Stepinator Free VST Plugin by CPS and Noizefield

Published on Dec 27, 2019 Noizefield

“Stepinator is a Free VST Plugin by CPS and Noizefield.

Stepinator combines a multi-step-sequencer and wavetable-synthesizer. This windows-specific VST-plugin has got three oscillators with lots of basic and wavetable waveforms. Two Filters and a lush modulation-matrix and three LFOs are also included. Different effects like equalizer, stutter and delay is

The TRITON music workstation revived | KORG Collection for Mac/Win

Published on Dec 26, 2019 Korg

“The TRITON music workstation revived.
A synthesizer collection completely reconstructed in software.

More about KORG Collection at:

More than 15 years have passed since the release of the KORG Legacy Collection, a pioneer of software-based synthesizers offering full recreations of the analog circuits and digital systems of

Soniccouture Blanks: Drum Machine

Soniccouture Blanks: Drills Demo Published on Dec 20, 2019 Soniccouture

“A quick beat written using the Drills module in Soniccouture’s Blanks drum sampler.
This allows you to roll and drill different elements of your beat at quickly changing rates, with pitch dives and granular scanning through the sample. Drills can be triggered from your MIDI controller, DAW, or the Beat Tools sequencers.”

CrushShaper: Ultimate Creative Bitcrusher | Rhythmic Distortion | Vintage Lo-Fi | Multiband Enhancer

Published on Dec 19, 2019 Cableguys

“OUT NOW! Try free at… Designed to inspire you in ways no ordinary bitcrusher can, CrushShaper is powered by Cableguys’ easy drawable LFOs and flexible envelope followers. Draw distorted rhythms. Make melodies lo-fi. Fatten your treble. Go 8-bit and beyond! And much more.

Music credits | Artist: SESA | Song: Crush

The Roland XV-5080 Comes to Roland Cloud

Published on Dec 10, 2019 Roland Cloud

“Released in 2000, the Roland XV-5080 stepped onto the scene, leaving a mighty footprint. Described for years as “Roland’s ultimate sound module,” the XV-5080 boasted immense PCM-based multitimbral synthesis power, sophisticated modulation, an array of pro-quality DSP effects, and compatibility with the popular SRX Expansion Board series.

Its fidelity

Hillman – Vintage Combo Synth

Uploaded on Dec 8, 2019 Klevgrand

“Hillman is a synthlike instrument inspired by old combo-organs, string machines and similar vintage gear. It has 4 voices per note, each with selectable waveform (transistor:ish, tube:ish, sine and special plasma), octave switch and a level control. The sound is generated with an analog approach, but does not use samples or sampled wavetables. Hillman also has

KORG VC-10 Comes to Software in Full Bucket Vocoder


“The Full Bucket Vocoder FBVC is a software plug-in for Microsoft Windows (VST) and Apple macOS (VST/AU) simulating the classic KORG VC-10 Vocoder from 1978. It is written in native C++ code for high performance and low CPU consumption. The main features are:

20 band full stereo vocoder
64 voice polyphonic built-in Tone Generator section
Accent Bending and Vibrato effects

Introducing Bit Boy Studio

Premiered 4 minutes ago SidTracker 64

“From the makers of SidTracker 64, introducing the chiptune legacy on the iPad inspired by the Game Boy classic. Bit Boy Studio.

#BitBoy #GameBoy #Game Boy #Chiptune #ipad #nes #amiga #c64 #tracker #famitracker #protracker #arcarde #chip”

Admiralizor – Wavetable Multi Operator Synthesizer Audio Plug-in

Published on Nov 17, 2019 Sugar Audio

“In this video Sugar Audio introduces ‘Admiralizor’ – the wavetable multi operator synthesizer VST, VST3, AU & AAX audio plug-in.

Admiralizor combines two synchronizable wavetable, sub and sample hold/track noise synthesizers with the flexibility and brilliance of a multi operator AM / RM / FM and PM cross synthesizer. The flexible 2D/3D real time

Rob Papen RP XY Transfer Introduction

Published on Nov 20, 2019 Rob Papen

“Release planned for 21 or 22 November 2019.
Note: part of eXplorer-6”