Sequential Circuits Prophet 10 w/ MIDI

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“Strangely, this came to us in all original technical condition, and actually works. Still it has and is undergoing a full restoration

Work to be/has been done:
– All tantalum capacitors replaced with high quality electrolytic and polypropylene – Power supply rebuilt
– Midi added through our own midi kit
– Both keyboards rebushed and leveled
– Full calibration
– Full cleaning

Sequential Circuits "The Right Stuff!" Brochure Ad

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“Poly sequencer, remote prophet The pro-FX Prophet 5 and 10 and pro-one Synthesizer 3 sided promo ad.

Ad measures approximately 16.5″x 11″ inches when unfolded.”

Roland Jupiter-6 | You Got Me Dreamin’

Published on Mar 13, 2019 Alex Ball

“Finally got to have some time with the one Jupiter I’ve not played properly; the Jupiter-6 from 1983.

For starters, it’s a big bulky instrument that matches the Jupiter-8 in terms of scale, but then there are quite a lot of differences.

It’s sound is rawer and colder than the hi-fi Jupiter-8, most likely to do with it having different circuits and also

Custom Desktop Sequential Circuits Pro One in Wooden Case

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Curious if it’s just resting in the case.

via this listing: “Yes you are reading this right. The only Pro-One modded to desktop version I have ever seen! Mod wheel control via CV in on the back 🙂 This was recently services, tuned and PSU rebuilt by mr SynthNerd himself here in Dublin..”

Synth tech in Dublin for those that need one.

Sequential Circuits Pro One SN 1887

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Immaculate Condition Sequential Circuits Pro One w/MIDI

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For those interested, the seller also has a Universal Audio UA6176 Channel Strip listed here.

“Sequential Pro One vintage analog synth w/MIDI in near mint condition. It has the more desirable j-wire keybed which has been painstakingly refurbished.

What has been done:
MIDI kit installed. Simply connect a MIDI cable from your controller or sequencer to the MIDI IN jack. Hold

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 with MIDI SN 3303

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“This Prophet 5 is in good condition with a few small scratches on the knobs and face. It is fully functional except the ‘Envelope Amount’ knob is broken off.”

Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 – Rev 2 SN 0976

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“This one is in fair cosmetic condition and working 100%. It has just been serviced by a Greg Montalbano in Oakland, California. As you can see, this is a Rev 2… Apart from all the repairs, all potentiometers were cleaned, all tantalum capacitors have been replaced, the -5 and + 12 regulators have been removed on the power supply so the 2716 ROMS on the cpu board could be


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