Audiomodern’s Riffer smart MIDI tool gets VST3 & AAX support

Audiomodern Riffer AAX

Audiomodern has released version 1.1.2 of Riffer, the creative MIDI sequencer that lets you generate beautiful patterns and melodies for your sounds. Riffer 1.1.2 introduces VST3 and AAX support and also brings a couple of ‘bug’ fixes aimed at improving quality. An issue with the step-selector causing crashes on some systems has been fixed. You […]

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Create motion-packed riffs, basslines & melodies with Cableguys ShaperBox

Cableguys Shaperbox design unique riffs

Looking for inspiration? Check out Cableguys’ creative approach to designing unique modulated riffs with the ShaperBox effects rack. Beginning with a single-note sample, TimeShaper transforms the sustained note into a musical riff through pitch and time modulation. Next, a “secret weapon” technique: VolumeShaper‘s LFO rate is pushed way up into the audio range, adding gritty […]

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Use your rewards to get Audiomodern Riffer for $19.99 at Audio Plugin Deals!

APD Audiomodern RifferAudio Plugin Deals has announced that Audiomodern’s new Riffer smart MIDI tool for generating random riffs is now available from the APD Shop. Audio Plugin Deals customers can use the rewards from previous purchases to get Riffer for a discounted price, up to as low as $19.99 USD. Riffer is a smart MIDI sequencer that […]

RV Samplepacks releases Designer Funk Guitars pack of guitar licks, riffs & chords

RV Samplepacks Designer Funk GuitarsRV Samplepacks has released its new sample pack Designer Funk Guitars, a definitive one-stop collection of sensational guitar licks, riffs and chords, all premeditated to bring immediate flavor, style and feeling to your Funk creations. In a wide array of formats and weighing in at over 800 MB total, Designer Funk Guitars brings you authentic […]

Save 60% off Audiomodern Random Riff Generator PRO 2 for Ableton

Audiomodern Random Riff Generator 2 60 PluginBoutiquePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on Random Riff Generator PRO 2, Audiomodern’s swiss army knife of creating melodies, sequences and musical riffs. Random Riff Generator PRO by Mario Nieto is a MIDI tool that generates sequences for you, these midi sequences/riffs can be sent to any synth, software or hardware, sampler, drum machine.. and […]