PPG wave 2.2 Wavetable Synthesizer (1982) RetroSound Soundscapes II – sound demo


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PPG wave 2.2 Synthesizer from the year 1982

The PPG Wave 2.2 is the direct successor of the Wave 2 but with 2 oscillators. Only 500 Wave 2.2 were manufactured.

The sound character is different to the later Waldorf Microwave synths and different to the Wave 2.3.

– 8 Voices
– 2 to 16 Oscillators per voice

Roland M-VS1 "Vintage Synth" (1995) CS-80, Jupiter-8, PPG, OB-X, Prophet-5 Pads & Mellotron, Solina


(c)2007-20 by RetroSound
supported by UVI: http://bit.ly/retrosound-uvi

Roland M-VS1 ‘Vintage Synth’ module (1995)

The demo shows the sound of different Vintage Synthesizers like CS-80, OB-X, Jupiter-8 PPG wave and the Mellotron, Solina…..

RetroSound synthesizer demo videos since january 2007.
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Wolgang Palm Tried To Retire, Put He Can’t Stop Innovating (Sneak Preview)

Is it time to get Wolfgang Palm out of retirement?… Read More Wolgang Palm Tried To Retire, Put He Can’t Stop Innovating (Sneak Preview)

Novation Bass Station, PPG Wave 2.v & Ableton Vocoder Electro | Synth & Sundry

Synth & Sundry

“Made this track a while ago with several synth VSTs including Novation Bass Station, PPG Wave 2.V and Ableton’s built in Vocoder (which came in with version 9). I am really happy with how the synthesizer melodies came out so I went ahead and made a video for it. Let me know how you like it!

Track name: Triangulation
Artist: Synth & Sundry

For the video I used some aeronautical

New DIY Bratigel PPG wave 2.2 controller


“New BRATIGEL DIY MIDI and USB Controller for waldorf vst plugin PPG Wave 3.V
The most important controllers analog !”

Update: 1st video above is back online.  The 2nd which was basically a hover around the controller so you can see it, isn’t.  I’ll update this post again it goes up.

12 of the best 80’s PPG sounds + download

Published on Mar 2, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

“Here is a short demo showing some of the best textures you can produce with a PPG Wave [3.V].
I created every patch, still some looks really close from others.

Here’s the link to download the patches (not samples, only .fxp): https://sites.google.com/site/digital…”

"PPG & Unify" by Smark April 2020

Published on Apr 10, 2020 Smark – Markus Stadelmann

“Except the drums I used all the great VSTi plugins from Wolfgang Palm inside the new Unify from PlugInGuru where also the PPG Arptor is running, as well as in Cubase directly. Enjoy and all the best, Smark

Ausser den Drums benutzte ich die tollen VSTi Plugins von Wolfgang Palm innerhalb des Plugins Unify von PlugInGuru, indem auch der Arptor

PPG Wave 2.2

via this auction

“This is one of my most prized and cared for possessions. If we weren’t in the middle of an unprecedented financial crisis, I would prefer have this beauty buried with me. 😉 It’s the absolute king of wavetable synthesizers, the first and only of its kind if you ask me (and virtually anyone else who’s had the privilege to use one). I’ve had this particular one for the better

PPG Wave 2.2 Upgraded OS V.8.3 demo patches by Synthguru

Published on Mar 21, 2020 SYNTHGURU *

Demo patches by Synthguru

PPG’s Wolfgang Palm to Retire – Brainworx Audio GmbH to Take Over Product Line

via http://www.wolfgangpalm.com

Important announcement

Dear Customer,

after 50 years of creative work in the field of sound synthesis I decided to stop doing business. I’ve been thinking about this step for some time now, especially since I’ve turned 70 this year. Therefore, I am very happy to have found a competent company in Brainworx Audio GmbH that will take over and continue my products