MS-20 Mini Limited-Edition White + Deck Saver

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Arturia Microbrute Transparent RED Special Edition

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“This is a Special Editon “Microbrute ReD”, it is not like all the others Ive seen on Reverb that are just painted solid red. Mine is transparent red, you can see all of the guts inside of the synth !! Mine is in MINT condition and comes with the original power supply. I misplaced the little patch cords, if I find them I will throw them in. trust me,it does amazing things even

Zynaptiq Wormhole multi-effect plugin on sale for $89 USD!

Zynaptiq Wormhole

Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on the Wormhole multi-effect by Zynaptiq, offering 44% off on the plugin that brings otherworldly audio effects. Wormhole features 5 highly synergistic processing modules with a flexible signal path. From beautifully shimmering detuned guitar widening and glassy ambient octave-shift tails, to surreal ambiences, starship drones, alien, monster, and robot […]

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Genoqs Nemo Midi Performance Sequencer

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“It has been updated with the latest Os, CE edition.

This updates it to twofold.
The tracks, pages and concurrent pages are doubled, 4 to 8.

As it has the same innards as the bigger brother octopus.”

Blue Roland SH-101 Vintage Synthesizer SN 442927

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“The unit has some very minor cosmetic wear and scratches but overall in very clean condition. All functions are working. This unit has been serviced , cleaned and tested before listing. Please see pictures for cosmetic condition. This unit comes with adapter PGA-100 (100v-240V)”

Synthesis Technology MOTM-700 Dual VC Router

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“The MOTM 700 Dual Voltage Controlled Router is a unique module.

A pair of separate weighted switches that can route audio or voltage, and can be run parallel or in series.

It is controlled by setting a potentiometer at a value from -5 to +5 volts on the front panel, thus setting a threshold for incoming CV to throw the switch one way or the other. It can be used as 1 in 2

Music From Outer Space – MFOS – Soundlab Ultimate w/ Expanders and Voice of Saturn

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“This is a custom built modular synthesizer comprised of the MFOS Soundlab Ultimate and two identical Soundlab Expanders. The case itself was made from old bleachers from the school the builder worked at (who is one of the recommended builders on the MFOS website if you didn’t feel up to the DIY challenge). The main synth voice is normalized but can be repatched. The patch

Yamaha SY35

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“The SY-35 is an awesome sounding vector synth capable of some extremely interesting and evolving sounds. Although very rich and unique sounding, editing is focused around envelope times and preset sound generation, making this more of a musically focused synth that almost always sounds good!”