New Hinton Instruments PitchMaster and SequenceMix

via Hinton Instruments

“Our 3U Professional Module range continues to expand with two new modules.

PitchMaster is, as the name states, a master pitch CV source for the calibration and control of 1V/oct devices. It features a precision voltage reference and six high precision adders to generate pitch control voltages for up to three devices. High quality rotary switches give instant octave and

Starling Via – Share Modular System – In Store Demo Saturday March 23rd, 1pm at Switched On Austin

A system of synthesizer modules built on a shared hardware platform.

More info –

The shared DNA of the modules, if you care to know

Analog circuit, digital control
Basic analog processing blocks are brought to life with flexible digital signals.

Shared IO
A set of programmable controls, inputs, and outputs provides the foundation for each module.


Published on Mar 21, 2019 Møffenzeef Mødular


“Møffenmix is a føur channel audiø mixer with søme extra sauce. Each øf the føur channels has independent gain with a three pøsitiøn switch tø determine max gain range (løw, medium, high). Løw gain will make each channel unity gain at minimum and 2x gain at max. Medium gain will bøøst each channel x5 which can either be used as a line

New Tiptop Audio MISO Multipurpose Utility Module Officially Announced

Tiptop Audio – MISO from Tiptop Audio on Vimeo.

via Tiptop Audio

“MISO is a multipurpose utility module, a laboratory for synthesizing control voltage signals and audio. MISO combines multiple CV tools into one module for making complex CV shapes at the output stage. The name comes from the the four main functions available: Mix, Invert, Scale, and Offset.

MISO’s 2 sections (1/2 IN and A/B IN


Published on Mar 17, 2019 Station 252

“My first patch using the new Tiptop Audio module MISO.

At first I was’t sure if MISO is what I need, but since this first patch it is essentially a must have module in every single patch I’m patching. I will most likely get a second one…”

Synthesizer Demo – Leshracs Lab Synvoiz

Published on Mar 14, 2019 Tobi 9000

“Diy Synth from Germany, sequenced by Yarns”

And one from 2014:

Leshrac´s Lab SynVoice

Published on Dec 10, 2014 TheLeafAudio

“Limited on 15 copies or so and made by this german guy”

New Qu-Bit Prism – Multidimensional Signal Processor Eurorack Module

Published on Mar 14, 2019 Qu – Bit

“Prism is a multidimensional signal processor that creates a framework for the spectral metamorphosis of any input signal.
This stereo audio buffer can be navigated through on 3 axes, each of which provides a different sonic journey through its array of time based controls.

The X and Z planes are home to a flexible delay line capable of long clocked delays,

Frequency Central Whiteface ARP 4023 VCF Clone

via Frequencey Central

Whiteface is based on the legendary ARP 4023 VCF module often found in “whiteface” Odyssey Mk1.
Whiteface is available both fully assembled and as a PCB/panel set.
Whiteface PCB set, and panel: £30 GBP

Whiteface assembled module: £140 GBP

Build doc for DIYers: Whiteface Build Document

For orders and queries please contact me at:

LepLoop Eurorack Drum Modules

via Leploop

“Percussion modules based on LepLoop V2 Cassa design.
Cassa: Same as LepLoop v2 Cassa, hard\soft BD generator can go full resonance.
Cassa CV: Add cv control over frequency and resonance with cv amount.
Bongo: Same as Cassa one octave higher pitch range, Tom and Bongo like sounds.
Bongo CV: Add cv control over frequency and resonance with cv amount.
Legno: Very high pitch Cassa

Grayscale Supercell – expanded version of Clouds by Mutable Instruments

via Grayscale

“Clouds, the granular synthesis module from Mutable Instruments, was discontinued in 2017. Supercell brings back Clouds in a more accessible 34 hp form factor, offering an improved user interface and several additional features:

Each of the Blend parameters (Feedback, Panning, Mix, and Space) have dedicated knobs with their own CV inputs and inverting attenuators (attenuverters).