Sequential Switch

Published on Feb 15, 2020 Robotopsy Robotopsy

“Quick audio demo and overview of the SLKT4 from Cavisynth.
The SLKT4 will then start a rotation by changing steps each time it receives a clock signal.
The corresponding input signal will then be assigned to the output of the module. You will be able to create complex and evolutive rhythms or more varied melodious sequences.”



E-MU Systems Proformance 1 MIDI Piano Module – Model 9101 – 1/2 Rack

via this auction

“Here’s a cool older piano and keyboard module – the Emu Proformance 1. Works fine and sounds great. Easy to use and select various sounds from the front panel or via MIDI. Flexible 1/2 rack size.

Normal cosmetic wear as shown in the pics. I do not have the adapter, but it uses the regular 9 volt type.”

Clouds Re-imagined : A Monsoon Build by Gaz Luke

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Synth Diy Guy

“Gaz Luke of Big T Music sent me this beautiful Monsoon module, an enhanced version of Mutable Instrument’s classic Clouds module. It is smaller but offers more controls, and the brushed aluminium panel sports gorgeous Blade Runner inspired graphics by Gaz and Jonathan Barnbrook of Bowie Blackstar fame. So I made a Blade Runner inspired video of a very

Prophet X Boasts New OS and Robust Third-Party Support

via Sequential

San Francisco, CA—Feb 13, 2020 — Sequential today announced several developments that have enhanced their flagship hybrid samples+synthesis keyboard, the Prophet X. These include a new OS, two full-featured third-party sample editing applications, and several add-on sample libraries from 8Dio and other sound developers.

The new 2.2 OS adds several user-requested features

Jamm Pro – Production and Live Performance App for iPad

Published on Feb 13, 2020 Ninja Tune

“Ninja Tune & Coldcut Release Music-Making App: Jamm Pro

The follow up to their widely acclaimed app Ninja Jamm, which racked up over 600,000 downloads

Jamm Pro includes users most requested feature: the ability to upload your own samples, as well as unrivalled performance, modulation and patching capabilities

Jamm Pro can be downloaded from the App

Farfisa FX1000 – Vintage Instruments Expander controlled by PolyPhase Generative Random Music

Published on Feb 13, 2020 VSMI

“Farfisa FX-1000 – Micro Vintage Instrument Expander controlled by PolyPhase Generative Random Music Ios app on Ipad. Farfisa Vintage software for Windows virtualized on VirtualBox for MacOS. 4 virtual instruments, GM Expander (piano), Farfisa Compact Combo Organ, Farfisa Drawbars and Rotator, Farfisa Synth Sound Maker.”

Another new old synth to the site. I

Ummet Ozcan Genesis Pro Virtual Hybrid Software Synthesizer

Published on Feb 2, 2020 Ummet Ozcan

Looks like Native Instruments’ Reaktor editor in the second video around 2:40 in but no mention of it in the product description below or on their site.  If anyone knows what this was built on feel free to comment.

Genesis Pro – Release Date [March 12]
Ummet Ozcan Genesis Pro – First Look
Genesis Pro – Sounds Demonstration

“Finally I can give

Cadans S12 (TOM-1503)

Published on Feb 12, 2020

“Несколько пресетных звуков с редкого советского пролифонического аналогового синтезатора “Каданс” разработчика ТОМ-1501 Геннадия Терехова”


“Several preset sounds from the rare Soviet proliferation analog synthesizer” Kadans “developed by TOM-1501 Gennady Terekhov”

First one featured on the site! See the New Old Label at the bottom of this post for

Ouroboros Subharmonic Drone Synthesizer

Published on Feb 12, 2020 Ouroboros Electronics

Don’t miss the third video in the playlist above: Ouroboros System I + TR-606 • Techno

“The Ouroboros Subharmonic Drone Instrument takes a fundamental frequency and produces 5 different tones which are each an octave below the one before it. The large knob sets the fundamental frequency, and then the row of six knobs adjusts the volume of the