BERLIN SCHOOL JAM with GRP R24 & KORG ARP Odyssey* MS 20mini* MOOG Mother 32*

Published on Dec 9, 2017 VolcaRock

“BERLIN SCHOOL JAM with my brand new GRP R24 analog Sequencer from bella Italia. Used Synths: Korg MS-20 mini, Korg ARP Odyssey, Moog Mother 32, Roland Juno 60, Novation Peak, Farfisa Syntorchestra & Korg Volca Keys, Beats, Bass.
Enjoy my Live Recording. First have is Berlin School style, the second half is more Ambient.”

Friday Fun – Jupiter 6 and Novation Circuit

Published on Dec 8, 2017 sonicstate

“After last weeks impromptu post featuring the Roland SH-01A and the Soma Laboratory Lyra-8, we were rather overwhelmed by the response. You said “Do More!”. So we took the opportunity to pull out the Roland Jupiter 6 – a classic 80s poly (some say is better than the 8 – runs for cover..)

Anyhow, we also had a Novation Circuit, which has had some excellent

Another Chill track with MS-20, monologue, Mopho, Virus, Volcas, X5DR and Novation KS4 + EMX-1

Published on Dec 7, 2017 Arrayzable

“This is the last piece of the music trilogy ‘Hathaway’, ‘Lewis’ and ‘Morse’
They all share a similar theme. D minor, tempo of 69 and instruments and also a lot of sounds are being used again and again, so the three different tracks will hopefully sound same-ish even though they have variations in the chord progressions.
This last track uses the ‘SLEEVE’

Novation Peak Demo

Published on Dec 7, 2017 Alphacode

“Fantastic Hybrid Synthesizer , Wavetable or Pure Analog , you choose. All sounds are self made beside a couple of modified presets. Enjoy !”

Ampify Launchpad for iOS gets design update in v7.0

Ampify Groovebox iOSAmpify has announced version 7.0 of Launchpad for iOS, one of the biggest music-making apps on the iOS App Store. This new update brings an improved design, making it easier than ever for music makers around the world to make and remix music. The gorgeous new design takes advantage of Apple’s latest graphics technology, introducing […]

Focusrite and Novation offer free Addictive Drums 2 with purchase of select devices

Focusrite Novation Addictive Drums 2Focusrite and Novation are offering an exclusive promotion, offering the Addictive Drums 2 software by XLN Audio for free with a purchase of select audio interfaces and MIDI controllers. This offer is for users that love exploring all options and picking content that interests them. With the powerful Addictive Drums 2 plug-in and the ability […]

Launchpad for iOS // All New Design x Novation Launchpad Controller

Published on Dec 6, 2017 WeAreAmpify

iTunes: Novation Launchpad – Novation

Ampify // Launchpad for iOS – All New Design.
Launchpad for iOS // All New Design x Novation Launchpad Controller
Launchpad for IOS – Getting Started TutorialLaunchpad for iOS – Pro FX Overview Tutorial

“About Ampify
The Ampify team was born out of talent from established electronic music brand Novation. The

Red Panda Particle with Novation Peak Sound Demo (no talking)

Published on Dec 6, 2017 Bonedo Synthesizers

“Red Panda Particle with Novation Peak Sound Demo (no talking)”

Synthtastic 2 Christmas Little Drummer Boy – Roland Boutique SH-01A – MiniNova – Yamaha Reface CS

Published on Dec 6, 2017 kvfive

“Electronic version of the Christmas Classic ‘Little Drummer Boy’

Please check out my website:

Thank you for watching !

Merry Christmas.”

Launchpad For iOS Updated With New Design & Soundpacks

Novation has released Launchpad 7 for iOS, and update that features a new design, new soundpacks and more.… Read More Launchpad For iOS Updated With New Design & Soundpacks