Nils‘ K1v – Free Kawai K1 Emulation VST Soft Synth Plugin

Kawai K1v Free VST Plugin – Mack Beats Studio
Kawai K1 as VSTi “K1v” – Demo Song in Bitwig by MOSS using only K1v – Song for Nils – Jürgen Moßgraber

“Nils‘ K1v is a rompler that emulates a famous japanese classic from 1988.


Very accurate emulation of all parameters
Includes 768 presets with search capability, the original factory bank + all ROM cards
Full editing support

UVI IRCAM Solo Instruments 2

UVI IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 | Overview

“IRCAM Solo Instruments 2 – The Avant-Garde Solo Instrument Collection…

Featuring 16 orchestral instruments and 550+ traditional and experimental techniques performed by professional instrumentalists and recorded in the IRCAM Institute, this collection offers unparalleled depth, detail and creative sound resource

Roland Announces Model Expansions for the ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer

Introducing Roland JX-8P Model Expansion for ZENOLOGY Software Synthesizer

Press release with additional expansions below. Above is a video for the JX-8P. Description follows:

“Launched in 1985, the innovative JX-8P took analog a step further with capabilities that could generate tones associated with digital synthesizers, making it highly versatile. With the JX-8P Model Expansion, we

XILS-Lab 201 Sennheiser Vocoder Emulation

XILS-Lab X201 Vocoder Test – Cmyth
Daft Punk Vocoder how to with Xils x201 Vocoder pugin
Advanced Vocoder Techniques : Processing a Rhodes Loop with Vocoder X201 plugin

Check out Kraftwerk’s original Sennheiser VSM 201 Vocoder here. You can find additional posts featuring various Sennheiser vocoders here.

Details on the X-201 via XILS Lab:

“XILS-lab X-201, Vocoder … and vintage

Eplex7 DSP releases Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1 plug-in instrument for Win / Mac

Eplex7 DSP

“Eplex7 DSP has released Glassy hitech darkpsy psycore FX 1, a VSTi & AU Plug-in instrument with 20 multi octave banks for Windows and macOS. It works in the Free Eplex7 Player plug-in or can be used also as expanding library in other Eplex7 DSP’s plug-in instruments.

This multi-octave banks instrument includes special glassy organic sounding FX sounds, glassy effects, pseudopads

FUNDAMENTAL – New Test Equipment VST by SonicLab In Collaboration with HAINBACH


“In which I am proud to release the VST instrument I have been working on for half a year with Sinan Bökesoy of SonicLab. Crafted with love and care, this is a rich-sounding and exploration-inviting tool for your music. Its steeped in history, but can be adapted to any music style.”

Fundamental – the root of electronic music brought into the now.

Sinan Bokesoy

“Fundamental feels

UVI Introduces Drone – Fully-featured Instrument and Sound Design Tool


“Drone – Texture and Atmosphere Designer

Drone is a fully-featured instrument and sound design tool delivering long evolving textures and atmospheres, from deep and powerful low-end ambiences to rich and shimmering environments.

Video Credits: Antoine Martin and Lucien Richardson”

via UVI

“Designed for composers, sound designers, and musicians, Drone is a

The Full Bucket Fury-800 – Free Korg Poly-800 Soft Synth

Full Bucket · 800

via Full Bucket Music

“The Fury-800 is a software instrument for Microsoft Windows (VST) and Apple macOS (VST/AU) simulating the KORG Poly-800 polyphonic synthesizer from 1983. It is written in native C++ code for high performance even on ‘lighter’ systems. Main features are:

Two band-limited DCOs with individual envelope generators
Two waveforms with additive harmonics (16′,

Brums, a Max For Live Drum Synthesizer.

Published on May 30, 2020 suis-je fou

“Brums is an advanced drum synthesizer.
4 Operators creating 4 differents drum sounds.
Each Operator have three sound sources with short envelope. Two oscillators, one noise source with 3 different resonant filters, a tape delay, a little reverb, an overdrive and many other abilities like random panning, unstability, gated random delay time, FM possibility

Soniccouture All Saints Organ

Published on May 28, 2020 Soniccouture

“An overview at All Saints Organ, the new pipe organ instrument from Soniccouture.”

Soniccouture All Saints Organ: Walkthrough

Published on May 28, 2020 Soniccouture