Fugue Machine and OB-6

Published on Jun 16, 2019 Arnaud Music.

“Ob-6 sequenced by Fugue Machine with Iphone more reverb with Oto Bam”

Tulip – Ambient – Digitakt / Digitone / Tape

Published on Jun 16, 2019 Jogging House

“This is the opening track to my new album ‘Lure’. It is available digitally and on vinyl here: https://seilrecords.bandcamp.com/albu…

‘Tulip’ has the simplest setup of all of the album’s tracks. With two Elektron Digitakts and a Digitone running through OTO Bim & Bam and then directly into the Revox B77 1/4” tape recorder.

Fun fact: When the camera

Monome Norns – hedge & the haze

Published on May 31, 2019 Jae Ryan

“I was noodling around with MLR tonight using a sequence I recorded with poly-earthsea on Norns as the mangling material. The whole jam is just that one sample being MLR’d to death. I need to start trying MLR with multiple sources to get the full experience eventually.

A field recording of my street is playing from my phone into Norns but it slowly gets lost

Vermona perfourmer, Yamaha montage, Eurorack

Published on May 5, 2019 Arnaud Music.

Vermona Perfourmer mkii
Yamaha montage
Système eurorack
Oto Bam
Eventide blackole

Monome Norns – "Your Day"

Published on Apr 17, 2019 Jae Ryan

“I recently packed up all my gear and made a little focused set up. Its just my Model D, Norns/Grid/Nanokontrol 2 & a few choice pedals. This is the result of my first noodle from the setup!

Model D goes into an El Capistan in mono which goes into the Norns in mono. This is so I can have some lo fi effects or delay on the samples or tapes I record. Norns goes

between seasons

between seasons from ioflow on Vimeo.

“ambient improvisation for monome norns, ipad pro, oto bim, oto bam. semigenerative melodies and percussion patterns. weather shifts. clear skies. warm days and cool nights.

melodies, pads, and bass: five instances of audio damage phosphor 2. the main pad sound is also playing from mlr on norns; three copies running at various speeds and directions, with

Ambiant Vermona Perfourmer and Oto Bam

Published on Mar 10, 2019 Arnaud Music.

“Ambiant with Vermona Perfourmer MkII and Oto Bam …”

Vermona Perfourmer MkII Pad and Oto Bam

Published on Feb 24, 2019 Arnaud Music.

“Vermona Perfourmer MkII Pad and Oto Bam”

One Step Ahead // Novation Peak Elektron Digitone OTO & Strymon

Published on Feb 2, 2019 Lost For Words

In order of appearance :
Novation Peak
Elektron Digitone x 2 tracks simultaneously
Roland TR-8S (707 emulation)
Hardware FX from :
OTO Machines BIM (delay), BAM (reverb) & BOUM (compressiojn/drive) and Strymon Deco (Tape saturation effects)
Toraverb software reverb on the percussion track.

DigiLog Microne + Roland TR-808 + TB-303 + OTO BAM

Published on Jan 12, 2019 Masaki Takada

“DigiLog Microne is a 3-voice polyphonic digital synthesizer with fat sound like Juno-106.
With a polyphonic sequencer that can input up to 128 steps, you can play a beautiful melody even by itself.
Furthermore, it has a gatetrig input , and it can do live performance wider by combining with a drum machine etc.
I played with TR-808, TB-303 this time.”