Analogue Systems RS 8000 Solid Walnut Cabinet Radiohead

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This monster synth is in 100% EXCELLENT condition. The cabinet is constructed from high-end Walnut wood, crafted exclusively by an English boatbuilder, ensuring optimal build quality. Everything is original from analogue systems in UK. The powerful power supply, provides enough electricity to power the energy-demanding

Jiggery-Pokery launches Animus Shimmerverb Ensemble for Reason

Jiggery Pokery AnimusJiggery-Pokery has released the first Rack Extension format shimmer reverb for Reason to date. The Animus Shimmerverb Ensemble is inspired by the classic 80s effect originally created by Daniel Lanois and Brian Eno. By pitch-shifting a long-decay reverb and applying a high feedback, you can create a shimmering pad that sits under the original signal. […]

Past To Future Samples bundles ’60s Drum libraries for Kontakt

Past To Future Samples 60s Drums BundlePast To Future Samples has announced the 60’s Drum Bundle, a collection of ’60s drums libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. You asked for it, here it is! Some of our best 60’s sounding drums in a cheap bundle! The bundle includes: 60’s Motown Drums Vol.1. 60’s Motown Drums Vol.2. 60’s Motown Drums Vol.3. 60’s Surf […]

Ben Burnes releases 100+ free piezo springbox samples

Ben Burnes Piezo Spring ReverbBen Burnes has released a sample pack featuring a collection of over 100 free samples recorded from a homemade piezo springbox. The box may look cheap, but I was really surprised at the wide variety of sounds that you can generate with it. This pack contains metallic clanks, boings, taps, scrapes, and other unique sounds […]

SoundSpot Creative Summer Bundle – Save 90% off plugin collection

SoundSpot NebulaPlugin Boutique has launched a sale the SoundSpot Creative Summer Bundle, offering a huge discount on a collection of 4 audio plugins by SoundSpot. In the anticipation of Summer and all its creative inspiration, SoundSpot offers a limited time Creative Summer Bundle featuring some of their most creative plugins to date. The Creative Summer Bundle […]

PSP PianoVerb2, stompDelay & stompFilter plugins over 70% OFF

PSP StompPlugins70 PluginBoutiquePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on PSP Audioware, offering a 73% discount on three of PSP’s audio effect plugins for three days only. The sale includes the following plugins: PSP PianoVerb2 is a redesigned and improved creative resonant reverb plugin based on our famous and beloved freeware plug-in PSP PianoVerb. PSP stompDelay is a […]

Lexicon 480L Random Hall & Wild Spaces IR pack released

Past To Future Reverbs Lexicon 480L Random Hall & Wild SpacesPast To Future Reverbs has launched Lexicon 480L Random Hall & Wild Spaces, a collection of impulse responses recorded on Studer A80 tape. The pack includes 38 high quality, larger than life unique impulse responses in 24-bit/96kHz Wav format. We are proud to present you the most requested and most wanted impulse responses of the […]

Audio Damage ADverb2 Now Available For iOS

AD recommends using it as an AUv3 plugin in a host that supports the format like, Beatmaker 3, AUM, Cubasis, GarageBand, etc.… Read More Audio Damage ADverb2 Now Available For iOS

Moby’s Official Reverb Shop | Reverb Artist Shops

Published on Apr 24, 2018 Reverb

“Moby’s contributions to the music world are undeniable, but there’s no stopping him. Now he’s contributing even more by unloading decades of gear, including the synths, turntables, and microphones you might expect, as well as some more unusual gear such as the bass guitar that he used in a reggae jazz fusion band (true story), and a pair of mariachi sombreros

New Third Order Ambisonics Impulse Response Reverb, Ambi Verb HD

Ambisonic recordings are designed to capture and play back audio not just in a horizontal plane, but also with up/down positioning, to create a 360° representation of sound. … Read More New Third Order Ambisonics Impulse Response Reverb, Ambi Verb HD