‘These Songs Are Obsolete’ – New EP From LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER


New EP from LMNC. Spot the MEGA DRONE/KiloDrone in the video above.

You can find the release here.

The press release:

‘These Songs Are Obsolete’ EP

Musician, producer and inventor Sam Battle, aka LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER returns today with his new EP ‘These Songs Are Obsolete’ and accompanying video for single ‘Waiting

DreamsOfWires ‘Lost soundtracks’ Available now – Analog Synth Horror Music


“8 tracks, all analogue synths, 6 recorded as live sessions, 2 early tracks re-mixed/re-recorded, inspired by some of the horror/sci-fi/dystopian/creepy movies of my youth.
Available here: https://tomorrowthecure.bandcamp.com
See album description on Bandcamp for more details.”

Lost Soundtracks by Dreams Of Wires

“A collection of recordings from the ‘DreamsOfWires’ YouTube

Mirror Systems – Benge performs live on 7 classic Modulars

Note the above appears to be a collage of previously posted videos. Mirror Systems is now available on Bandcamp. Benge also brought us 13 Systems, and 20 Systems before that. You can find them and more on Benge’s BandCamp site. Mirror Systems is a continuation of his modular explorations. Benge also performed as part of John Foxx and The Maths.

“A 43 minute film to accompany my latest

m3ld by Takla Makan

m3ld by Takla Makan

New music from Tony Allgood, the man behind oakleysound.com, featuring the following:
Oakley Modular both 5U and Euro
Roland Alpha Juno 2
Novation Summit
Oberheim OB-Sx (mostly preset C3 and small edits thereof)
Oakley SRE330 ensemble and ADR30 delay effects”Takla Makan is the artist name of Tony Allgood.

During the 1980s Tony played keyboards in a variety of bands including

Higher Levels by Moognase/Blipmusik

Higher Levels by Moognase/Blipmusik

New album from supporting member, Moognase

“The album ‘Higher Levels’ was created using three different Yamaha QY sequencers, the QY700, QY100 and QY70. The album is a fun collection of pieces dating from 1997 to 2020.

The music this time around is a bit more folky and closer to traditional music (and even circus music) than my usual material. The music was

AtomoSynth – Supervoid EP [Full Album]

“Hello World! I am happy to present you with my new EP called “Supervoid” the concept is the minimalism and was inspired by the idea of the vacuum of space, that’s why it’s name “Supervoid”. Voids are vast spaces of nothingness between chains of galaxies and some of the largest cosmic voids are called Supervoids which are estimated to be about 326000000 light years in diameter. In this great

1 California by Cindy Morrow

1 California by Cindy Morrow

“Born into a musical family, San Francisco native Morrow grew up studying classical and jazz music, eavesdropped on her sister’s Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra vinyl rotations, blew her mind listening to a new band called Depeche Mode on a schoolbus during a field trip, and (re)discovered Philip Glass in Music History class & prog rock at the Laserium. She

Synth & Sundry Cybersyn – Reveil | Intrigues Telematiques (Synth & Sundry)

Synth & Sundry

“Réveil is the first track on ‘Intrigues Télématiques’, the debut release from Cybersyn. This album is a musical ride down the elevator of forgotten technologies.


From dumb terminals to self-aware cybernetic management systems, the pace of the arpeggiated command-basslines and flow-charted synth melodies rarely lets up, only catching its

W ands (CSR285CD) by Western, Creed, Spybey

W ands (CSR285CD) by Western, Creed, Spybey

via Jesse Creed aka The Passenger:

“This one is from recordings with the late Phil Western and myself. Made into a proper album by Mark Spybe after Phil’s passing. Made with VCS 3, Sh101, oberheim 2 voice, Yamaha cs30, Korg dv 800, arp solus, synclavier 9600, prophet 5, eventide h3000.”

Album info and pre order here.

Phil Western helped found


zack dagoba

“New album here: zackdagoba.bandcamp.com/album/thirteen-systems

Thirteen years after the release of his original synthesiser concept album, Twenty Systems, Benge brings you a follow-up of sorts, the similarly themed Thirteen Systems, an album of modular explorations, showcasing his evolving fascination with these modular machines

The pieces were originally commissioned by the