Pantala Labs – Tambores

Published on Nov 19, 2018 Gibran PantalaLabs

“Is a 3 channel drum machine / sample player with CV to change instruments and CV for tone.
A master gain/distortion is also available.
The project is completely based on Bret Truchan work called Equation Composer.……

More Info:”

New ALM ALM021 / MCO Eurorack Module

ALM021 – ‘MCO’ from ALM on Vimeo.

“The ‘MCO’ is a compact digital oscillator. It features a main ‘morphing’ wavetable output, an additional copy of this output with overlaid variable pulse width segments (ala Alpha Juno style saw wave pwm) and a sub square wave output an octave down to the main output. The waveform and pulse segment width and be both directly and voltage controlled. The pulse

New ALM ALM020 / QUAID MEGASLOPE Eurorack Module

ALM020 – ‘QUAID MEGASLOPE’ from ALM on Vimeo.

“The ‘Quaid Megaslope’ is a five stage function generator or modulator which operates in one of 3 modes; a multistage ‘CZ’ or ‘Juno’ style complex envelope, a super flexible LFO and a step sequencer with per step programmable slew or slides.

Each mode produces a varying output voltage moving from point to point across a set number of chained

nonlinearcircuits bad digital filter simulator proto-type 1

Published on Nov 12, 2018 cirtcele

“Various snippets from testing and honing this circuit over the past few weeks. As the name describes, it is an analogue circuit designed to simulate a digital filter – badly. It is not capacitor based but uses shift registers and feedback to do its thing. More info and the module coming soon.”

New Vermona fourMative CONTOURS Eurorack Module

“In the end, there is just one big topic when it comes to modular systems: MODULATION. Modulation brightens up the static boredom, arouses interest and is in most cases the foundation for living soundscapes and rhythmicity. Beside LFOs, envelope generators are the most relevant modulation sources in the world of modular. We already offer a very talented LFO module, the fourMULATOR and now it

Bizarre Jezabel Chloe (English)

Published on Nov 8, 2018 temaniak

Analog Modular “Effect Processor”

Custom West Coast Modular by Senor, from Russia with Love!

S3n0Я Serge Generator Published on Jul 15, 2018 temaniak

“Hardcore review of Custom Eurorack Serge panel. In Russian (subs soon)

Patches starts from 6:03

Envelope + LFO 6:03
VCO + FM VCO 12:24
LPG + VCF 18:56
Clock generator + Divider 29:19
Generative trigger sequencer 33:17
Envelope Follower 38:00
VC “Bitcrusher” 41:59
Sub-oscillator 48:24
Sample & Hold 52:22
Comlex Random 55:31

Midilar & VCV Rack – First Patch

Published on Nov 5, 2018 Omri Cohen

“A few days ago I got a prototype of Midilar, a modular MIDI controller. You can switch between modules and customize it, and it can control anything that can be controlled by MIDI, like DAWs, Soft Synths, and Hardware. This video is my first patch with it using VCV Rack, and I’m controlling Plaits (Macro Oscillator 2) and Grids (Topograph) from Mutable

New Erica Synths HI HATS D Eurorack Module

Published on Nov 5, 2018 Erica Synths

“Hi-Hats D is Erica Synths take on classical digital hi-hats.”

“Hi-Hats D is Erica Synths take on classical digital hi-hats. Instead of using an integrated circuit DAC chip Hi-Hats D are using 6-bit analog DAC for that unmistakable crunchy sound. For amplitude shaping samples are passed trough AS3330 based VCA and are controlled with an analog envelope

New Robaux SWT16⁺ 16-Track Eurorack Trigger Sequencer

Published on Nov 3, 2018 robaux

“The Robaux SWT16⁺ is a 16-track eurorack trigger sequencer with up to 64 steps per track.
The Sweet Sixteen Plus is perfect for triggering drums, envelopes or modulation sources.
With the new member of the Robaux family, you can switch between eight different patterns. This will allow you to create even more exciting performances. You can store these patterns in