Roland JU-06A demo

Published on Oct 13, 2019 Hunart©

“Hi everyone!

I`ve got my hands on the new JU-06A. Mainly I`ve concentrated on the Juno-60 emulation but of course the 106 side was used too.

Every sound (the drums too) comes from the JU-06A. Beside some low cut at 30Hz (heavy bass in some cases) and some limiting there`s no EQ, compression or external FX.”

Emotions-Bert Anjewierden

Published on Oct 12, 2019 Bert Anjewierden

“A synthesizer jam i made today,just play and compose while playing,leading force was the emotion i felt,….
synthesizers i have used for this music:

Lead:Elka Synthex/Moog Minimoog “D”
Pads:Roland JD-800/XP-30
Sequence:Roland Jupiter-80
Bass:Roland JX-8P(Midi from Roland JP-8000)

Composed,produced and live performed by Bert Anjewierden c2019″

Aceedpnotica Oct 11, 2019

Published on Oct 12, 2019 SynthMania

“Hypnotic Aceed with SH-101, Juno-106, TR-808. Effects and additional synth & string from Cubase”

Juno-106, SH-101 and TR-808 ditty Oct 11, 2019

Published on Oct 11, 2019 SynthMania

“No frills quick and live ditty in one take with Roland Juno-106, SH-101, and TR-808.”

Follow-up to Synthmania Midnight Jams 1 – 5

Roland JV-1080 & XV-5080 – Custom Modern Sounds

Published on Oct 8, 2019 LFOstore

“This video showing custom modern presets which our team made for this two great machines.
18-24 years old, synthesizers.

Why? Because a lot of these old synths and sound modules have cheesy dated presets, are challenging to program, and are being re-discovered by a new generation of musicians who want new sounds.

Because its a peace of classic, a history

Synthmania Midnight Jams 1 – 5

Published on Oct 27, 2013 SynthMania

1. Synthmania midnight jam 1
Synthmania midnight jam 1. Live, analog, and recorded in one take.
Bass – Roland SH-101
Drums – Roland TR-808
Synth – Roland Juno-60
Reverb – Lexicon model 200
Flanger – Eventide H3000-D/SE
2. Synthmania midnight jam 2
Roland Juno-106, SH-101, TR-909, & H-3000-D/SE3. Synthmania midnight jam 3
Third episode in my midnight jams

Roland Alpha Juno 1 and 2 Overview and Repair

Published on Oct 10, 2019 bradthx

“This is part 1 of 2 where I look at the classic Roland Alpha Juno Synths. I compare the Alpha Juno 1 to the Alpha Juno 2 and do some repairs on the Alpha Juno 1.”

Also see the Waldorf Micro Q Repair and Teardown by bradthx here.

1974 Roland SH-1000 Vintage Analog Synthesizer

via this auction

“Up for sale, a 1974 Roland SH-1000 in excellent condition and in perfect working order. Introduced in 1973, the SH-1000 was the first ever synthesizer produced by Roland, and the first compact synthesizer available to the Japanese market. Designed to complement a home organ, the SH-1000 retains organ-style features such as colored preset selector tabs and a wooden sheet music

JD73 Roland Jupiter Xm RD & XV engines all presets

Published on Oct 10, 2019 JD73’s World

“All 800+ XV presets in a quick scroll through.”

JD73 Roland Jupiter Xm videos


Published on Oct 10, 2019 LOOK MUM NO COMPUTER

Some video of the inside of the GR-500 in this one.

“Proper chuffed to finally be able to try out the #Roland GR500 #Synthesizer #guitar.

Plenty or random raw sounds i recorded on this is available on my patreon!! amongst loads of other sound packs and vlogs and much more!, thanks for the Support :-…”