The last Moog Aluminum MiniMoog Voyager, serial number 100 of 100 produced

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“This is the final Aluminum Voyager produced, numbered 100 out of a limited run of 100. It is in fantastic condition…I would mark it mint save for one tiny blemish on the panel (noted in pic). Every aluminum block is as-new, the luminescent panel is as bright as the day I got it, the keys are pristine and the electronics are perfect.”

UVI releases Plate custom-shop electro-mechanical reverb plugin

UVI Plate Gold ExtendedUVI has announced the release of a new custom-shop electro-mechanical reverb with fully-configurable design. A real-time physically-modeled simulation, Plate allows you to control each aspect of the design including metal type, plate size and aspect, input and output position, multi-component decay, modulation, octave-band and lowcut filters, preamp saturation, render quality and more, It comes with […]

Save $190 USD off on Overloud REmatrix reverb plugin for one week!

Overloud REmatrix SaleOverloud has launched a sale on the REmatrix multi-layer convolution reverb plugin, offering over 50% off for a limited time only. REmatrix goes beyond the standard convolution reverbs: it allows to stack multiple IRs and change their balance in order to tweak any nuance of the space. REmatrix features five individual convolvers and an effect […]

Rare Cwejman VCO-6 Eurorack Module

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“This module is very rare and hard to come by. Cwejman has not made them in a few years and there is no telling if or when they will make them again.

Power ribbon cable included!!
The VC0-6 is a single voltage controlled oscillator and it has six individual waveforms. The frequency is controlled by manual controllers (knobs) and FM (leveled inputs). The VCO-6 can be sync-ed

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2 SN 0292

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“This keyboard just left the shop for a full checkup and everything is working beautifully. The sound of this thing is stunning…”

Elektron Monomachine SFX6 *Serviced + Upgrades*

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“This is the rare (500) keyboard version of the monomachine. This particular unit is in very nice shape with minor blemishes as pictured. Functionally it is 100% and has received the following upgrades/service:
– New Battery with holder
– Power supply rebuilt (this addresses what is getting to be a common issue with these)
– New upgraded knob kit from Elektron
– New display. A

NoiseAsh releases Vocal Finalizer effect plugin (VST/AU/AAX)

NoiseAsh Vocal FinalizerNoiseAsh has announced the release of Vocal Finalizer, a new audio plugin that aims to give you everything you need to reach a ready to mix vocal sound from a raw vocal track. Vocal is the most important element of any song. Maybe that’s why a mixing engineer / producer wastes most of the time […]

RedSound Dark Star in Box w/Vocoda Chip

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“Excellent condition, some minor signs of use, black metallic finishing (see pictures) . Cool, Rare and Discontinued. Includes:
Vocoder EPROM chip
Rare “Vocoda” overlay
Original chip puller
Original manual
Power Adapter
Original box”

2CAudio releases Precedence spatialization & positioning plugin, Breeze updated to v2.1

2CAudio Precedence2CAudio has announced the release of Precedence, a unified field theory of direct sound spatialization and positioning. Precedence produces a self-modulating stereo-image that creates an instantaneous sense of width and presence similar to stereo microphone techniques used in live acoustic spaces. It then positions this image within a virtual stage giving ultra precise left-to-right, and […]