Audio Assault releases Druminator drum kit plugin (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX)

Audio Assault DruminatorAudio Assault has released Druminator, a new instrument plugin that allows you to take control of your drums. Druminator features a natural sounding drum kit with all the tools needed to shape the sound the way you like. Druminator includes a full range of mixing tools & effects on every channel, to adjust the way […]

Blue Cat Audio Plug’n Script plugin updated to v3.0 – New GUI, streamlined workflow & VST plugin export

Blue Cat's Plug'n Script 3.0Blue Cat Audio has released version 3.0 of Plug’n Script, a new version of the scripting plugin that can be programmed to create custom audio and MIDI effects or virtual instruments inside most DAWs. The plugin allows you to write your own plugin with very little knowledge about programming. Initially released in 2014 to add […]

AAS Session Bundle Sale: Get 3 virtual instruments for just 39 EUR at VST Buzz

VST Buzz AAS Session Bundle SaleVST Buzz has launched a sale on the Session Bundle, offering over 50% off on the bundle of virtual instruments by Applied Acoustics Systems. The bundle includes three physically modeled instruments: Lounge Lizard Session, Strum Session and Ultra Analog Session. “The Session Bundle” is a collection of three physically modelled instruments covering Electric Piano, Acoustic […]

Applied Acoustics Systems releases Pivotal for Ultra Analog VA-2 & AAS Player plugins + 50% OFF Sale

AAS Pivotal for Ultra Analog VA 2Applied Acoustics Systems has released the Pivotal sound bank for the Ultra Analog VA-2 synthesizer and AAS Player plugins in collaboration with sound designer Daniel Stawczyk. Pivotal pours a dose of high octane tones into Ultra Analog VA-2. The library presents focused, upfront, and mood altering sounds that will prove as addictive as any good […]

Save 50% off AAS Ultra Analog VA-2 & Sound banks for limited time

Plugin Boutique AAS Ultra Analog VA 2 salePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on Ultra Analog VA-2, offering a 50% discount on the virtual analog synthesizer instrument by Applied Acoustics Systems. In a world filled with reproductions and ever increasing complexity, Ultra Analog imposes itself as a unique and powerful synth that is fast, easy, and remarkably versatile. Save 50% off Ultra […]

PSP Audioware delay plugins up to 80% off for limited time

PSP Audioware Delay SalePlugin Boutique has launched a sale on PSP Audioware, offering up to 80% off delay effect plugins for Windows and Mac. The sale includes the classic Lexicon PSP 42 digital stereo delay and phrase sampler, its bigger brother PSP 85, the PSP 608 MultiDelay, and PSP Echo and stompDelay, two more creative delays. PSP Delay […]

Flash Sale: Positive Grid BIAS FX Pro plugin 25% off this weekend

Positive Grid BIAS FX PRO salePositive Grid has launched a flash sale on BIAS FX Pro, the guitar amp and fx effect plugin for Windows and Mac. Find a whole new world of sonic possibilities with BIAS FX, the industry’s most authentic guitar environment. For this weekend only, celebrate Pedalboard Month and get BIAS FX Pro for only $149! Don’t […]

iZotope announces O8N2 mixing & mastering tools

iZotope Ozone 8 and Neutron 2iZotope has announced O8N2 with a video, showing a glimpse of the next evolution of mixing and mastering. The video seems to hint at the upcoming release of both Ozone 8 and Neutron 2. This October, experience the next evolution of mixing and mastering. Get ready for next-level plug-in communication, innovative workflows, and visual and […]

iZotope releases FREE Ozone Imager stereo imaging plugin

iZotope Ozone ImageriZotope has released Ozone Imager, a free stereo imaging effect plugin for Windows and Mac. Using Ozone’s legendary Imaging technology, the Ozone Imager plugin lets you add depth and width to mono or narrow mixes in Stereoize Mode for a fuller, wider sound. Ozone Imager features an integrated Vectorscope and Correlation Meter, which gives you […]

Save 60% off iZotope Nectar 2 Production Suite at Plugin Boutique

iZotope Nectar 2Plugin Boutique is offering a 60% discount on the Nectar 2 Production Suite by iZotope, for a limited time only. Nectar 2 features a collection of 11 tools for working with vocals in a single plugin. Flawless vocal production is just a click away. From quick corrections to limitless creativity, Nectar 2 treats your voice […]