The Darkest Timeline – 32-step Sequencer for Eurorack

Published on Jun 20, 2018 Beige Maze

This is the first post to feature Beige Maze as a maker. I created a new label for him moving forward. You can see some of his previous eurorack videos in the archives here.

“The Darkest Timeline is a 32-step sequencer built on the Ornament and Crime platform. Controls are as follows:

Trigger 1: Advance forward
Trigger 2: Advance backward
Trigger 3:

Rebel Technology CLK Demo

Published on Jun 8, 2018 Rebel Technology

via Rebel Technology

“CLK is a 4HP triple clock generator that outputs three synchronised clocks. It comprises of a master clock and two dual function multiplier/dividers. Turn clockwise to multiply, anti-clockwise to divide. The outputs are always perfectly synchronised. Use it to feed several trigger sequencers or to generate instant ‘four on the

Recovery Effects and Devices "Analog Kick" Eurorack Modular Demo

Published on Jun 6, 2018

“Demo of the ‘Analog Kick’ Eurorack modular unit from Recovery Effects and Devices”

New Mode Machines XOXCILATOR Eurorack Module

XOXCILATOR,D-ROM- Mode Machines ,Vermona-randomRHYTHM ,twinCUSSION, Erica Synths-PICO-VCF1,SEQ,TRIG

Published on Jun 6, 2018 Dziam Bass

“In this video, I used the XOXCILATOR- Mode Machines oscillator with the Erica Synths-Pico VCF1 filter based on the polivoks filter and add delay from Pico DSP and sequenced oscillator via Pico SEQ.Trigger Pico TRIGG Erica Synths for drums that come from

ladik S-220 dual switch chaining two 8-step CVs making 16-step sequence

Published on May 31, 2018 RuprechtM

“S-220 dual switch, both switches in toggle mode, toggling is driven by S-180 trig output. Two CV sources are switched to one CV output (controlling VCO).”

Frequence Central Introduces Pro-One Based CEMvelope ADSR Eurorack Module

via Frequency Central

“CEMvelope is based on the legendary ADSR section of the Sequential Circuits Pro-One monosynth, with minor adaptations to integrate it into Euro format. Smooth and snappy! It has a gate input as well as a trigger input, the trigger input works in conjunction with the gate input for multiple triggering from a suitable controller device. CEMvelope has at it’s heart a CEM3310

THEREMIN & SYNTH -Thereminator – eurorack module by WaveLicker

Published on May 29, 2018 Therminal C I C Ehinger

‘Swiss company WaveLicker ( designed Thereminator specially for interfacing a theremin to synthesizers. It is a eurorack module that takes the control voltage signal of the theremin’s antennas and convert it into 3 gate and 3 trigger signals. Up to three different tresholds points can be edited and stored. This is great

Strymon AA.1 Amplifier Attenuator Eurorack Module – Demo

Published on May 24, 2018 strymon

“Most Eurorack modules output very hot audio signal levels that can easily overload the inputs of effects pedals or computer audio interfaces. The audio inputs in a Eurorack system also need to receive very hot signals. AA.1 amplifies and attenuates the signals to the appropriate levels, allowing you to combine your guitar gear and Eurorack modules in just

its 555 eurorack 1

Published on May 23, 2018 cirtcele

“This module turns any incoming signal into a series of 5 pulses. Each pulse can be inverted or positive and have its amplitude set. the Pulse width can be controlled by CV. A different kind of resonator.

Each has CV and pot controlled pulse width and the pulse for each can be set to be negative going or positive at any desired amplitude. The circuit is

ladik C-410, S-143, F-510, D-333, O-111, S-180, S-182, M134 & E-480 countour generator

Published on May 23, 2018 RuprechtM
C-410 clock source
S-143 seq modulates VCF F-510
D-333 makes kick (triggered by C-410 divided output)
O-111 VCO controlled by S-180+S182
M-134 mixer
A-310 headphones amp
patch without VCA or ENV

ladik E-480 countour generator

Published on May 23, 2018 RuprechtM