JXL Sounds Original Pack – Available Now

Published on Feb 4, 2019

“Excited to release my very own Sounds.com by NATIVE INSTRUMENTS pack to you all!

Get it here: http://bit.ly/JXLsounds

Whether you’re assembling a new dance track or scoring the next Hollywood blockbuster, you need inspiration. I’m always looking for new ways to share my process in hopes of reaching someone who is trying to dig deeper; someone who wants to elevate

Soniccouture Sheng Khaen Sho

Published on Jan 23, 2019 Soniccouture

“A collection of virtual asian free reed instruments: chinese Sheng, Japanese Sho and Laotian Khaen”


Soniccouture Sheng Khaen Sho: Preview
Soniccouture Sheng Khaen Sho: Using Khaen

Orchestral Tools Junkie XL Brass

Uploaded on Jan 20, 2019 Orchestral Tools

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 — Following the success of its Berlin and Metropolis Ark series, German sample library developer Orchestral Tools has joined forces with leading Dutch producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Tom Holkenborg to create a brand-new brass collection, Junkie XL Brass.

Holkenborg, better known in the music business as Junkie XL

Elektron’s Model:Samples is a hands-on, $449 sound box

What if you could take the deep powers of an Elektron groove box, but bring them to the surface? And what if that box were small and cheap? That’s the first impression of the Model:Samples – and it could add up to a big hit.

Elektron has always been about giving us powerful, inventive music machines as standalone hardware. They still reign supreme in live dance music sets – certainly in Europe, if you see “live” on the bill at a club, you can expect the appearance of an Elektron machine or two as the most likely interpretation. But the price of those machines is learning your way around menus and shortcuts. Some people take to it right away, and some just don’t. And then there’s the monetary price – well into four digit sticker shock, which can be intimidating to new users.

That changed with the Digitakt and Digitone – compact boxes with more focused feature sets and more of a focus on hands-on control. And the Model:Samples goes further: one-to-one physical controls for most features, and an even lower price.

So make no mistake: the Model:Samples is probably aimed first at newcomers to the Elektron brand. (Though I can bet we’ll see Elektron lovers augment their rig with these for extra hands-on control.) Online commenters are comparing this to the used price of other Elektron machines, but that ignores the angle here: simplicity and hands-on control.

Model:Samples looks like a powerful groove-based tool with tons of immediacy. It’s also a real shot across the bow of KORG – entering the price range of the electribe sampler, but with some Swedish sequencing workflows. Spännande!

Take that, East Coast / West Coast – Elektron even reference their “ragged Swedish shoreline.” So let’s dive in like we’re taking a brisk swim in the Kattegatt!

It’s six tracks, sample playback based. (You can load your own sounds, but there’s no live sampling capability.)

Blah blah, 300 samples from Splice, yadda yadda, yes there’s a kick and snare drum and “never-before-heard alternatives.” (Uh, okay. “I’ve heard things you people wouldn’t believe. Castanets sampled from attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. A cowbell glittering in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate.” Sorry, lost my train of thought.)

But everything else is about tons of control – and that’s where this gets interesting, once you start manipulating those tracks:

Control All to manipulate multiple sounds at once, with Reload to get back where you started
Chromatic mode for melodic control
Parameter Locks – per-step automation, and even per-step sounds (depending on how much mayhem you want to make)
Six samples at once – which they’ve cleverly limited to the number of things you have in a kit
Swap multiple samples, a kit at a time
Chance parameter (which you can combine with Control All)
Per-track step length
Per-track tempo multiplier
Per-track swing
Record with or without quantization – both parameters and notes

There are other drum machines and grooveboxes out there, but this looks like a real winner in the price range, at least when it comes to rhythmic flexibility and hands-on parameter control.

There’s also a flexible architecture. You get 6 audio tracks – each of which can also be MIDI tracks, making this an effective sequencing box for gear, too. 96 projects, with 96 patterns per project.

Each of the six tracks gets its own sample engine, resonant multimode filter, and assignable LFO.
Then you can route via sends to delay and reverb.

There’s 64MB of sample memory, but you can store up to 1GB of samples, which you load over USB. Everything connects via class-compliant USB audio 2.0, and you get a dedicated headphone out and 2x balanced main outputs. MIDI is delivered via in and out/thru minijacks – now manufacturers are fast adopting that minijack standard for MIDI.

They also promise a battery pack at a later date so you can use this on the go.

W270 × D180 × H40 mm (10.63 × 7.09 × 1.58″) (including knobs and rubber feet)
Weight: approximately 0.814 kg

Price here in Europe is 460EUR, $449 USD list. I think that means we could see a US street under $400 – which is a big winner, I think. Heck, this with the Digitone as a synth could be a complete studio. And having just praised the potential of the Akai Force, that could also mean people stick to à la carte gear for playing and go back to the more flexible computer for production. It’ll be fun to shake out these different combinations, though.

But that’s beside the point. Cheap, compact, lets you mangle samples with one-to-one knobs and has flexible rhythmic options that let you make polyrhythms and get off the grid – that’s a compelling combo. Add this to the must-watch list for the year.


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The Trap…Take Your Production Further! – itijik Toy Piano Playset

Published on Jan 9, 2019 itijik

Get these loops and tools to take your production further!
Go check it out!…https://itijik.com/sound-kits/toy-pia…

“itijik Toy Piano Playset includes:

64 loops
46 one shots
25 Multisampled takes (used for the original Ableton instruments)

Bonus Samples:
2 Recording outtakes for multi sampling (long play)
2 Drones for meditation or experimenting

Prophet X und XL bekommen Sample-Support von 8DIO – endlich eigene Samples einladen!

sequential prophet XLsequential prophet XL

Der Prophet X ist schon einige Zeit auf dem Markt und wurde schon vor dem Release beworben, dass es im Dezember eine Unterstützung für eigene Samples gibt. Die ist jetzt da!

Sowohl für den Sequential Prophet XL mit mehr Tasten als auch das kleinere Model Prophet X gibt es ein neues Sample-Pack von 8DIO. Die haben auch schon den internen Vorrat der beidenSynthesizer gefüllt. Mit diesem kostenlosen Pack an Samples kommt die alles entscheidende Software dazu! Damit können die Samples sortiert und auch eigene Samples eingeladen werden und dann an den Propheten übertragen werden.

Prophet X Sampling –Samples anfassen per Knopf – endlich!

Erst das macht den Sequential Prophet X(L) zu einem Sampler mit Knöpfen, was in der Samplergeschichte das erste Mal „richtig“ gemacht wurde und nicht so halbherzig wie beim Akai S612 oder dem Exoten von Publison.

Prophet X Sampling – Rampler?

Die korrekte Bezeichnung wäre Rampler („aus dem internen Speicher-Abspieler“), denn der Prophet selbst kann noch immer nicht über Eingänge Audio aufnehmen, was aber nur der Form halber bekannt sein sollte. Synthesizer mit Sample-Support gibt es durchaus sonst auch noch. Blofeld und diverse andere bieten das auch an, jedoch können die Synthesizer meist kaum mehr als diese abspielen.

Beim Prophet kann man damit wirklich „spielen“ und performen, da man Start-/Endpunkte und Loopposition und einiges mehr per Knopf am Bedienpanel erreichen kann. Das ist die eigentliche Sensation an dem Instrument. Der andere der das kann ist der Waldorf Quantum.

Mehr Information

8 MB „schwer“ ist der Download mit eben jenen Sounds.

Er wird hier zufinden sein, auf der offiziellen Page von Sequential


BoB SwanS DSI Prophet 12 Patches 3

“My 3rd and possibly final set of Patches for the DSI Prophet 12

99+ Patches for the DSI Prophet 12 Synthesizer.
This bank includes Pads, Bass, Keys, Brass, Plucks, Arp’s, Stacks and Split Patches using Poly\Channel Aftertouch and Mod\Pitch functionality.

This pack is on sale for ONE WEEK for 12 Euro
after that it will be 16Euro

This pack will eventually be added to my


Get ALL THE SAMPLES From Mars currently priced at $39 here. This is a massive set so be sure to check it out.

“Originally priced at $1367, all the Samples From Mars is the culmination of 5 years (and tens of thousands of hours) of sampling our favorite, most inspiring (and often vintage) hardware drum machines, synthesizers, and more, through some of the best recording equipment in the world

Here’s where to find all the don’t-miss deals for Black Friday weekend

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, end of November, whatever … your inbox is likely overflowing with random sale prices. Here are a few of our favorite, in case you want to shop for yourself or others this weekend.

(Food coma, America, for instance? Winter blues, everyone in the northern bit of Earth?)

And yeah, with so much noise out there, these are the ones you might actually want to take advantage of.

The insane-est free-ish software deals deals

A reader tips us off that a whopping 46 GB of samples from Samples from Mars – 5 years of work, their entire product line – is US$39 instead of $1,367.00. In terms of percentage, that may be the steepest non-free discount I’ve seen yet. (Thanks, Davo!)

Waves have their brand-new Sibilance vocal plug-in for free with email. (Yeah, I signed up for it, actually.) Looks promising – Black Friday free plug-in.

And Waves have a bunch of other discounts and free plug-ins with purchase, meaning you can stock up for a fraction of the normal price.

Sibilance, Waves’ newest plug-in, is free this weekend.

pluginboutique has iZotope Neutron Elements for free if you sign up for their newsletter, and they’ve put all their plug-in discounts in one place. That means instead of digging through your inbox for lots of different plug-in developers, you can check everything on one page – and pricing starts at just US$1 for some of those plugs (really – check the AIR instruments and effects).

And Arturia have the entire V Collection – that’s a massive bundle of emulations of just about every instrument you can imagine – for just US$249, or even $199 if you already own something from them:


Arturia want you to spring for it and own all of this … well, virtually speaking.

Yes, gear deals

US retailer Sweetwater are all over this one. Even rarely-discounted gear like Moog is on sale (Mother-32 for $100 off?) They also have some picks of their own on their blog.

But Sweetwater’s Roland deals are especially sweet. $399 for the SE-02 analog synth is a steal, and the original TR-8 drum machine is just $299, which might beat what you can get it for used.

ProAudioStar has a load of deep discounts, too. How about a KORG Monologue for US$229? (That’s cheaper than I can get from the KORG sticker price even if I twist their arm, and it means the Minilogue I just sold will just turn me a profit. Plus they have all three colors. And it’s one of my favorite recent synths – with microtuning, too.)

They’ve also got the Beatstep Pro for $159 (that’s a no-brainer – if you don’t have it, just get it), and Behringer Model D and Neutron for $225 (plus the DeepMind 6 for $369.99):


Going back in time a bit with KORG, Kraft have the beloved original microKORG for US$254.99.

And Sam Ash has the brand new IK Multimedia Uno synth for $150.

More favorite tools on sale

We just covered Tracktion making their engine open source; well, their full range of software is on sale. That includes Tracktion Waveform 9 Basic $60 (or $30 for an upgrade).

Visualists, all of Resolume’s VJ and visual tools are half off through Monday.

I already mentioned that Softtube has deep discounts on their software, including their modular platform and the superb Console 1. These Swedish developers have some of the best sounding stuff out there, so I have to give them a nod.

Speaking of excellent boutique emulation, Soundtoys has some serious 50-80% discounts on their plug-ins, including some starting for just US$30. I’ve been addicted to their EchoBoy Jr.; you can go ahead and leap for the non-junior edition, for instance.

And Universal Audio have been rolling out one new discount each day for 12 days which are … not the 12 Days of Christmas, but whatever. It seems those discounts stay to the end, so you’ll have all the deals by the last day of November if you set an alarm.

And we covered at the beginning of the month a big sale on Output’s bundle of instruments and effects.

Accusonus’ powerful mixing and production tools are on sale, as well.

Round-up of round-ups!

GearSlutz has a running discussion thread

Attack Magazine has a handful of picks

itsoundsfuture did a nice job of grabbing all the steepest software discounts.

SynthAnatomy has a beautiful, super comprehensive spreadsheet-style view with hundreds of deals. Exhaustive! (Nice, Tom!)

Get some music, too!

Indie darling Bandcamp is seeing loads of self-released producers and small labels doing their own sale. Assuming you signed up for mailing lists when you bought music – and you really should, as it helps artists – you can just search your inbox for loads of little deals. For instance, fans of techno producer Truncate, check out 60% off his whole discography!

Beatport, which has also been a home to a lot of sales for indie and underground labels (really, not just the big deep house hits) – type in CYBERSALE at checkout and unlock up to 50%. (Yeah, time to clear out my current cart there, too.)

Most unexpected Black Friday deal?

noiiz.com used the opportunity to post their jobs board. So if you need to get a job to, uh, pay for all the stuff above – give them a go.

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New Wave Presets – Analog Drums Volume 3 Elektron’s Analog Keys and Analog 4 Mk 1&2

Supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member, New Wave Presets has a new sample set out for Elektron’s Analog Keys and Analog 4 Mk 1&2.

“128 pounding synth drum sounds for the Elektron Analog Keys & Four Mk1/2 from www.newwavepresets.com. ‘Analog Drums Volume 3’ is brimming with 128 of the best analog drum sounds for your Elektron Analog Keys and Analog Four I/II. Like Analog Drums Volume 1 & 2 before it,