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AAS Session Bundle Sale: Get 3 virtual instruments for just 39 EUR at VST Buzz

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Save 50% off AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 & Sound banks for limited time

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Air Music Technology Releases Loom II, Modular Additive Synth

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AIR Music Technology releases Loom II modular synthesizer (VST/AU/AAX)

AIR Loom 2Air Music Technology has released Loom II, the follow-up to its modular additive synthesizer for Windows and Mac. Loom II comes with various new features and improvements, including 8 voices, a spectral noise section, new modules, 500 new patches, and more. Loom II takes a unique modular approach to additive synthesis, a synthesis technique that […]

AAS Ultra Analog Session 80% OFF exclusively at Plugin Boutique

Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on Ultra Analog Session 2, offering a huge 80% discount on the synthesizer instrument by Applied Acoustics Systems for a limited time only. Few Knobs, big Sounds. The container may be small but Ultra Analog Session is a really fun to play and packs outstanding sounds. Ultra Analog […]

Applied Acoustics Systems updates Objeq Delay to v1.0.3

Applied Acoustics System Objeq DelayApplied Acoustics Systems has updated its Objeq Delay creative effect plugin that combines acoustic filtering with a clever delay unit. Since the

Save 76% off Eventide Blackhole reverb plugin

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Save 76% off Eventide UltraReverb flexible reverb effect plugin

Eventide UltraReverbPlugin Boutique is offering 76% off on UltraReverb, the flexible reverb effect plugin by Eventide that lets you create acoustically natural or

Now you can put a Buchla-style modular inside Reaktor, free

There’s nothing quite like a Buchla. The “West Coast” modular that inspired the likes of Morton Subotnick and Suzanne Ciani has an approach to signal and expression that is both uniquely experimental and uniquely musical. It’s its own animal.

So it’s about time we see that philosophy applied to the open patching of Reaktor. The Cloudlab 200t isn’t a Buchla clone – its creators are quick to issue a disclaimer there, and say this is all just for fun. But fun it is, with a lovely approach to patch design.

Trevor Gavilan produced the design, with contributions and components from a fine group of Reaktor builders and hardware advisors (Peter Dine, Jesse Voccia, Antonio Isaac, Leonardo Mendez, Maurice Gallagher, Scott Abstract Cats.)

Of course Richard Devine is all over it.

But, boys and girls, you don’t have to be Richard Devine. In fact, you don’t have to have the money for a Buchla. (Good – I don’t, even as filthy rich as of course CDM is making me. Ahem.)

Having used a 200 series as my first modular, I think this is brilliant – especially as you can tinker around in the Reaktor innards.

So have at it, free – another reason to get Reaktor 6, and maybe a slightly faster PC (hey, still more affordable than modular hardware for a lot of us!):

Cloudlab 200t

You can always spin Silver Apples of the Moon if you need some inspiration.

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