MGF Audio sample packs on sale for $1 AUD + 30% OFF orders

MGF AudioMGF Audio has announced that all its sample packs and multisamples are now available for only $1 AUD each. There are over 50 packs of multisamples of vintage synthesizers, including the Roland Alpha Juno, JV-1080, Juno-106 and JX3P, Korg’s Polysix and Minilogue, and the DX11 and DX21 from Yamaha. Over 25 packs of other samples […]

Create lofi drum loops with Flintpope’s Lofi Melodic Hip Hop for Reaktor

Flintpope Lofi Melodic Hip HopFlintpope has announced the release of Lofi Melodic Hip Hop, a new sample layer player instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor. The instrument features 4 sample-loop playback units with real-time remixing capability to get interestingly varied results. It is designed to create an infinite variety of lofi drum loops with a melodic feel. Nick Dwyer aka […]

Native Instruments releases Infamous Flow Expansion by Snipe Young

NI Infamous Flow by Snipe YoungNative Instruments has introduced its latest Expansion pack Infamous Flow, featuring a collection of sounds created with Grammy Award winning producer Snipe Young. INFAMOUS FLOW captures the sound of platinum-selling hip hop and R&B from one of pop music’s golden ages. In the early 90s, hard-hitting, sample-based hip hop merged with the glossy, high-production values […]

Reaktor 6.2.2 update includes new DSP building blocks & macros + Contest launched

NI Build with Reaktor and winNative Instruments has released an update to its Reaktor modular DSP software, introducing a host of powerful new DSP building blocks and macros for builders. New features include filters (6- and 8-pole butterworth bandpass, and more), effects (such as thru-zero phaser and flanger, asymmetric overdrive, and bit and sample rate reduction), LFO features (including tempo […]

Native Instruments Global Shake Expansion offers contemporary African vibrations

NI Global Shake ExpansionNative Instruments has released Global Shake, a new Expansion that celebrates the vitality and excitement of contemporary African music. The expansion includes over 550 construction loops, 64 Battery kits and 52 Maschine kits, and synth presets for Massive, Monark and Reaktor Prism. It comes packed with bouncing rhythms and rich melodic content, featuring exclusive samples […]

Blinksonic° updates its Reaktor ensembles with open structure + Save up to 25% OFF

Blinksonic open structureBlinksonic° has announced updates to its RUIDOZ, VOZ, AETØNZ and SUBSTANZ instruments for Native Instruments Reaktor. The updates include a new open structure, some fixes and improvements, and additional sounds and banks. Want to customize BLINKSONIC instruments !? I am really happy to announce that « EDIT » mode is back on the 4 ensembles, […]

Native Instruments releases TRK-01 kick/bass instrument

Native Instruments TRK 01Native Instruments has announced the release of a powerful new Reaktor instrument that marries classic mixing techniques with innovative sound design, sequencing, and modulation. TRK-01 is designed to inspire creative and exciting kick-bass combinations, offering solid, powerful sound whilst also addressing some of the most common problems encountered when mixing kick and bass, such as […]

Mike Clarke updates Insidious 6581 SID chip emulation for Reaktor

Mike Clarke Insidious 1.2.4Mike Clarke has released version 1.2.4 of Insidious 6581, an accurate emulation of the 6581 SID chip from the Commodore 64. The update includes filter curves based Antti Lankila’s filter graphs for Standard (8580), Average SID, Follin, Galway, Strong and Extreme. The step table is now linked to the clock frequency so you can run […]

Final update on FOUR, the synth for Reaktor now $1 USD only

Flintpope FOUR updFlintpope has announced an update of its FOUR synthesizer instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor. Version 1.5 includes a step sequencer, pitch sequencer/arpeggiator, vinyl crackle effect, noise generator and 10 additional presets using these new add-ons, bringing the snapshot total to 70. A warm analog-sounding synth that uses four different types of oscillator to create rich […]

Save 30% off Spots & Cycles instruments for Reaktor & Kontakt

Spots & Cycles Deep Tech Vocal EngineADSR Sounds has announced a sale on Cycles & Spots Software, offering a 30% discount on its Kontakt and Reaktor packs until Monday May 28th. The following products are all discounted: Reaktor Cycles: NI Reaktor Instrument for musical genres ranging from Ambient to Deep Tech. This one creates rhythmical arpeggio-like sequences based on hundreds of […]