Oberheim Synthesizer Factory Catalog Including the OB-Mx

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OB-Mx Two Voice Card
Matrix 1000

Oberheim OB-Xa with Encore MIDI

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“OB-Xa professionally restored and improved with the best MIDI retrofit from Encore Electronics the OBXa-MK

– Comes with all the original factory patches (no tape backup needed)
– 8 Voice version
– 120 Programs
– Auto tune works and tunes all 8 voices
– No battery needed
– New springs and bushings for the keyboard have been installed
– Rebuilt power board and rear power rails

Oberheim OB-Xa w/Heavy Duty Flightcase SN 813330

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“I’m selling my beloved OB-Xa synth, it’s been relatively recently serviced 2018 by Simon Flynn in London. He is a vintage synth restoration guru who has restored the Thompson Twins OB-Xa amongst many others. Simon re capped the power supply and recalibrated all 8 voices. It comes with a very heavy duty Clydesdale flight case. It’s in top condition and will be missed.”

Save 50% on UVI’s OB Legacy synthesizer instrument collection

UVI OB Legacy XP 12

UVI has launched a sale on the OB Legacy vintage synthesizer instrument suite, offering a 50% discount for a few days only. OB Legacy includes sample-based 6 instruments that explore the sounds of legendary American designer Tom Oberheim, with over 1,400 presets that deliver the analog sounds of real hardware. One of the most prolific […]

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Oberheim FVS-1 Four Voice Synthesizer 1976 SN 0103

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“This is a great example of a four voice. This unit was restored recently, with rebuilt power supply and decoupling caps replaced on all boards, pots cleaned, keyboard bushings replaced and entire keybed cleaned and polished out, and oscillator tracking calibrated.

It plays and sounds incredible. Only issues are that the master volume pot is a little scratchy (only when

Synth Stuff Ep. 60 – Oberheim OB-8

Published on Sep 15, 2019 tritonrecordings

“My favorite analog polyphonic synth ever. Oberheim synths just have a distinctive sound about them compared to other big analog synths…there’s something very synthwave/retrowave about them. And just look at it! Nothing but a slight bit of reverb is added to the sound here. Happy 60th Episode of Synth Stuff.”

Marion MSR-2 Analog Synthesizer

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“legendary and rare sound module Marion MSR-2. This device was designed by Tom Oberheim, and produced in very small amount, like ~100 pcs only. Boasts for well known and easy detecting sound of Oberheim devices, offer 8 voices, SEM filters, direct inputs into filter, other beloved sweet things. If you looking onto this module, you know what is it, but

Oberheim Two Voice TVS-1 1975 SN 0178

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“Oberheim Two Voice is smaller than its big brothers 8 voice and 4 voice in terms of the size and polyphony yet most popular because of killer mini sequencer. This was perfectly working last time I play in about year ago. But I’ve noticed this machine needing to put in service now.”

ExperimentalSynth Quick Take :: Moog Voyager & Oberheim SEM

Published on Sep 13, 2019 experimentalsynth

“I stacked (pun partially intended) a Moog Voyager and Oberheim SEM. The result was a glorious wall of sound that I was eager to share, so I put together this quick video. No audio post-processing and just a bit of Line 6 Echo Pro to sweeten the space. A closer look coming soon, but enjoy this for now. Learn more at experimental synth.com”