Oakley Sound systems Cota Filter -5U/MU Module 2013

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“A four pole multimode filter capable of -24dB/octave low pass, -12dB/octave low pass and +/-6dB/octave bandpass outputs simultaneously.

Similar to Roland SH-series in tone.

Here’s some filter noodling (with added reverb) I did some years ago”

You can find the demo in the listing and previously posted here.

Oakley Classic VCA 2013

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“This is a voltage controlled amplifier module inspired in part by a classic vintage design. The Oakley Classic VCA is based on the ARP4019 sub-module

Two signal inputs are provided, one DC coupled and the other AC coupled. The former allows audio and low frequency signals to be processed. While the latter has a high pass filter so that it can be only used to process

Mixed 5U/MU Modular System

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Dotcom q107 SV filter
Oakley Cota filter
Oakley SVF
STG Sea Devils filter
MOTM 480 CS-filter ( MOTM-format, comes with adapter)
Dotcom q106 Oscillator (x 4)
Oakley Classic VCA
Encore Universal Event Generator
Dotcom q125 Signal processor
Dotcom q110 Noise
Dotcom q116 Ring modulator
Dotcom q117 Sample & Hold
Dotcom q104 Midi Interface ( older

Travel Test

Published on Sep 23, 2019 John L Rice

Audio Gear Used –
Dove Audio: WTF VCO
Moon Modular: 569, 569ESB, 569EGB, 565, 565E, 502D
STG Soundlabs: Envelope
Oakley Sound: Flanger
COTK: Phase Processor
Strymon: BigSky, Timeline
Lexicon: MX400
Allen & Heath: MixWizard 20S

Sand Blind

Published on Sep 22, 2019 davidryle

“5U Large Format Modular Synthesizer. This self-playing piece is structured around a simple sequence from the synthesizers.com Q960 step sequencer.
It is generating a seven step “circle of fifths”.
There are three VCO’s – Synthetic Sound Labs Double-DekaUltrasonic VCO, an SSL VCO through a 5-Pulser and a trio of Mos Lab 901’s and 904-B filter.
The DDVCO is

MU – Dark Dream

Published on Aug 17, 2019 Precarious333 Music

“Stressful dream. Dark presence. Infinite dimly lit corridors. What does it mean?

Recorded as 4 tracks into Ableton Live 8. EQ, compression, panning and effects added in post.

Patch Notes:

BASS – Q106A saw wave and Corsynth C104 soft clipped saw sequenced by SymplSEQ 1 into Q105 low pass modulated by C106 channel B and AD ENV. C104 starts out

Oakley Sound Systems Goes Eurorack

Oakley Sound has been known for their larger 5U/MU DIY projects. It looks like they are now entering eurorack.

“PCBs are available right now. Documentation is already available but I’ll be adding more details on the construction side of things to the Builder’s Guides over the next week or so.

I hope to port most of my 5U modules into Eurorack over the next year or two. As well as some newer

Oakley ASV twins

Published on Mar 24, 2019 Andrew Scheidler

“Noodling around with two ASV from Oakley. There are no effects at all, just the two units in drone mode. These have a VCF just like the Oberheim SEM; the rest is similar to the SEM but with expanded modulation possibilities.”


Oakley ASV twins + Fat Sequencer

Published on Mar 24, 2019 Andrew Scheidler

“More Oakley ASV noodling, this time

Anthem for Theremin and Synthesizers

Published on Feb 9, 2019 MrFirechild

“Here is a piece performed on Theremin and Synthesizers. The Theremin was invented by the russian genius Léon Theremin 1919(!). It is an instrument you play without touching it! Additional instruments include ELKA Synthex, Oberheim OB-Xa, The Schmidt and more. The piece is called Anthem for Theremin and Synthesizers, composed and produced by www.firechild.se

Firechild – Mr M

Published on Jan 17, 2019 MrFirechild

“Using a lot of analog goodies, trying to capture the vibe from the early days of synthesizer popmusic. Roland Jupiter-8, Minimoog Vintage, Club of the knobs, Mos-lab, Oakley modular. FIlterbanks, BBD Chorus, Flanger and Phasers. Enjoy. Produced by www.firechild.se” And a Sequential OB-6.