Sinulator – some knob twiddling!

Published on Mar 24, 2019 openmusiclabs

“OML and WOMS (West Oakland Music Systems) teamed up to make the Sinulator. here it is doing some phase modulation, with a sequenced tone used as the modulator. the depth of modulation is adjusted manually through the video, and there is a drum back beat. it can also be used as a wavefolder and sinewave shaper.…

Synthesizer Demo – Leshracs Lab Synvoiz

Published on Mar 14, 2019 Tobi 9000

“Diy Synth from Germany, sequenced by Yarns”

And one from 2014:

Leshrac´s Lab SynVoice

Published on Dec 10, 2014 TheLeafAudio

“Limited on 15 copies or so and made by this german guy”

Dubler Studio Kit Real-Time Vocal Recognition MIDI Controller

Currently on Kickstarter

“Dubler Studio Kit is a real-time vocal recognition MIDI controller. It offers up a never seen before way to translate your musical ideas into reality, using the one instrument you’ve been practising since birth— the voice.

With Dubler Studio Kit you can hum a melody or synth pattern, beatbox to trigger a virtual drumkit, or manipulate effects and filters with a “

Serge DUSG by K. Slobodyuk. Overview.

Published on Mar 4, 2019 temaniak

“Overview of Serge DUSG variation by K. Slobodyuk. True power of famous Serge module in 12hp!”

Hpi TBX1 Tuning Box

via this auction

“This box can implement microtuning capabilities to most midi synths that respond to pitch bend cc’s. It works best with multitimbral synths or those that have Mode 4 (guitar mode, mks50, esq-m) for polyphonic use but can work for monophonic synths too. It has over 400 tunings included but you can upload your own from a computer. I highly recommend getting HPI’s Custom Scale

New Electra 4 x 4 Next generation Touch MIDI Controller

Demos with a Rhodes Chroma & TB3 Published on Jan 24, 2019 Martin Pavlas

A new programmable MIDI USB controller from Martin Pavlas of

“Electra is a fully programmable MIDI controller for studio or live rig equipment. The controller provides real-time visual feedback for up to 36 MIDI controls at once. Features high resolution 360 degree pots with touch sensing and a


Published on Feb 20, 2019 Helmut

“The faster you turn the knob the faster it sends gates.”

Not this is the first BiZMUTH post on the site, although Helmut has been featured before. We have a new maker on the site!

via BiZMUTH Modular

“Bizmuth is a gesture based chaotic signal router and gate generator. You can route switch or combine up to six signals, or generate up to six gates by

Mutes – the First DivKid Eurorack Module

Published on Feb 15, 2019 DivKidVideo

We have a new (and familiar) maker in town. 🙂 Congrats to DivKid! I added a new DivKid maker label to the site. Don’t miss the interview with BoBeats further below.

“**TIMING INDEX / SECTIONS BELOW** So here we have it, the FIRST DivKid Eurorack module. It’s been a long journey (and and on / off casual one to start with) since I first drew up a rough

Fort Processor – experimental noise synthesiser circuit by Isn’tses

Published on Feb 3, 2019 Isn’tses music

“The Fort Processor is an experimental synth and noise effects circuit created by Isn’tses as part of Fort Process sound art festival 2018.

Available now as a DIY PCB or full kit.”

via Thonk

“The Fort Processor is an experimental noise synthesiser and audio effect circuit designed by harsh fun noise duo ISN’TSES (Tim Drage & Lisa McKendrick) for Fort

The ParipiDestroyer – Mini Sequencer Synth Seeks Funding

This one is in via @Shangri_La_Live

You can find the campaign with demos at DigiLog here.

Some details:

“ParipiDestroyer is a cute and very tiny synthesizer made by DigiLogTokyo’s sub-brand “Crazy Synth Kids”. You can play with intense bass sound despite its cute looks.

How you play is up to you. It is a size that you can carry anytime and anywhere in a real sense.


I made a prototype