BoBeats HOW I SEQUENCE & SYNC 15 SYNTHS — midi routing and DAW integration

Published on Aug 21, 2019 BoBeats

Novation 61SL mkIII & Elektron Digitakt

“How do I record 15+ synths at once? And how have I set up my patchbays and FX sends? All will be explained this video. This series is sponsored by DistroKid. Use my link and get 7% off: – its a solid service for getting your tracks onto Spotify & iTunes.”


Midnight Jam #5 (Moog Sub 37 & Novation Peak)

Published on Aug 20, 2019 Plexis

“Little midnight jam with the Peak routed through the Moog.
Have fun :)”

Novation Summit Synthesizer Review

In the latest Sonic Lab video, host Nick Batt takes an in-depth look at the new Novation Summit synthesizer.… Read More Novation Summit Synthesizer Review

Sonic LAB: Novation Summit Synth Review

Published on Aug 19, 2019 sonicstate

“Summit is Novation’s latest synth and takes their Peak 8 voice poly, adds a 61 key keyboard and doubles up the voice count. Effectively Summit is like two Peaks but with more features.
With a 61 key keybed (yes it has aftertouch) Summit has more real estate to add extra controls, and thats the first thing that we get. With Peak, although we have a lot of

Synth Odyssey: Yamaha DX7II, DSI Tetra, Índigo, Novation Circuit, Moog Sub 37, JP8080 & ARP Odyssey

Published on Aug 18, 2019 Marcus Padrini

“Hardware only version of the Synth Odyssey track, recorded for the first time in 2017. Performed live with Roland MC808 (MIDI Sequencer), Yamaha DX7II, DSI Tetra, Novation Circuit (Drums), Access Virus Indigo (bass), Moog Sub 37 (lead 1), Arp Odyssey (lead 2), Roland JP8080 (strings).

Synth Jams I on Spotify:…”

From the Live Room 4: Novation Bass Station II and Yamaha PSS-680

Published on Aug 17, 2019 Alfonse

“Live jam featuring Ian Bostic on drums and Alfonse on the Novation Bass Station ii, as well as the 1988 Yamaha PSS-680 FM mini-synth. The two tracks of customised Yamaha patches were overdubbed later, with effects provided by the Boss DD7 digital delay and CH1 Super Chorus pedals. Some additional reverb was added to the synths at the mixing stage.

For anyone

Two 80’s Inspired Hardware Synth Tracks

Song: “Weather” – 125 BPM synth pop on ARQ-96, PEAK, Digitone, EX5 Published on Aug 16, 2019 Floyd Steinberg

“This song is called ‘Weather’. It’s my entry for the “808 sound challenge”. I tried to to something in the style of 80s synth pop (OMD, Aztec Camera…). The whole thing was sequenced on the ARQ-96, which plays the 808 samples and some synth tracks, and also controls the PEAK and the

Hinako – Novation Peak – Music Demo & Presets

You can find Hinako presets for the Novation Peak at

You can find previous posts featuring Hinako here.

Making Techno from Scratch (Novation Circuit)

Published on Aug 12, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

“In which I make a dark minimal techno song from scratch on the Novation Circuit.”

Synth Jam With Novation Summit & Teenage Engineering PO 400 Modular

This synth jam features the Novation Summit synthesizer and a Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator 400 modular synthesizer.… Read More Synth Jam With Novation Summit & Teenage Engineering PO 400 Modular