Blood 2 – Novation Summit as a Looper Improvisation using a Jogging House fine fine preset

Published on Dec 22, 2019 -CALC-

“Jogging House has made some of the best sounding presets I’ve heard recently for the Novation Peak. Here is one of those patches loaded onto Summit.

This one uses the delay set to infinite feedback as a looper. The Animate switch then kills the feedback control to remove parts of the loop. It has to be one of the cleverest patches I’ve seen on the instrument.

Ciat Lonbarde Plumbutter 2 – 01

Published on Dec 17, 2019 Jae Ryan

“Just got my Plumbutter in today. Unfortunately I leave for 10 days of work in the morning but here’s a little jam that came out of my first few minutes with it, straight into an OTO BAM!

I didn’t record the actual recording of the patch as I was too in the zone but I figured the Plumbutter is gorgeous enough to look at for 6 or so minutes :D”

DSI Prophet Rev 2 & OTO Machines BIM

Published on Dec 14, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist

The Art Of Production: Surgeon’s Techno Live Setup

Published on Oct 29, 2019 Resident Advisor

LepLoop, Octatrack, and OTO Boum.

The Art Of Production: Surgeon’s abstract live setup

Published on Oct 29, 2019 Resident Advisor

SOMA Lyra-8, Roland SH-01A, OTO BIM, and EHX looper.

Phase 2019.1 Novation Summit Polysynth with Oto Bam Reverb

Published on Oct 26, 2019 -CALC-

“I improvised this piece a couple of years ago whilst jamming with the Preen FM2 through the Schulte Compact A Phaser clone I built (hence the name Phase) I’ve always wanted to make a video of it with Summit so I relearned arrangement last night and here it is.

I tried to get this Summit patch as close as I could to the original Preen sound. This is not too

DSI Pro 2 OTO Machines BIM

Published on Oct 10, 2019 3rdStoreyChemist