BoBeats: 7 Synths Never Reviewed and Why


Starts with the Roland Jupiter-Xm.

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Hyperkube @ Synthstream-Downstream June 27th, 2020


“Download the audio and video at:…

The friendly people at Synthstream asked me to be part of their first ambient-downtempo synth streaming event. The piece starts of slow and spacey and develops into a more Berlin-School oriented sequencer part.

Instead of using the Cirklon I used the Polyend SEQ for most of the sequencing duties this time,

Sound Design with Polyend Dreadbox Medusa (Ep.6) – Making Drums (+ MIDI Sync with Polyend Tracker)

Miltos Schimatariotis

“This episode is my take on making Drum sounds with the Medusa. I am demonstrating a workflow that may help you build a basic kit quite fast and I also describe how to use the sequencer with them. Since the Medusa is not a dedicated drum synth the sounds that we can achieve aren’t like the usual 808, 909, etc sounds but I think we are able to have some drums and percussion

"A Beautiful Day" – Polyend Tracker / Roland MC-101 song


“Outdoor Jam played and recorded in real time.
A lot of good vibes in the country.

Audio was recorded using a Roland R05 pocket recorder.
Video was captured with a Canon M6 mkII (22mm 2.0 lens).”

Using the Tracker for Midi Sequencing // Well that was confusing…

Ricky Tinez

Odd regarding the USB cables.

“First time trying to utilize the midi out on the polyend tracker. I wish i would have explored more to see if it had a some midi effects but maybe next time!

Overall, utilizing a Tracker sequencer to sequence an analog synth was pretty straightforward! Minus figuring out that the TRS to 5-pin adapter was the wrong standard..”

Sound Design with Polyend Dreadbox Medusa (Ep.5) – Drones & FM

Published on Jun 1, 2020 Miltos Schimatariotis

“This new episode demonstrates the sound of analog FM in the Medusa and a good way to explore these FM capabilities of the synth is by creating Drones. Since this type of evolving sounds can be created in many different ways, here I ‘m just giving you some general directions in order to find your own sound. I also demonstrate how you can alternate

Polyend Tracker: Full Release

Published on Jun 1, 2020 Red Means Recording

“*I thought it was going live today, according to Polyend, but it’s still in the “pre-order, first come first serve” stage. Here’s the official word from Polyend:

‘The preorders have started on the 18th of March. We’ve started shipping the firstly preordered units to private customers/stores/distributors with the last days of May. This is a

300+ Wavetable Pack for Novation Peak, Summit, Polyend Tracker, Samplers

Published on May 31, 2020 True Cuckoo

“Download pack in my online store at:
This pack of over 300 wavetables is made especially for Novation Peak and Summit, and the Polyend Tracker. The snippets of waves will be useful for samplers such as Digitakt, and wavetable software too. I’ve designed and sampled custom patches on the Sega Megadrive (Genesis), Nintendo 8-bit,

Polyend Tracker – Autumn Demo Project

Published on May 30, 2020 Polyend

“Polyend Tracker – Standalone Audio Workstation.⁣
Record, sequence, arrange, perform, create!⁣”

Polyend Tracker Tutorials

Published on May 29, 2020 Polyend

Polyend Tracker – Shortcuts
Polyend Tracker – Pattern Views
Polyend Tracker – Recording Audio
Polyend Tracker – Sample Editor
Polyend Tracker – Sample Loader
Polyend Tracker – Instrument Parameters & Automation
Polyend Tracker – Sample Playback
Polyend Tracker – Sample Slicer
Polyend Tracker – Beat Slicer
Polyend Tracker – Granular Synthesis