Aphex Twin UNIQUE SUPER RARE RSF SD-140 VINTAGE Drum Machine ?

Polygon Window – clissold 101[dat28 otari] 48k
RSF SD140 french sampling drum machine – original demo by urgobenz !
03 DMX Krew – Sppoookey [BREAKIN RECORDS]

via this auction

This one was spotted and sent in via xonox of acidlab who noticed the following: “No mention is made in the auction but there is AFX scratched on the surface of the machine. According to Ed DMX (DMX Krew),

Analogue Renaissance AR3109T Roland IR3109 Chip Replacement

via Syntaur

Product description: “Analogue Renaissance AR3109T voltage-controlled filter chip, for Roland synthesizers. The original Roland IR3109 chip appears in the top photo; these chips have been long out of production, and we now have brand new clone chips just released by Analogue Renaissance (lower photo). These clones sound identical to the originals.”

Additional details on the release

New KODAMO EssenceFM – 300 Voice 16 Part Multitimbral FM Rack Synthesizer

Published on Jun 9, 2019 Les Sondiers – In via AHC

“Masami de Kodamo présente son EssenceFM, un synthétiseur FM en rack/tabletop à 300 voies de polyphonie et 16 parties multitimbrales.

Plus d’infos sur le produit : http://bit.ly/2I5us9e

Interview enregistrée dans le cadre du Synthfest France 2019.”

“We are proud to announce the EssenceFM, our modern high-end synthesizer dedicated to FM

Empress Reverb Eurorack Conversion by Million Machine March

via Million Machine March where you’ll find addition details.

“All circuitry is custom to each conversion and calibrated accordingly. There can be differences between pedals I find. Very unusual for a digital pedal. Conversions can be like that. Each one is unique and satisfying in its own way.”

Beautiful conversion.

fokale DIY Synthesizer

DIY Synthesizer up and alive finally Published on Jun 11, 2019

“This is the first test run of my semi-modular homemade synthesizer. The sequence comes from the built in sequencer and the key changes are done via midi. The synth has two continiously variable waveform oscillators ( Kobol type ), two voltage controlled filters ( SSM 2044 Lp on the left, Steiner-Parker state variable on the right),

PURE SYNTH PLATINUM by Gospel Musicians – Standalone & AUv3 Mega Synth – iPad Demo

Published on Jun 10, 2019 The Sound Test Room

“Pure Synth® Platinum is a full-blown rompler/synthesizer for your iOS device. Neither the synth engine or the sample engine is an afterthought: Both engines are fully capable and feature-rich. The romper section contains a well-rounded assortment of analog, synth, string, digital, and acoustic instruments. The beauty of Pure Synth® is the ability

Logic Noise Klangorium DIY Glitch Synth by Elliot Williams

via this auction
“On offer here is a PCB to build your own DIY synth based around CMOS chips, it is based on a series on the Hackaday website by Elliot Williams, I made a few of these and had a few boards left over, last couple remaining.

It can be used to make all manner of things, examples include drum machines, drone synths, sequencers and so on, or it can just be built as a playground as

PMF Ringfolder Demo

Published on Jun 9, 2019 Randy Piscione

“Quick demo of the new RingFolder, from PM Foundations. This is a combination wave folder and ring modulator, with inputs for the folder, X and Y for the ring mod and an attenuated input for folder modulation. There is an onboard “mixer”, providing the ability to fold an input wave, the output of the ring mod or a combination of the two.

Get it here (

Bastl Bubblesound HEXa(s)r & the New Dude

Published on Jun 7, 2019 BSTOCKMEDIA


“The HEXa(s)r is a 9HP module with 6 independent exponential AR/ASR envelope generators and 3 mixer sections for a total of 9 outputs – a considerable amount of modulation sources within a very small footprint. Being skiff friendly and light on power consumption, this beast is a super versatile addition to any eurorack jungle.

Each envelope

New Moon Modular 528 Sample and Hold

via Noisebug

“The M 528 SAMPLE & HOLD module is a sample & hold circuit consisting of the following elements:· The voltage controlled clock oscillator gates the sample circuit and doubles as a VCLFO with triangular and rectangular waveforms.· External gate input· Signal input can be the internal noise source (white noise and random voltage, both with separate output jacks) or an external sample