Live In The Garden

Live In The Garden from VGU39 on Macbeth “Elements Synthetizer” – Eventide “H9” © 2020 VGU39

Smokey Quartz – Plant Music 17

Smokey Quartz

“In this plant music video a snake plant plays two pianos, a mellotron and farfisa. The MIDI data coming from the Sprout is being sculpted by various Ableton and Max4Live MIDI effects. Enjoy!”

Dune Expectral – Brazilian Synth Tracks Featuring VBrazil Systems, RECO-SYNTH Pogona 3, Novation Peak & the Moog Grandmother

Dune Expectral

Note this the first post to feature the RECO-SYNTH Pogona 3.


1. Sunset Synthesizer – Eurorack and Moog Grandmother Brazilian Jams
Be welcome! I am very happy to have you here.

This is a challenge, I am looking for new timbres with my synthesizers, but I decided to look for them in different places, in this case it was a wonderful sunset in the city of Sorriso, Mato

The Wild Vol. 1: Live Buchla Album

Johnny Woods

“If you’ve been enjoying my live Buchla videos, I now have high quality, mastered versions of the tracks up on Bandcamp- pay what you wish or nothing at all:”

Johnny Woods | Live Buchla Modular Performance for CMSF

Johnny Woods

“An improvised live performance for the Colorado Modular Synth Festival on July 11th, 2020. Buchla 200e, Lexicon PCM-80, and RE-501 Tape Echo.”

Solar Powered Synths – THEY’RE HOT AF!!! (literally)

Noir Et Blanc Vie

“I’d like to say that both the Zoia and Subharmonicon performed great in 104 degree weather, I was surprised myself. Obviously I’d have the solar panel in the sun and I’d be in the shade if I were acually going to do this, but I needed even lighting.

I’m not an expert on solar, or renewable energy, BUT, what I wanted to do was take a road-trip, enjoy synths I wouldn’t

Buchla Performances by Johnny Woods


Breezeway | Buchla Analog Modular Performance
Maze of Time | Buchla Analog Modular Performance
After Dawn | Buchla Analog Modular Performance
After Dawn | Buchla Analog Modular Performance

Sinevibes Groove – Field Testing


“Groove is a multitimbral bass and drum machine plugin for KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1. Designed and developed by Sinevibes.”

Sinevibes Groove

Sampling from MG2 to Ensoniq EPS Classic – Just Regular Life

The Daydream Sound

Also see The Daydream Sounds’ What You Need To Know About 8 Bit Samplers

“Sampling outdoor sound design with the Microgranny2 sampler & Ensoniq EPS Classic. A casual day in the life outside of the recording studio. Just got an #Ensoniq ASR-10 and don’t know where to start? Learn everything you need to know to get up and running with the Ensoniq ASR-10 Beginners Manual.

iPad Piano Arpeggio In The Wild

Perplex On

“Some improvised arpeggios on a windy day. #Launchpadmini sequencing #ravenscroft275 piano and #noiseapp. #RozetaArpeggio is used as midi sequencer while #Mozaicapp infuses some randomness on midi velocity and timing.”