Noise Engineering Blog: Supersync patch with LIP

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Even with alllll the different types of synthesis and sound generation techniques there are today, I always fall back on dual-saw sync basses as a bit of a staple. And wouldn’t you know it, LIP can make a pretty solid emulation of one! This one’s easy to patch up; we don’t even have to tune it too carefully. Just follow

Noise Engineering Blog: FM bell patch with LIP

Noise Engineering

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Did you know that your LIP can do a pretty convincing emulation of FM? NO? Well, you do now. To make this work nicely, we need to tune our oscillators to a nice ratio that won’t be too inharmonic. For this example, oscillator B is tuned two octaves higher than oscillator A. How do we do this? Tuning LIP’s oscillators is

Noise Engineering Blog: Subtractive patch with LIP

Noise Engineering

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LIP tends to get noisy when you introduce inharmonic (read: out-of-tune) modulation from the second oscillator, which LIP makes easy to do. There are ways to get around that, but there are a lot of sounds we can make with just a single oscillator, too. This one is a personal favorite: by using the internal envelope to

Noodling Live Stream – Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio

Omri Cohen

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I created a document full of patching techniques and ideas that I will continue updating –…

Here’s a sneak peek of it –

And I also created a sound pack full of ambient textures and effect that

Noise Engineering Blog: How to make a reese with just about anything

Noise Engineering

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Here, we’ve made a breakbeat jam with a reese created using two sine waves and Pura Ruina through Desmodus Versio.
.– …. .- – – …. . ..-. ..- -.-. -.- .. … .. – . .-. .. – .- …”

Noise Engineering Blog: Ambient with BIA+MI+DV | CIP+DV

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Here, we’re using BIA and MI, sequenced by Mimetic Sequent and Mimetic Digitalis, to create an ambient patch with the help of Desmodus Versio.
.– …. .- – – …. . ..-. ..- -.-. -.- .. … .. – . .-. .. – .- …

Blog: Ambient with CIP+DV

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Here, we’re using CIP and Pura Ruina,

The Noiseblast Hour, Episode 5: Coffin Nachtmahr, Arthur Hnatek, and Olan!

Noise Engineering

“It’s the Noiseblast Hour, brought to you by Noise Engineering, hosted by Pyraphonic (aka Shawn Jimmerson)! This is the fifth installment in a series of indeterminate length and sporadic release (h/t Roman Mars). Watch here for future episodes! On this episode, we welcome Olan!, Arthur Hnatek, and Coffin Nachtmahr.”

Olan!’s bandcamp:

Octatrack vs Modular ~ We were young


“In this video I use the ‘remixer’ method with my 104 7u case full of awesome modules including the new Noise Engineering Desmodus Versio and Mannequins W/ with the new beta firmware set to an FM synth. All the sounds come from the modular and the Octarack is a mixer, FX box, and resampler for looping.

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Noise Engineering Blog: musicalfungus plays LIP

Noise Engineering

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Here, musicalfungus plays a beautiful patch made with the Loquelic Iteritas Percido, and Make Noise Mimeophon and Rene.”

Eurorack Compilation #4 | Bastl | Moffenzeef | Befaco | Noise Engineering | X1L3 Shard | Elektron

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