【MUSIC】YOKO ONO Voice Performance + nicolai maruhama accompaniment 2020Aug.

nicolai maruhama

“I added my accompaniment on her voice performance 2010.
You will get into Prog and Psychedelic world.
Please Enjoy thanks!
nicolai maruhama”

Orange Mini Roland "JUNIOR-106" – Custom Juno-106 Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

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“Custom Juno 106 in great condition! all voice chips work and was recently serviced!”

Roland Jupiter X Press Release VHS – Restored from Archive?

Major OSC

“A Note from the MajorOSC: This is pure satire right down to the Zen Core. But for the record, I love my Jupiter X. This video is to show appreciation to all the Roland customers who’ve kept them in business, despite the strong opinions constantly voiced from the older customers of many years. Jupiter X would not have become a reality had it not been for those of you who purchased

Unboxing a Korg Arp 2600 FS (Full Size)

Unboxing my Korg Arp 2600 FS (Full Size), Part One: Unboxing

Voices of Echo

“In this video I’ll unbox my new Korg Arp 2600 FS (Full Size) with you in real time. It took a really long time to ship, around 5 months from when I purchased it, but it finally got here! I’ve split the video into two parts: In part one I get the Korg Arp 2600 FS out of the box and walk you through my initial thoughts.

Roland JX-3P demo


“Just random stuff. Made a sequence, edited it, cut out most of it, threw in other stuff… well, it’s something.

Used Eventide Blackhole. I know synth demos are lame with FX because you can’t hear the raw sound, but I guess if you want to hear the that I’m sure someone out there made that video for you.”

Super Jupiter MKS-80 + MPG-80 Sound Demo: Sounds From Scratch


“Here’s a quick demo showing off sounds from vintage Roland MKS-80 Rev4 Super Jupiter.
I Made this video when I was selling my MKS-80 to fellow synth-lover @Machiwoomiapoo
Other than that terrible and repetitive sequence I made, I think she sounds super sweet.
TR-808 has some light back beats in there somewhere.”

Vintage Red Roland SH-101 Monophonic Analog Synthesizer w/ Grib & Case

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1975 ROLAND RS-101 – Vintage Polyphonic Analog String Machine

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“Stunning 1975 Roland RS-101 String Machine in fully serviced and restored condition.

Fully polyphonic string synth with individual VCAs and envelopes for each note.

The first of the Roland synths to feature the lush Ensemble effect (the RS-101 has 4 modulated delay lines vs the rs202’s 3 delays and the difference shows) and this stringer has the mojo in spades. It’s as

Vintage Roland TB 303 Bass Line Synthesizer SN 242600

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Depeche Mode "See You" Patch Analysis and Tutorial

Digiphex Electronics

Update: video updated to reference A Broken Frame.

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