Hypersynth Hcard Review – Hcard 701 DX7 mk1

Published on Jun 20, 2019 madFame

“This awesome piece of gear can practically store all of your DX7 library with an astonishing 12800 patch memory capacity across 400 banks.

Get yours at http://www.hypersynth.com/products.html

Watch my quick start video for the Hcard 701 (Yamaha DX7): [posted here]
and my quick start guide for the Hcard 750 (Roland D-50): [posted here]”

Small Jam Roland Jupiter 4 – Dark Side

Published on Jun 20, 2019 PawelBlaszczak_Composer

“Here is my small jam. As always – more dark side of Jupiter 4”

Roland TR-808, JP-4, JX3P and alphaJuno Chill out

Published on Jun 20, 2019 synthlegends

“Life improvisation, the JP-4 VCF-Modifier is triggered by the TR-808. No additional effects used, but a bit reverb plug in on the alphaJuno Pad.”

Hypersynth Hcard 750 Quick Start tutorial – Roland D-50

Published on Jun 19, 2019 madFame

“This is my quick start demonstration of Hypersynth’s Hcard 750 for the Roland D-50.

The Hcard 750 adds an additional 64 BANKS to your D-50.

Get yours at www.hypersynth.com”


via this auction

Had to do a double take on this one.

From the listing: “Modified with el wire for looks, wire can be removed very easily leaving no marks on the body, if desired.”

Roland System 100m Complete System

via this auction

“Roland Studio System 100M modular synthesizer comprising two full 191J cabinets plus 181 CV Keyboard in good condition.

A rare chance to purchase this true classic Roland full modular system With six VCOs and three LFOs, this system makes a very powerful two voice system for example. Having four VCAs allows for VC controlled modulation rather than just audio duties. This

New Alemanlabs Tap Tempo LFO and M-172 Phase Shifter Eurorack Modules

Published on Jun 16, 2019 Pete Aleman

The modules are currently for sale by Alemanlabs on Reverb. Note this is the first Alemanlabs post on the site.

“This is a quick demo of two Alemanlabs modules. The two modules are the, “Tap Tempo LFO” by Electric Druid, and the other module is a clone of the 6 stage Phase Shifter from the Roland 100-M modular. Im using one of the LFO’s to modulate the

Techno Dog.

Techno Dog. pic.twitter.com/ES7kURIiE9— Plink2 (@plinketyplink2) June 12, 2019

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