New Vector Hardware Desktop Synthesizer In the Works

Published on Sep 18, 2018 Vector


I took a closer look at the video and the image to the left. It looks like the Orbit and Suborbit controls are for the vector portions of the synth engine. If you are not familiar with vector synthesis, it was introduced with the Sequential Circuits Prophet-VS. That tech made it to the Yamaha SY22 and TG-33, and finally the KORG Wavestation. In

Yamaha Introduces New Yamaha MODX Keyboard Synthesizer

Published on Sep 14, 2018 Yamaha Corporation

Additional details to follow… You can find some renders and specs previously posted here.

New Roland Roland AX Edge Keytar Synthesizer w/ Mobile App Editor

Published on Sep 13, 2018 RolandChannel

You can find pics of the editor below. It looks like you get full access to the synth engine consisting of four partials (parts or oscillators), each with selectable waveforms, filter, envelop, LFOs, EQ and more. See the screens for the parameters.

“The Roland AX-Edge Keytar, a performance synthesizer designed to be played in a standing position with a

New Meris Enzo Multi-Voice Synth Pedal

Meris Enzo Full Feature Demo (Stereo) Published on Sep 4, 2018 Meris

“Unveil the Universe Within. Enzo is a multi-voice synthesizer that will track your guitar for tight monosynth leads, complex chord polyphony, or multi-note sequenced arpeggiation, all without the need for a special pickup. Watch Angelo completely transform his input signal and re-synthesize it with the Enzo’s synth tool

Meet OTTO – New Raspberry PI Based Multi-Engine Based Synth Inspired by the OP-1

Details via Github:

“Making electronic music is awesome! But for most of us, it requires a lot of setup, a lot of moving a mouse around on a laptop that’s probably not quite equipped to handle realtime audio processing. Don’t you wish you had one single device, which was xbuilt to do it all for you, easily and on the fly?

Introducing the OTTO!

The OTTO is a complete hardware and software

RH Electronics 5 Voice analog synthesizer – Major update

Published on Aug 18, 2018 RH Electronics

“It works! Well one voice does on breadboard.
Up and running are 2 oscillators (CEM3340 based, but using AS3340)
These go to a 4066 switch then the waveforms are mixed, so you can switch on all of them on both oscillators.

The oscillator is based on the Prophet 5 circuit, the voice chip is a CEM3372, which was £35 but worth it, as it has everything, 2


Blue01 open shot Published on Aug 18, 2018 gilleslacaud

“Fist demo of the HANSY BLUE Line product”

New Hansy Synth in the works. Follow-up to the Hansy 1010.

New JX-3P Pug-Out Coming to the Roland System-8?

New polyphonic plug-out on System-8 3rd slot!!! 🙂 Published on Aug 7, 2018 gattobus

It looks like the JX-03 is making it to the System-8. Hopefully they’ll bring it up to eight voices or at least the original 6.  The JX-3P had what in my opinion can be described as a metallic sheen to it compared to other Roland synths of the time.  Some are speculating it could also be the JX-8P/JX10. I



“MAD-5 mk2 is an analog drum synthesizer which is inspired by the sounds of the 20th century soviet drum machines while having the flexibility, MIDI control and compact package of the 21st century. It consists of 22 knobs and 1 button which allows you to manipulate/control the sound and midi. It also has individual outputs for each of the five drum instruments so you can easily

blackfin fm synthesizer demo

Published on Jul 22, 2018 Dean Miller

“This synth has 6 operators, 16 polyphonic voices, and an LFO.
The video shows a few sound demos.
I am patching it via midi using MAX MSP.”