TSNM 3U (Touch Sensing Note Memory) by Doboz

Published on Feb 21, 2018 Máté Szabó

“Touch Sensing Note Memory is a performance oriented monophonic keyboard controller.”

“Touch Sensing Note Memory is a performance oriented monophonic keyboard controller featuring 10 note plates (tunable over 5 octaves) and two transposer plates (variable transposition distance from -24 to +24 semitones). Highly accurate pitch (V/oct) output is guaranteed


Published on Oct 17, 2018 ReBach

“First preview from the new CATCH Series VCO-A.

CEM3340 based Eurorack VCO with linear FM.
Very nice sounding VCO which the CEM3340 has very good tracking and temparature stability. Because of our design, this VCO has a nice round sound with a distinctive edge!

The CATCH series is an entry-level Eurorack series with minimal functions but maximum sound!

Tiptop Audio Introduces New MIX7 Analog Summing Mixer Eurorack Module

“MIX7 is a seven channel analog summing mixer module for Eurorack. It is designed for summing any of the different types of signals you’ll find in a modular system: Audio, CV, Triggers, or Gate.

MIX7 gives ability to sweeten your mix with more headroom using the power of low noise analog summing. A compact 3HP Eurorack utility module, MIX7 is an attractive mixing addition to any rig,

New AnalogFusion Polyphonic Analog Synth with huge Digital Section

Published on Oct 16, 2018 Fingersonic

“Introducing AnalogFusion, a top notch instrument boasting 2 separated Analog and Digital Synthesizer engines. You decide wether creating warm analog sounds, pure digital or layer them to create unique fat sounds. Massive features unlocking access to a new world of synthesis possibilities.

Demo by Italian Keyboardist Giuseppe Di Capua”

“Analog polyphonic

Roland Introduces VT-4 Voice Transformer

Published on Oct 15, 2018RolandChannel

1. VT-4 Voice Transformer – Performance Demo
“In this video, Jordan West uses the VT-4 along with a SYSTEM-8, SPD-SX and RC-505 to create backing tracks and processed lead vocals in under a minute.

2. VT-4 Voice Transformer – Overview
“In this video Jordan West walks you through the features of the VT-4 and how it works in her live setup with

New Mute 4.0 Synth w/ Digital Wavetables Coming December 7 From Dirty Electronics

£89.00 via mute

“Release Date: 7th December 2018

The new Mute / Dirty Electronics MUTE 4.0 SYNTH is a synth with inputs, a digital wavetable synthesiser, an analogue noise circuit, and programmable sequencer. These features can all be combined in an environment to experiment with sound. Being hand-held, battery-powered and with headphone and line out, the synth is ideal for music making on the

Rolzer – Beat Generator Add-On for the Ciat-Lonbarde Plumbutter

Published on Jul 23, 2018 hajimmie

Rolzer patching [plumbutter jam #19]
“rolls of rolzer patches into an ultrasound, gong, and pitch input of an Avdog. so you’re hearing three voices. showing how things suddenly gets chaotic and unpredictable manner, beyond comprehensive planning of control.

to be predictable needs some unique approach to learn – patch memo often doesn’t reproduce the same

Vintage & Rare Rhodes Chroma Computer Interface & Manual & Columbus Computer

via this auction

Never seen one of these before. It appears to be a serial buss expansion for computers to use with the Rhodes Chroma synthesizer, with sequencing software. The disks are dated 1982 and from Fender Musical Instruments who took ownership of ARP’s assets with the Rhodes Chroma and Chroma Polaris.

1uO c – 1u version of Ornament & Crime

Published on Oct 13, 2018 Shay Shezifi

“New design for Ornament and Crime.
Pulp Logic 1u format, 30hp.
DIY only, will be available soon.”

Delta Sound Labs Origami And Saber Modules

Published on Oct 12, 2018 Perfect Circuit

“For this video we made a bass patch with the Delta Sound Labs Origami wave-folder and Saber filter eurorack modules. The NerdSeq is used for the sequencing and drums. The Origami is based on the Buchla Music Easel’s Timbre circuit and the Saber is an SEM style filter.

Delta Sound Labs available here: https://www.perfectcircuit.com/delta-…