Analogue Vocoder Tutorial | Seekers Voice Spectra

Published on Mar 15, 2019 Alex Ball

“A quick spin through the basic principals of an analogue vocoder using a Seekers Voice Spectra.

Demonstrates some modulator / carrier combinations and also some robot voice effects.

We finish off with a short bit of music utilising the vocoder in context.

I’m planning on doing some more advanced and experimental things with it in the future as there’s a

Seekers? Rare SKY Soundlab VoiceSpectra VOCODER SN AAB003898

via this auction

OK, here’s an interesting find. If you take a look at this post from 2012, you will see the same vocoder branded Seekers. You’ll also find a demo video of it.

A funny side note: Some of you that followed the site early on may have remembered a gentleman by the name of Elhardt. He was a bit of a prankster who would release images of new product teasers. One was the Bahn Sage