New AI Synthesis AI016 Eurorack Tape Echo Interface & AI011 Eurorack Analog VCO

Published on Dec 3, 2019 AI Synthesis

New module from AI Synthesis along with the AI011 Eurorack Analog VCO posted here.

Playlist for the video embed above:
AI016 Eurorack Tape Echo Interface Video
Modded MARANTZ PMD221 Tape Recorder as a Tape Echo
AI016 Tape Interface Build Video Guide

Press release including the AI011 VCO followed by pics and additional details on the AI016 (AI011 posted

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay Unit Introduction

Published on Dec 3, 2019 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

“Introducing the Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay Unit. Michael discusses the history of analog delay.”

Suggested Retail Price $199

“The Analog Delay Unit is based on the design created for the Voltage Lab synthesizer module. A finely tuned circuit designed to enhance the source material by adding depth and warmth.

Module Overview


New Q158 VCA2++ Dual VCA

Published on Dec 2, 2019 synthesizersdotcom

“Hosted by Roger Arrick of”


“The Q158 VCA++ module combines two VCAs along with innovative connectivity to provide a panner, fader, 3-channel mixer and ring modulator functions – all in a single-wide module.

You can never have enough VCAs in a modular system and the Q158 addresses this by providing two

TouellSkouarn – Ar Merc’het Brao

Published on Dec 2, 2019 Alex4

“Ar Merc’het Brao is a dual or stereo filter with a slope of -12 dB per octave. Distortion circuits add some musical aggression to audio signals.

Ar Merc’het Brao is comprised of two filters and two overdrive sections. As usual with Touellskouarn, the module has a Breton name: Ar Merc’het Brao means “The pretty girls”. Ar Merc’het Brao can be used to process a

New Beast-Tek Pixel Drum Eurorack Module

Published on Dec 1, 2019 paul tas

via Error Instruments & Beast-Tek

“Pixel Drum is a gritty, glitchy 12-bit paraphonic drum synthesizer containing 32 different algorithms for generating percussive weirdness. From gritty kicks and snares to evolving glitch sounds/textures to arcade machine bleeps and bloops, Pixel Drum has been designed to bring glitchy goodness to your eurorack rig.”

New ADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter

Published on Nov 30, 2019 ADDAC System

“Here’s the Overview video for ADDAC603 VC Triple Bandpass Filter

At ADDAC we’ve been in love with Bandpass Filters for a long time! We use them in several different ways but mostly as dynamic equalisers at the end of an audio chain for ever-changing timbral qualities with slow modulations on frequency and volume. Slightly or drastically changing the

New DNIPRO DOT polyrhythm sequencer

Published on Nov 27, 2019 DNIPRO MODULAR

“INTRODUCTION of a 3-channel eurorack trigger sequencer DOT. Two DOTS are linked together and control analog bassdrum and hi hets from q&d by Andrii Kuzmenko with Plaits and Peaks from Mutable Instruments.
Create rhythms on a fly and creatively vary them.”

“3 channels pattern generator

Dot is handy feature-packed tool for generating and managing

Important Interviews with Richard Nicol talks to Matthew Cook of WYWS in Tokyo

Published on Nov 26, 2019 Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers

“Richard and Matthew discuss the WYWS eurorack modules and why Matthew started building eurorack modules.

WYWS Bandcamp Page –”

This is the first post to feature WYWS on MATRIXSYNTH. Current offerings as of this post for the archives:

WYWS MS1010 10 Step Sequencer/LFO Eurorack Module

14 hp ~30mm

Orpho Vollrausch | Vacuum Tube VCO / Noise Generator Eurorack Module

Published on Nov 26, 2019 HOX808

“The Orpho Vollrausch generates its sound through two Russian military tubes (6SH1P).”

Google translated from Orpho:

Vollrausch | Vacuum Tube VCO / Noise Generator

The Orpho “Fullrush” is a combination of Tube-VCO and Noise Generator. It is a non-standard VCO module designed primarily as a noise generator. Two Russian military tubes (6SH1P) are used. The

LoFi Eurorack Module Prototype Part 1: Wow and Flutter

Published on Nov 25, 2019 Reckless Experimentation Audio LLC

“The first part in building a Lo-Fi afication Eurorack Module. I cut out the face-plate, and build out a wow and flutter circuit based around a PT2399 chip.”