Pioneer Toraiz Squid 16 Track Sequencer SuperBooth 2019

Published on May 21, 2019 Perfect Circuit

“Pioneer had their new Toraiz Squid sequencer at SuperBooth 2019. It is a powerful sequencer with 16 tracks and features that let you easily make complex sequences and edit them on the fly. As well as midi it has CV outputs and analog clock as well as din sync.

Squid available here:…”

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Schrittmacher Peak

Published on May 20, 2019 verstaerker

“Manikin Schrittmacher sequencer plays the Novation Peak , the sequences gets more complex while i’m adding add, gate and velocity-modulation”

Follow-up to Schrittmacher Polivoks.Pro.

DAWless House Jam (OP-1, Circuit, RC-202)

Published on May 20, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

“An improvised, old-school-ish house jam with the Novation Circuit, OP-1, and RC-202 loop station.
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Published on May 19, 2019 RazR

“Just a little slow and mumbling tutorial – sorry for that, I’m a bit sick… I promise to have more energy and to be more concrete and precise in next video… in case you’d want another 😉

As always – Novation Circuit ftw!… (for those who may not now)
But in fact – this tutorial can be applyied to almost any substractive

The Perfect Live Setup // Dawless Studio Rig

Published on May 19, 2019
This is my new favorite live performance setup, fully dawless, easy to make house music and anything really. All you need is a synth, sampler, and drum machine. Thats it!

Elektron Octatrack, Moog Sirin, and Novation Circuit.

Beats and Bytes // Launchkey for FL Studio // 16 May 2019 4PM PST

Published on May 17, 2019 NovationTV

“Take control of your productions as we show you how to get the Novation Launchkey setup with FL Studio and show you some tips along the way.”

Zodiac Soundpack for Launchpad

Zodiac Soundpack for Launchpad from Ampify on Vimeo.

“Zodiac portrays an endless horizon of deep, emotive melodies and hypnotic arrangements.”

Bass Station 2 – AFX MODE (Aphex Twin) + Korg ER MK 2

Published on May 16, 2019 Synth Mike

– Synth Mike – Warsaw – Poland –
Bass Station 2 in Aphex Mode

Bass: Bass Station 2
Drums: Korg Electribe R MK II (ER MK2)
Interface: iK iRig Pro Duo
Camera: iPhone Xr

Novation Supernova 44 Voice ASM Synthesizer SN 005215 w. 3D Skull Sticker

via this auction

“Note there is a small skull attached to the front faceplate.. done during a time of personal late 90’s edginess… you may remove this skull to reflect your personal level of edginess, but there may by markings/damage due to it being glued on pretty tightly..”

Bass Station 2 Additional Functions (the Sub 37 can’t do!)

Published on May 14, 2019 Starsky Carr

“A little addition to my Bass Station 2 vs Sub 37 video, essentially revisiting some of the content I deleted in the final edit, because I ended up demoing the new functions of the BSII, taking the focus from the comparison. It did, however, leave the BSII a little unloved in the end as pointed out by Dark Sky Synth 🙂

So to rebalance the discussion a