WMD Javelin – Envelope/VCA In-Depth Demo


“Javelin is the envelope we at WMD have always needed to make. We took the best parts from our classic Multimode Envelope and combined them with the simplicity and convenience of an ADSR with integrated VCA. We then took the tricks we have learned from live performance and use of other awesome synthesizers and put it all together to create what we truly believe is the ultimate

WMD C4RBN – Eurorack Filter In-Depth Demo


“C4RBN (pronounced “Carbon”) is a 4/2-Pole State Variable Filter with input saturation, output wavefolding, and more. It features a wide range of character from nice and clean filter sounds to screaming, squelchy, acidic mayhem.

C4RBN builds on WMD’s history with state-variable filters (uHadron Collider, Protostar, MMF) adding interface refinements and improved warm environment

The Processor: Analog Music Synthesizer From 1976

Vintage DIY spotted on RRAuctions

“‘The Processor’—a hand-built mid-1970s prototype music synthesizer

Impressive analog music synthesizer prototype named ‘The Processor,’ one of two examples designed and built circa 1975 by electrical engineers Dennis Drew and Thomas Sawyer. The huge unit measures approximately 41″ x 32″ x 19″, and was built to transform the sound of one musical instrument

Roland TR-707 ROM Expansion Kit

Harry Axten

“Coming soon for the Roland TR-707 and TR-727…”

via https://hkadesign.org.uk

“You asked for it, now here it is – a ROM expansion kit for the Roland TR-707 and TR-727. It gives the machine 8 banks of sounds you can select, including the stock sounds from both the TR-707 and TR-727, so you can turn one into the other (to an extent – more on this later).

Changing between 8 banks

Hammond Model HEK-1 Mini Organ Synth w/ Built-In Speakers & Cards?

Hammond HEK-2 & HEK_3 Ensemble Keyboard (Junior Hammonds) – Uploaded by Mike Bracchi

SN 05111856 via this auction

First one I’ve seen. I could find any demos for the HEK-1, but found the video above for the HEK-2 & HEK-3. Looks like these were geared towards kids. Below you’ll find a pic of what appears to be some colored cards for it.

I did find the following from RocknRoll Vintage’s

Korg fripSide Satoshi Yaginuma Special Edition KROME EX-61


Title: 八木沼悟志(fripSide)インタビュー・ダイジェスト映像
Googlish: Satoshi Yaginuma (fripSide) interview digest video

Description: “コルグとfripSide 八木沼悟志によるコラボレーション・モデルの情報を公開!”
Googlish: “Information on collaboration model by Korg and fripSide Satoshi Yaginuma is released!”

Some pics and info translated into Googlish via www.ikebe-gakki-pb.com

“Satoshi Yaginuma, a synth master who brilliantly

Majella Audio Introduces the IMPLEXUS West-Cost Style Desktop Synth

Majella Audio

“The Majella Audio IMPLEXUS is a new desktop west-coast style synthesizer. ”

Majella Audio · Implexus first recording session

via Majella Audio

“The IMPLEXUS is a hardware desktop synthesizer combining west – and east-coast syntheses techniques into a single formfactor. The IMPLEXUS uses analog waveshaping, folding and audio rate modulation to create a immense range of sounds

Elektron Digi OS Upgrades: Class Compliant USB Audio & MIDI


“Class Compliant USB Audio lets you use music production apps to access deeper and more unique control of your Digitakt or Digitone. Increase the amount of modulation you can assign to your instrument. Change parameters via MIDI. Never stop making waves: https://bit.ly/2Yjvc1r”

New Majella Audio IMPLEXUS Desktop Synthesizer In the Works

It looks like a new hardware desktop synth from Majella Audio is in the works.

Just some teaser pics for now. It appears to have a Complex Generator for one oscillator and a Basic Generator for the other. You should be able to see the following on the front panel:

Complex Generator with Range, Lin FM, Fine

Harmonics with EG AMT, LFO1 AMT

Folder with EG AMT

Complex Off Basic switch with #,

Plugin Alliance Announces Enhanced Emulation of Knifonium Tube-driven Synth

Knif Audio Knifonium – Playthrough

Knif Audio Knifonium – Overview with Matthew Wang

Plugin Alliance

“SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA: Plugin Alliance, supporting all major plugin formats and uniting some of the best-known international audio companies under one virtual roof, is proud to announce availability of Knif Audio Knifonium — solidifying sister company Brainworx Audio’s new plugin partnership