Waldorf Q+ Ruby Red

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“Studio use only. This version has the analog filters.

Comes with the memory card.

Fully functional but end-cheek was dinged
when shipped to us.

Recently had all its encoders replaced a few years ago.”

Jomox Sunsyn MK1 Desktop Synthesizer

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“Undoubtedly one of the fattest sounding synths we’ve heard, and it’s loaded with versatility. There’s a reason why Aphex Twin decided to use not just one, but two of these to produce Syro.”

Freeman Sting Symphonizer

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“Amazing sounding vintage string synthesizer. Very rare. It has 25 oscillators with organ style divider circuits to create a full and enveloping symphonic sound, especially with the Ensemble effect engaged and the internal spring reverb cranked up. Very clean inside/out and fully functional. Some of the keys need to be leveled, but they do work. No lid”

Pic of the inside below

Roland Juno-6 Analog Synthesizer

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Vermona Synthesizer

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Moog (Custom Engineering) Dual VCO + interface kit for Minimoog Model D

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“Rare Moog (Custom Engineering) Dual VCO rack mount synthesizer with a new interface kit for the vintage Minimoog Model D synthesizer (with newer OSC boards).

Each oscillator has four waveforms: sine (!), sawtooth, triangle, and rectangular pulse waveform. The octave switch range is 32′ to 2′ plus low setting approx. 5 octaves below ’32.

A very cool feature is that you can

Ensoniq Zr-76

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“Pretty clean Zr-76 a few scratches here and A little knock on the front (pictured) but nothing major and looks good for it’s age! Has the perfect piano expansion and 2 floppy’s with a few extra sounds
Everything works as it should it was service a few months ago by theSoniq himself! And is in perfect working order! And the keys feel amazing!”

Malekko Manther

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“The Manther is a super nice desktop analog synth and sequencer with lots of features and a great heavy sound. It is inspired by the Roland SH-101 but expands it quite a bit. There is a built in delay, 1/8” patch points, added triangle wave in the oscillator, and added rising or falling saw to the LFO section.

The Manther has a great compact but comfortable form factor and is

Analogue Solutions Red Square

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“The Red Square is a semi modular monophonic analog rack mount synth with 1/4” patch points. There are two heavy sounding oscillators, LPF, two envelopes, LFO, sample & hold, and some other built in utilities. There is normalling but the synth really encourages patching with things like the second oscillator and envelope being disconnected by default.

This synth is in good