Beat Diary 012: Traditional Synthesiser Sounds with Novation Peak and DSI Tempest

Published on Aug 8, 2019 Solaires

“Felt like doing some traditional knob twiddling with a nice arp on a nice synth, with a little beat on the Tempest for good measure.
Peak’s reverb is pretty ridiculous hey.”

Novation Supernova 2 ProX – Platinum Edition – Live sounds in a track

Published on Aug 8, 2019 waterdropmusic

“All sounds except drums come from the Supernova 2. I sequenced a couple of the 8 parts along with the drums in Cubase 10.”

Raptor – Bass House jam (Novation Circuit)

Published on Aug 5, 2019 Gabe Miller Music

“A tech house/bass house jam on the Novation Circuit. And also dinosaurs.”

MODX Jam with Launchpad Pro

Published on Aug 5, 2019 thebrackett

“Using Launchpad Pro in standalone mode as a controller for one of the voices in this MODX patch.”

Looping Synth Jam With The Novation Summit Synthesizer

Synthesist Chris Calcutt (-CALC-) performs with the new Novation Summit synthesizer and a looping pedal.… Read More Looping Synth Jam With The Novation Summit Synthesizer

Bonus Video #4 – Summer Inspired (Novation Circuit)

Published on Aug 4, 2019 asogaut

“For the hardware jam challenge this weekend. It does not really sound like summer but for some reason this is something that reminds me of summer, not sure why.


(I gotta start using some of my other gear -_-)”


Published on Aug 4, 2019 -CALC-

“Summit can sound creamy if you want it to……

I took a punt on a super cheap and incredibly small looper pedal.
It only cost £39 so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

Looping with Summit is fun… I was aiming for a more chilled, less harsh sound ;o).
The Summit is recording into the Donner Tiny Looper from an Aux on the mixing desk and the Compact A Phaser

Novation Ultranova – Modulation One

Published on Aug 4, 2019 Neuronium spectacular

“A short Sound Demo of Novation Ultranova.

I almost sold my Novation Ultranova. But this synth is too good. It’s so easy to build nice sounds using the great Modulation Matrix. You simply don’t must think about normal and mainstream Soundediting, away frome the damn analog thing. Start a new patch at scratch. Leave the usual paths.”

Novation // Tips – SL MkIII & Ableton Sync Tutorial

Published on Aug 2, 2019 NovationTV

“In this video, Enrique covers how to sync Ableton to the SL MkIII. Showing you how to take full advantage of your SL MkIII’s internal sequencer and all its features and apply them to your plug-ins or internal Ableton sounds.”

For more information on SL MkIII visit:

Curious about mapping your Software/Hardware?

Friday Fun: Novation Summit Synth Jam

Published on Aug 2, 2019 sonicstate

“The Novation Summit Bi-Timbral Poly Synth arrived for review today and after firing it up we figured it was a good candidate for the Friday Fun – with a dual engine synth based on the Oxford Oscillators (made in FPGA) essentially its like a couple of peaks with a keyboard (there is more obvs).”