Super Audio Cart available as native Rack Extension for Reason

Impact Soundworks Super Audio Cart REImpact Soundworks has announced that its Super Audio Cart is now available as native Rack Extension for Propellerhead Software. The virtual instrument features nearly 6,000 samples from 8 classic video game consoles and handhelds in a slick interface built just for Reason. The most complete set of classic video game samples ever produced. Features EIGHT […]

Propellerhead releases Umpf Club Drums Rack Extension for Reason

Propellerhead Umpf Club Drums featPropellerhead Software has announced the release of a new beat creation device that offers everything musicians need to make pumping, club-ready drum tracks in Reason. The Umpf Club Drums Rack Extension is a next-level dance music beat creation device, bursting at the seams with cutting-edge sounds and techniques for the modern dance floor. Featuring everything […]

Reason’s flagship Europa synthesizer available as VST/AU plugin!

Propellerhead EuropaPropellerhead Software has announced the release of Reason’s flagship Europa synthesizer as a standalone VST/AU plugin and in web audio format. Europa is an infinitely powerful spectral wavetable synthesizer capable of creating unforgettable sounds using 30+ engine models and wavetables, 24 filter types, advanced modulation and powerful effects. The Europa plugin and web version now […]

ReSpire synth for Reason updated to v1.0.6, save $100 USD through May

Reveal Sound ReSpire 1.0.6Reveal Sound has released version 1.0.6 of ReSpire, the Rack Extension synthesizer for Propellerhead Reason. Following the recent release of the Spire 1.1.14 update, the ReSpire synth now features some of the same new features and improvements. ReSpire is a Rack Extension polyphonic synthesizer that combines powerful sound engine and flexible modulation architecture. ReSpire embodies […]

Jiggery-Pokery launches Animus Shimmerverb Ensemble for Reason

Jiggery Pokery AnimusJiggery-Pokery has released the first Rack Extension format shimmer reverb for Reason to date. The Animus Shimmerverb Ensemble is inspired by the classic 80s effect originally created by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. By pitch-shifting a long-decay reverb and applying a high feedback, you can create a shimmering pad that sits under the original signal. […]

Akai S950’s classic AD/DA convertor released in a plugin

Mathieu Demange RX950 Classic ADDA ConverterMathieu Demange has released the RX950 Classic AD/DA Converter, an effect plugin that is designed to perfectly mimic the whole AD/DA conversion process of the Akai S950 in order to give your music this vintage, warm and crunchy sound. The Akai S950, one of the most famous samplers from the 80s, is largely praised for […]

Jiggery-Pokery releases Champagne SuperNova Vintage Synthesizer for Reason

Jiggery-Pokery Champagne SuperNovaJiggery-Pokery Sound has launched Champagne SuperNova, a synthesizer Rack Extension that aims to bring the sounds of the Novachord divide-down string synth developed in the late 1930s by the Hammond Organ company. Champagne SuperNova captures some of the vintage analog charm and warmth of the Novachord, a synth that is capable of producing wonderfully strange […]

Propellerhead releases Rigs 3 series for Reason

Propellerhead Rigs 3Propellerhead Software has announced an update to its best-selling Rig Series Rack Extension and ReFill bundles for Reason 10. Rigs 3 series bundles are designed specifically to fit any style of music you make, and now you can save over 75% with these custom-curated Rack Extensions. Rigs 3 offers a huge collection of 90+ hand-picked […]

Turn2on releases SubColours Octave Diver for Reason

Turn2on Subcolours Octave DividerTurn2on has launched SubColours Octave Diver, a sub octave generator Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason. But its not just sub-octave genertor, not pitch-down shifter. Like an classical divider pedal, the tone is warm, fat, and a bit synth-like, as opposed to the crisper, more acoustically accurate transpositions of modern pitch-shift pedals. This effect unit contain […]

ES-01 Analog Synthesizer brings the sounds of Yamaha’s CS-01 to Reason

Ekssperimental Sounds ES 01Ekssperimental Sounds has launched the ES-01 Analog Synthesizer, a vintage emulation that faithfully recreates a classic analog monosynth. The ES-01 Rack Extension adds a sub oscillator, unison and polyphony to the features of Yamaha’s CS-01. While the hardware which the ES01 is based on was originally marketed as an entry-level synth, it is still a […]