NAMM Leaks: The Synclavier is Coming to the iPad w/ Physical Knob Controller

Spotted this one on Synthtopia

“Synclavier Go! (for iPad) and Synclavier Pocket! (for iPhone and iPod Touch) re-create the original Synclavier II FM Synthesis engine, with a touch-screen interface inspired by the original hardware. The Synclavier DSP Engine – used by Arturia in its Synclavier V product line – is a faithful recreation of the FM- and Additive-Synthesis functions of the original

Rarebeasts Auto Drone & Wicks Looper Experimental iOS Apps

Published on Dec 12, 2018 Rarebeasts…

“The Auto Drone is an experimental musical instrument that allows you to create low frequency drones and other experimental sounds. This instrument runs on 3 oscillators that can be detuned and PWM shifted to create complex waveform outputs. The Reverb, Delay and Filter effects add to the complexity of the waveform.”

EG WaveSHAPER for iPad

Published on Dec 9, 2018 ElliottGarage

“Itunes url:…

EG WaveSHAPER is the first synthesizer that lets you create your sound with a finger.

Draw the waveform on the screen or shape a builtin one, mix it with a classic analog oscillator and a sub oscillator and automate all the knobs with 2 drawable LFOs and 2 ENVs


Sugar Bytes Ports Aparillo Complex FM Sound Generator to iPad w/ Unique Control Interface

Published on Dec 13, 2017 Sugar Bytes

Note the playlist above is from 2017. They appear to be for the soft synth version that runs $99. The iPad version is free with in-app purchases.

Details on the iPad version via Sugar Bytes:

“A gourmet 16-voice FM synthesizer, crammed with cutting edge dsp, tailored for unison sounds with incredible sonic variation. Made in cooperation with sound

Introducing NanoStudio 2 for the iPad

Published on Dec 4, 2018 BlipInteractive

“Here’s a little preview of NanoStudio 2, coming to iPad very soon!

NanoStudio 2 is a powerful music production environment for recording, synthesis, sampling, arranging, editing and mixing. It’s the successor to the original NanoStudio, an app held in high regard by musicians for many years for its usability, quality and productivity.
With six years

EGDR 808 – Drum Machine for iOS

Published on Nov 19, 2018 ElliottGarage

Previously available on Android.


ElliottGarage presents EGDR808, a drum machine that emulates the vintage hardware from the 80′s.

Its realistic and clear interface recalls the analog machine from the past, for all the vintage fanatics.

You can play with the rythm presets included or you can create your own

Wicks Looper for iOS

Wick Looper has been ported to iOS. You can find it on iTune here. See the Wicks labels for previous posts featuring demos of the hardware version.

“The Wicks Looper is a small handmade experimental electronic musical instrument that allows you the create real-time synth loops and sound effects. This iOS version of the looper is a reproduction and functions as close as possible to the

New Ruismaker Noir Standalone

Published on Nov 10, 2018 Bram Bos

“This one is for the App Store Review team. They always like to see a video of a music app in action when reviewing (probably to get a sense of what it does).”

SKYPAD Multitouch iOS & Android Controller for ORBIT and ECLIPSE

Uploaded on Oct 11, 2018 Wide Blue Sound

“Wide Blue Sound spreads ORBIT and ECLIPSE wings with SKYPAD controller alongside APEX and AETERNA expansions

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA: musical synth designers Wide Blue Sound is proud to announce availability of its SKYPAD controller app alongside APEX and AETERNA — the first official expansion packs for its award-winning ORBIT and ECLIPSE flagship

Mellowsound by Fingerlab – A Virtual Mellotron for iOS

Published on Nov 8, 2018

“Download for free on the AppStore:…

Mellowsound is an emulation of a legendary instrument, a keyboard sampler from the 60s used by many famous artists like the Beatles, David Bowie, Radiohead and many others, this mythic instrument is called The Mellotron. You probably never heard his name but the melodies create with are