New Open Source CTAG TBD Eurorack Module

Creative Technologies

“CTAG TBD as in ‘to be determined’ is an open source eurorack audio module. All sounds and effects in this video are CTAG TBD, no extra processing!

It can be easily extended by your own DSP algorithms using a flexible c++ plugin architecture.

It’s core feature is control of your plugin parameters through a web application UI and WiFi access. You basically log onto your

New Syntaxis Micromodular Starter Set


“!!! Available immediatelly at !!!
Today I have something very special to show. In this video you can see and hear synth made from Syntaxis Micromodular set. Instrument is assembled from basic set of micromodules (uVCO, uVCF, uVCA, uLFO and uADSR), but it sounds quite versatile. User is able to assemble synthesizer on it’s own, in modular way, but much cheaper

plinky, a eurorack/standalone synth

Alex Evans

“attempt at a first demo of plinky, a eurorack/standalone synth”

USB Midi is in the cards according to Alex Evans.

This one is in via Meska.

Arcadia Electronics PLL 4046 Organ Synth

Arcadia Electronics

A new DIY synth maker with a new upcoming mini organ based additive synth. You can find them at

1. PLL 4046 Organ Synthesizer 4 minute Jam
Here is the PLL Organ after being redesigned, soft keys, new layout and calibrated for better tone and user interface.2. LFO Low Pass test, PLL Organ Kit
Assigning the multi wave LFO in the PLL Organ

Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP

O.Z. Hall

“This is a demo of the Z506 Swiss Daisy DSP module from Zebra Synth ( The module features an ADSR envelope generator, a VCA on the right half of the module. These functions remain the same with all of the different “Modes”. The functionality of the left half of the module changes from mode to mode. The modes are VCO, VCF, Digital Delay, Reverb, Dual Resonator.

Quick Intro the History of Analog Synthesizers on Digituria & Their Upcoming Software Synth

Supporting member, Digituria wrote in to let us know of a blog post they put up on the history of analog synthesizers. They are also working on a new soft synth named MATRIX DUDE of all things. No affiliation with me or the site.

The following is some info on the upcoming synth. You can download a beta and try it for yourself on their website here.

Two wavetable analog emulation

Mazzatron Golden Shower – Sweet Eurorack Sequencer!

Electronisounds Audio

“I show the Mazzatron Golden Shower Eurorack sequencer module.
We take a look at how it works, and some of the ways you can use it creatively in your setup!”


via Mazzatron

“This 6HP Eurorack module allows you to generate a trigger sequence of up to 8 steps. There are 256

StudioHSoftware CSR random arabesques

Todd Barton

“The main feature of this patch is StudioHSoftware’s Control and Signal Router (CSR) module which randomly created 30 presets which then the Buchla 200e is scrolling through. Enjoy the light show and sonic arabesques.

And be sure to listen to the Source of Uncertainty’s recent podcast with Doug Clauder of Studio H Software:



Arcaico Instruments Eurorack Modules


Arcaico Warhorse Scuderia limited edition
Arcaico Gorgone 360°
Arcaico Gorgone CV Delay time + LFO
Exploring sound with Arcaico Gorgone (only 2 sawtooth wave)
Arcaico Gorgone analog multiFX eurorack format

“WARHORSE is the analogue multi-effect made in collaboration with the Italian underground techno label SCUDERIA.

Available in limited edition eurorack module or in pedal format.

Spherical Sound Society – Opera Rotas Experimental FM Drum Machine


“First demo of the machine. Please excuse the poor direct audio. I will be uploading quality captures to soundcloud in the coming days.

Live it sounds crisp, crystal clear aun unique beyond words.

I have written an experiemtal synth/drummachine around the Megadrive FM audio chip. The firmware is in progress. The machine creates patters at the fly that you can mangle and tweak with