Meet Colossus – Analogue Solutions Rendition of the Classic EMS SYNTHI 100

You might remember Analogue Solutions EMS SYNTHI 100 for sale from previous posts. It appears they have put it to good use and designed their own version. P.S. I spotted this earlier this morning, but thanks to Soviet Space Child for sending in the link.

via Analogue Solutions:

“Available direct only… Come see Colossus at SynthFest (UK, 5/Oct)

Numbers will be limited – we are currently

Moog Introduces New Model 10 Synthesizer

Making a Moog Synthesizer Published on Sep 17, 2019 Moog Music Inc

“At the Moog Factory in Asheville, North Carolina, every Moog modular synthesizer is hand-built to its original factory specifications. Individual modules are brought to life just as they were nearly 50 years ago: by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards, and using traditional wiring methods. Each module

Kinoshita Lab MIDI-guy Mini DIY Sound Module

Elektron Digitakt + Kinoshita Lab MIDI-guy (dream SAM2695)

Published on Sep 14, 2019 Masaki Takada

“All sound from MIDI-guy (small red chip on top).”

Google Translated from GitHub:

“The MIDI bastard kit is a sound module that uses the one-chip GM sound source IC, SAM2695. In addition to 128 types of GM sound source, effects and EQ can be used. For details, refer to the SAM2695 data sheet.

New Modal Electronics Argon8 8 Voice Polyphonic Wavetable Synthesiser

Published on Sep 6, 2019 sonicstate

Looks like a Synton Syrinx meshed with a KOG Minilogue.

See it at Knobcon in Chicago this weekend!

“The ARGON8 is an 8 voice digital Polysynth with a three octave full size Fatar keybed (with aftertouch),120 high resolution wavetables (from 002 as well) 4 oscillators per voice, 28 wavetable processors including de-rez, phase shapers and rectify.

We had a

Roland Introduces New Roland FANTOM Synthesizers

FANTOM User Videos

Roland Fantom Music Workstation – All Playing, No Talking! with Scott Tibbs – Kraft Music – deals here
Roland Fantom Music Workstation – Advanced Tutorial with Scott Tibbs Part I – Kraft Music
Roland Fantom Music Workstation – Advanced Tutorial with Scott Tibbs Part II – Kraft Music
New Roland Fantoms | Roland 1909 Launches – Sonic State

“FANTOM is a new kind of

New Roland Boutique JU-06A Synthesizer (JUNO-106 & JUNO-60)

Published on Sep 5, 2019 RolandChannel

Roland Boutique JU-06A Synthesizer (JUNO-106 & JUNO-60)
Roland JU-06A Boutique Synthesizer – First Look with Scott Tibbs – Kraft Music – deals on the JU-06A here
Review: Roland JU-06A vs JUNO 60 // Can you tell the difference? – loopop
Roland Boutique JU06a | Roland 1909 Launches – sonicstate

“One of the most popular synthesizers from the

Roland Announces New JUPITER-X Series

Published on Sep 5, 2019 RolandChannel

1499 Euros for the Xm, available soon. The Xm demo from sonicstate in the playlist sounds like my Jupiter-8. No four-voice limit like the Boutique series. Added XV-5080, & TR engines. This will be tempting.

Roland JUPITER-X Series Synthesizers: JUPITER-Xm and JUPITER-X – RolandChannel
ROLAND JUPITER-Xm – 4 Layers Performance by Gattobus

KORG KROSS 88 MB – The definitive “do-everything” synth workstation

Published on Sep 4, 2019

“The definitive ‘do-everything’ synth workstation, with a huge variety of sounds and a new matte black finish.Keys, drums, sequences, sampling, and a performance powerhouse. The 88-key model of the all-in-one KROSS 2 synthesizer is now available in a ‘super matte black’ rubberized finish.”

“The definitive “do-everything” synth workstation, with a huge variety of

New Ampethron Touch Screen DSP Hardware Synth In the Works

“Revolutionary hardware synthesizer for live-acts, DJs and studio production…”

Details to follow…

Circlefade CFM2 All-in-One Semi Modular Synth

Circlefade also brought us the CF1M stand alone sequencer and VCV modules.

Target price for the CFM2 350€. It is currently in design.

via Circlefade:

“The CFM2 packs the fundamental features of modular synths.

With it, you can create complex sounds and experience Eurorack, no other gear needed.

Things you can do with the CFM2

Built in sequencer
No need for a keyboard or external sequencer