Silent Strike – Oscilloscope Play

Silent Strike

1. Synthstring
2. Jellyfish
3. Butterfly

Introduction to Oscilloscopes used with Modular Synths – w/ Bernhard Rasinger (live from PIFcamp)

Bastl Instruments

“In this workshop we are going to focus on basics of visualising waveforms and signals with an oscilloscope and why that is amazing for modular synthesis.

Bernhard Rasinger is know for his modular laser performances as BRLaser or collaborations project Tearing Light From Sound or Laser Bros. In his artistic practice he creates immersitve synaesthetic experiences of

Arturia Microbrute, What’s Really Going On.


“This video has a close look at the Microbrute oscillator examining the powerful combinations this synth offers.

In my first video about the Microbrute I had an issue where the mixer was distorting the waveform, which gave me false results. In this one I’ve corrected that issue and gone deeper into sound generation.”

SOUND DESIGN AND MUSIC CHALLENGE! – Chop Shop 1219 Mix – itijik Pro Club

Published on Jan 6, 2020 itijik

“The itijik Pro Club has a monthly challenge called the Chop Shop. Our samples and audio are added into a limited pool, then everyone has one month to strictly use these samples to create their “Chops”. On the first of each month we submit them for the club to hear and give feedback. Each month I post the resulting mix video of the fresh music we’re making. Like

emw multiwave digital oscillator part I – wave analysis

Published on Dec 28, 2019 impurfekt

“please support the channel:

the multiwave digital oscillator from emw has 40 main oscillator waveforms and 8 sub-oscillator waveforms. it uses a multi-algorithm structure to produce dynamic waveforms (as seen via the oscilloscope). synthesis methods available are: wavetable modulation, fm, wave distortion, formant shifting,

New Mini Roland System 700 LAB Eurorack Clone by OMNiSYN

[000] OMNiSYN System 700 LAB Demo Published on Dec 21, 2019

“Clone of the Roland System 700 LAB”

This one was sent in by John L Rice.

OMNiSYN is a new maker as well. No additional info at the moment. It does look appear to be 3U eurorack of course.

You can spot three 702F oscillator modules on the far left for each row. A 703M Filter on the top and bottom rows, 705B dual ADSR envelop in

Inspiring Floating Keys and Old Beat! – itijik ALWAYS INSPIRED 002

Published on Dec 15, 2019 itijik

“Nothing better than being inspired by your past self. Poking around my ancient XP laptop running Ableton Live 7 and I found this nice “floating keys” jam. It’s totally rough, but I love it so much I’m just letting it play out. Feeling it.

If you’re a Pro Club member download the stems for the floating keys improvisation section here:

Oscope Radiator

Published on Nov 26, 2019 Neon Captain

“In the early stages of development on the Radiator Laser Synthesizer, we used oscilloscopes for visualization.

Here is some very very early test footage from our V1 prototype that I thought would be fun to share.”