Roland SH101 & Eventide Space

Published on Dec 15, 2018 3rdStoreyChemist

Oberheim Matrix 1000 and 808 vst track

Published on Dec 14, 2018 waterdropmusic

“A quick track I made with recorded sounds from the Matrix 1000 and sequenced with a 808 vst and some added

Roland System 100 complete semi-modular synth 101 + 102 + 103 + 104 + 109

via this auction

“Up for sale is a very rare complete Roland System 100 semi-modular synthesizer. The System 100 was released in 1975 and sounds amazing! The following modules are part of this system:

System 101 keyboard (serial number 572025)
System 102 expander (serial number 701801)
System 103 mixing amplifier (serial number 601030)
System 104 sequencer (serial number 621231
System 109

Roland CSQ-600 Computer Controlled Digital Sequencer SN 152325

via this auction

“Vintage Roland CSQ-600 Computer Controlled Digital Sequencer in perfect working condition. This digital sequencer is from the same era as, and was designed to work with the TR-808, CR-78 and SH-2. In fact, it shares the same chassis and form factor as the TR-808. See the video below for a CSQ-600 in action from SynthMania! [at the listing and previously posted here – click

Bird of Prey – DSI Poly Evolver, DSI Tempest, SCI Pro-One, Novation Supernova 2, Roland JD800

Published on Dec 13, 2018 Reuben Jones

“A new retro synth track with a space and 80s vibe.

Gear used:
Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver
Dave Smith Instruments Tempest
Elka Synthex
Korg MS10
Novation Supernova 2
Roland JD800
Sequential Circuits Pro~One
A solar cell

(+Sample of a screaming hawk)”

OP-Z in a Jam pt.2 [Synth Recipe #66]

Published on Dec 13, 2018 hicut cake

Hicut Cake proudly presents:
Recipe #066

– Teenage Engineering OP-Z
– Korg Monologue
– Roland Boutique TR-08
– Roland Boutique SH-01A
– Strymon Dig
– Empress Reverb

Korg DW-6000 and Roland JUNO-60

Published on Dec 13, 2018 synthlegends

“Two mid 80ies low budget 6-voice synths with chorus in a duo.

First about 6 minutes you hear mostly the DW-6000, later on the Roland Juno-60. In the end of the video I also play both synths together. Both synths are nice sounding. The very high rated Juno 60 might sound darker and a bit more warm. The DW-6000 is crisp and sounds brighter. The filter of