Zynaptiq announces Orange Vocoder 4 plugin

Zynpatiq Orange Vocoder 4Zynaptiq has announced that it will soon release Orange Vocoder 4, an updated version of the classic vocoder effect plugin originally created by Prosoniq. As far as plugin vocoders go, the ORANGE VOCODER is considered by many to be THE classic one. Critically acclaimed for its sound quality and sonic versatility throughout its many iterations […]

Zynaptiq acquires Prosoniq product line and technologies

Zynaptiq has announced the acquisition of Prosoniqʼs complete IP, including their current and past product line, technologies, patent rights, research data and license contracts, effective March 1st, 2014. Zynaptiq will continue to offer the current line of Prosoniq products. Founded in 1990, Prosoniq has been crucial in providing key technologies to many companies in the […]

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Prosoniq releases updated NeuronVS synth plugin

Stephan Bernsee of Prosoniq has released a refurbished Hartmann version of the NeuronVS synthesizer instrument for Mac. NeuronVS is the software version of the Neuron by Hartmann, a hardware synthesizer based on artificial neural networks used for sound synthesis. Just recently, a Facebook group came into existence that managed to attract many knowledgeable and skilled […]

Prosoniq updates TimeFactory for Mac to v2.5

Prosoniq has updated the TimeFactory time stretching and pitch shifting application for Mac to version 2.5. Prosoniq TimeFactory provides a multitude of professional time stretching and pitch shifting algorithms for sound design, rate (FPS) conversion, mastering and Karaoke applications. Prosoniq TimeFactory 2 allows changing speed and pitch of your sound files or entire songs independently […]

Zynaptiq acquires IP of discontinued products and dormant technologies from Prosoniq

Zynaptiq has announced it has acquires IP of selected Prosoniq products and technologies. Zynaptiq GmbH and Prosoniq Products Software GmbH announce they have recently struck an agreement that grants Zynaptiq the exclusive and transferrable usage, licensing, modification and intellectual property rights to various Prosoniq products and technologies that were put on hold during the transition […]

Zynaptiq announces PITCHMAP: Real-Time Polyphonic Pitch-Correction and Pitch-Mapping

Zynaptiq has announced the imminent release of PITCHMAP, the world?s first and only audio plug-in capable of polyphonic pitch-correction and pitch-mapping in real-time. PITCHMAP allows real-time correction of pitch inaccuracies within mixed signals, as well as completely altering the tonality, chords, harmonies or melodies of a musical signal on the fly, a process Zynaptiq refers […]

The DSP Dimension releases DiracFxAU pitch shifting plug-in

The DSP Dimension has announced the release of DiracFxAU, a freeware pitch shifting plug-in for Mac based on its new DiracFx API. DiracFx is a high performance pitch shifting and time stretching algorithm that allows changing pitch and speed of audio signals independently of each other at very high quality and very fast speed. Optimized […]