Perfect Circuit Chat w/ Ricky Tinez Hosted By BboyTech and Trovarsi 7/16/20 6-7PM [PDT]

Perfect Circuit

Opening performance with the Roland SP-404SX.

Novation Launchkey MK3 Livestream Demonstration

Perfect Circuit

“Enrique Martinez from Novation will be doing a live demonstration with the new Launchkey MK3 midi controller at 6PM PDT on 7/9/2020. Watch live for a chance to win a Launchkey 37 and a Circuit (contest only open to US residents) and to ask questions in the chat. Enrique will be showing how to use the Launchkey with hardware synths and how to use it in combination with a

Perfect Circuit Chat w/ Danjel from Intellijel Hosted By BboyTech and Trovarsi

Perfect Circuit

“Danjel from Intellijel will be joining us live on Perfect Circuit Chat on Thursday July 2nd at 6PM PST. Danjel will be playing a short live set and then talking with our hosts BBoyTech & Trovarsi about all things modular and Intellijel! Intellijel makes great modular cases with handy 1U rows and a lot of great modules from thru zero FM oscillators to powerful function

Perfect Circuit Chat with Walker Farrell of Make Noise Hosted By BboyTech and Trovarsi

Perfect Circuit

“Join us live Thursday June 18th at 6PM for a Perfect Circuit Chat with Walker Farrell of Make Noise! If you have watched many videos on the Make Noise YouTube channel you have probably gotten some helpful patching advice from Walker. He will be playing some music for us and we will chat about Make Noise and making noises with modular synthesizers. Our hosts are BBoyTech &

Eurorack, Line Level, Effects, Mixers – Connecting Everything Livestream Tutorial

Perfect Circuit

“We had to postpone this stream last week, but will be live Thursday 6/11/20 at 6PM PST, we will be going over how to connect eurorack and line level gear and the difference in their signal levels. Being able to go back and forth between signal levels gives you more options when it comes to effects routing and mixing. If you want to use a guitar effect pedal with your modular,

Perfect Circuit Chat w/ Schlappi Engineering Hosted by BboyTech and Trovarsi 5/28/20 6-7PM PST

Published on May 28, 2020 Perfect Circuit

“Eric Schlappi of Schlappi Engineering will be joining us live on Thursday 5/28/20 at 6PM PST for Perfect Circuit Chat with our hosts BBoyTech & Trovarsi. Schlappi Engineering makes modules that let you create, transform, and distort your sounds in new and unique ways. Eric will play a short live jam and then talk to us about his music and his modules,

Guitar + Eurorack: Processing & Control Livestream Tutorial 5/26/20 6-7PM PST

Published on May 26, 2020 Perfect Circuit

“In this tutorial we will explore ways in which the two worlds can interact with each other. We will take a look at some of the ways a guitar (or another instrument of your choice) can be processed through a modular synth, as well as how it can be used for controlling synthesizer parameters and triggering musical events.

Eurorack modules available here

Perfect Circuit Chat w/ Noise Engineering Hosted by BboyTech and Trovarsi 5/21/20 6-7PM PST

Published on May 21, 2020 Perfect Circuit

“Noise Engineering will be streaming live with us Thursday May 21st at 6PM PST. The entire Noise Engineering crew will be joining us for a Perfect Circuit Chat! Noise Engineering is Stephen McCaul, Kris Kaiser, Markus Cancilla and Ankoor Apte. Stephen and Markus will also play some music live on the stream!

Join the live chat with your questions for

Perfect Circuit Chat w/ Chase Bliss Hosted by BboyTech and Trovarsi 5/14/20 6-7PM PST

Published on May 14, 2020 Perfect Circuit

“Tyler Devonald and Zack Warpinski from Chase Bliss will be joining us live on May 14th from 6-7PM PST to chat about the Chase Bliss Blooper and Mood pedals. These two pedals take looping and delaying sounds to another level and they work just as well on synths as they do on guitars. This live Perfect Circuit Chat is hosted by BBoyTech & Trovarsi.

Perfect Circuit Chat w/ Alissa & Moises from Teenage Engineering Hosted By BboyTech and Trovarsi

Published on May 7, 2020 Perfect Circuit

“Alissa DeRubeis from Teenage Engineering (and the Synth Library) and Moises Horta Valenzuela, a Mentor from the Teenage Engineering Electronic Music School ( join us live for a Perfect Circuit Chat. Teenage Engineering always has interesting instruments, and now they also have a school to help you learn how to make