Flippn’ Grooves Novation Monostation Pack by Yves Big City

Isotonik Studios


By combining drum & synth patches together, you will discover the taste of the analog groovebox flavour …so get ready for some unpredictable groovy results.

Who wants some LOW end ?

Using the paraphonic mode and some offset detune oscillator, we have achieve to create very beeffy legendary basses,TB 303 acid sound,FM toms

Making 5 Beats from Scratch on the Novation Circuit

Gabe Miller Music

Previous video:

I made a Beat EVERY DAY for a MONTH

Gabe Miller Music

iPad Piano Arpeggio In The Wild

Perplex On

“Some improvised arpeggios on a windy day. #Launchpadmini sequencing #ravenscroft275 piano and #noiseapp. #RozetaArpeggio is used as midi sequencer while #Mozaicapp infuses some randomness on midi velocity and timing.”

Live Ambient Performance On Novation Summit

This video captures a live ambient performance on the Novation Summit synthesizer.… Read More Live Ambient Performance On Novation Summit

Made to Create // Afterparty


“A very special guest performs live on the Launchkey [MK3].”

Novation K Station

Novation K-Station polyphonic Synthesizer Superteclados.com


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Fjorda | Novation Summit

r beny

“Live performance of a track off of my new EP The Dashboard Cast a Spectral Light, out now on 12” vinyl and digital on the illustrious Past Inside the Present label.


Novation Summit through the Marantz PMD420 3-head cassette tape recorder.

This is a track called “Fjorda”, which is a sister track to a previous track/video ‘Fjossa’. As ‘Fjossa’ is a song inspired by

Made to Create // Performance: -CALC-


“Novation’s very own -CALC- will be playing live with a combination of sequencers and plug-ins from Ableton and his hardware, with the Launchkey [MK3] at the heart of his studio setup. Expect an experimental breakbeat meets ambient lo-fi set with his favourite new tool: Launchkey [MK3]’s Chord feature.”

AUREX DIVA CTRL for the Novation Launch Control XL

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I like hardware synths. I love turning knobs, pushing buttons, and flicking faders when creating sounds. However, I also love all the software synths that are available now, especially because of very convincing analog sounding softsynths such as U-He Diva.

I’ve always felt the connection between software plugins and hardware controllers was