Noise Engineering Introduces Synth Bundle 2 for Reason

Synth Bundle 2 for Reason: Demo Song Published on Nov 9, 2018 Noise Engineering

“Introducing Synth Bundle 2 for Reason from Noise Engineering. Synth Bundle 2 includes SIX oscillators, each with an envelope and VCA/LPG section. The parameter shaping offers immense control over the soundscapes you can create and all front-panel controls allow back-panel modulation. This patch uses only SB2 REs —

Propellerhead Introduces Umpf Retro Beats

Published on Nov 7, 2018 Propellerhead

“Umpf Retro Beats is an innovative drum machine packed with everything you need to make bangin’ old-school beats in Reason. Quickly create 80s, Retro Pop and Synthwave style beats using samples from the dopest drum machines of the 80s and 90s. Loaded with fresh sounds, legit effects and radical editing tools, Retro Beats is the illest beat creation device

Propellerhead releases Umpf Retro Beats Rack Extension for Reason

Propellerhead Umpf Retro Beats

Propellerhead Software has announced the launch of the Umpf Retro Beats Rack Extension, a new beat creation device that offers everything musicians need to make authentic old-school beats in Reason. Umpf Retro Beats is an innovative drum machine featuring retro sounds and grooves sampled from classic drum machines. Perfect for 80s, Retro Pop and Synthwave-style […]

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Propellerhead offers new Rent-to-Own option for Reason Rack Extension plugins

Propellerhead Rent-to-Own

Propellerhead Software has announced the launch of a Rent-to-Own program for select Reason Rack Extension plugins. In addition to traditional purchasing options, the new Rent-to-Own program offers an affordable, flexible way to expand your Reason Rack. For just $9.99 USD per month, you can rent top-selling Rack Extensions, with every payment going toward owning them […]

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APP JAM – Abstract Reasoning – Reason Compact Europa Figure Thor

Published on Oct 6, 2018 redskylullaby

“App Jam with Reason Compact by Propellerheads
Also using Figure by Allihoopa and Thor also by Propellerheads and the superb Funk Drummer App by LumBeat
Audio was recorded one track at a time in to WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro DAW.
Also using CME XKey Air 37 bluetooth midi keyboard.”

Reason Compact – Theodora Flygt’s "Ambient Dream" Sound Pack

Published on Oct 2, 2018 Propellerhead

“What do you get when you have a professional sound designer and composer for feature films design a Reason Compact Sound Pack? The answer comes courtesy of Theodora Flygt and if you’re the type of person who like atmospheric, dreamy, ambient textures in your music you’ll definitely want to check it out.”

Reason 10.2: “Yes, finally” to some stuff users want

Reason 10.2 is out now as a free update to Reason 10. It’s a “workflow” update – but those additions will likely be welcomed by current users.

I’ll spare you the GIFs, but the enhancements are detailed in a blog post from earlier this month:

Reason 10.2 is coming – see what’s new [Propellerhead Blog]

Basically, you get multi-lane editing (so you can finally edit multiple MIDI tracks at once, just as recently added in Ableton Live 10, also a bit overdue).

And you can adjust multiple faders at once in the mixer.

And you can snap to an adaptive grid (the grid changes with zoom level, though existing fixed grids remain).

There’s also an “Add Device” button.

The update you may be waiting for is still forthcoming. Later this year, Propellerhead promises improvements to VST integration. (It seems after years of being a holdout against plug-ins, Propellerhead did demonstrate some of what they’d previously argued – that plug-ins are tough to support and can add performance wrinkles.)

But it’s good to hear they’re working on it. Here’s what they write:

Meanwhile, work on VST performance is ongoing. The result of this work will be released as a separate free update later this year. The reason it’s a separate release is because the performance work is an extensive rewrite of the inner workings of the program and requires an expert task force.

Update news:

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Propellerhead Reason 10.2 Now Available

Reason 10.2 introduces Multi Lane Editing for MIDI, adaptive snap to grid, improved navigation, a new tutorial area, adjust multiple faders, solo and mute in the mixer and more.… Read More Propellerhead Reason 10.2 Now Available

Propellerhead’s Reason 10.2 includes multi lane editing, adaptive snap to grid functionality & more

Propellerhead Reason 10.2Propellerhead Software has announced the release of the newest update to its Reason music production software. Reason 10.2 is a free update for Reason 10 owners that introduces new features like Multi Lane Editing for MIDI, adaptive snap to grid mode, improved navigation controls and more for a faster, more streamlined flow. “Reason 10.2 represents […]

Reason Compact gets MIDI in support with version 1.1.0

Reason CompactPropellerhead Software has announced version 1.1.0 of Reason Compact, the free iOS music making app. The update comes with support for external MIDI keyboards, MIDI in from other iOS apps, and some bug fixes. Reason Compact puts an amazing-sounding powerful synthesizer right at your fingertips. Go from download to downbeat in just 10 seconds with […]