Rosen Sound Synth Demos & Restorations

Published on Jul 28, 2018 Rosen Sound

This one in via Soviet Space Child.

1. Oberheim OB-X – Rosen Sound Demo
The OBX was the first major “answer” to the Prophet 5 synthesizer, and at least in our opinion, was the best answer anyone could’ve given.

The OB-X is based on the basic design of the (S)ynthesizer (E)xpander (M)odule also from Oberheim. Like the

Vintage/Classic Soundset Volume 2 for the OB-6

Published on Oct 15, 2018 Luke Neptune

“Luke Neptune’s Vintage/Classic soundset Volume 2 for the DSI/Oberheim OB-6
To purchase these sounds visit

Once purchased you will receive step by step instructions on how to get the sounds into your OB-6.”

SundaySynth #18 : Sequential OB-6 Arpeggiator

Published on Oct 13, 2018 Khoral Central

“Some more OB-6 arpeggiator test, using the DSI Tempest as a controller, on a Tempest/Digitakt beat.
Shot with Fuji X-Pro2, Lensbaby Trio 28 lens.”

Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 SN 00124

via this auction

“The OB-6 sound engine is inspired by Tom Oberheim’s original SEM, the core of his acclaimed 4-voice and 8- voice synthesizers. It features two discrete voltage-controlled oscillators (plus sub-oscillator) per voice with continuously variable waveshapes (sawtooth and variable-width pulse, plus a triangle wave on oscillator 2). The classic Oberheim-inspired 2-pole,

OBERHEIM Four Voice / 4 Voice SEM – Analog Synthesizer 【SYNTH DEMO】

Published on Oct 11, 2018 synth4ever

“Oberheim Four Voice analog synthesizer demo. Playing sample & hold sounds on vintage Four Voice / 4 Voice SEM analog synth from Oberheim.

The Oberheim Four Voice a 4-voice SEM polyphonic analog synthesizer from Oberheim which was released in the mid to late 1970s. The Oberheim Four Voice was Oberheim’s largest synth at the time, and features discrete

Oberheim OB-Mx Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

“Oberheim OB-Mx Analog synthesizer module Working Properly”

No mention of how many voice boards are installed.

Oberheim Etude #12: "Rapture"

Published on Oct 2, 2018 Kris Lennox

“(Rapture @ c. 2:19) I thought I’d upload the final work from my set of Oberheim Etudes, a piece which brings the set to a very calm conclusion. I’m considering giving a performance of the set: important to me when writing music for live performance is the mood the audience leaves with. I essentially retired from public performance in 2011 (these days I

(OB6) "Pendulum" Etude

Published on Sep 28, 2018 Kris Lennox

“Difficult work, on a number of levels. I believe the score for this work is being published soon. If so, I’ll also make sure the patch is available for anyone who purchases the sheet music. The title of this work refers to a number of features: electronic musicians will likely know the term ‘pendulum’ as a way of describing arpeggiator sequences (i.e. ‘

FVS 1 3 SEMs Audio 1

Published on Sep 28, 2018 Randy Piscione

“At the end of June 2018, after 40 years of waiting, I bought an Oberheim Four Voice. It was, to put it gently, in need of some work. This is the first time I have been able to hear 3 of the 4 SEMs sounding together. It’s 3 1/2 minutes long of some sound and a slideshow of what I found when I got it home. SEM #2 is in Florida (on vacation?) with John

David Baron Builds an All Analog Track for KEYBOARD

Published on Sep 25, 2018 KeyboardMagazine

“In this KEYBOARD exclusive, keyboardist, songwriter and producer David Baron (Lenny Kravitz, Jade Bird, The Lumineers) builds an all analog track.”

Hardware: Oberheim SEM, KORG MS20, & Serge modular.