Sequential Circuits Prophet-600

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Sequential Circuits MAX Six-Trak 1986 Analog Synth

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Nice sign in the background.

“You will not be disappointed from the big rich tones that this unassuming synth puts out. One of the original predecessors to the Dave Smith prophet, this synth has 100 presets that give off that quintessential 80’s sound with looks to boot. From funky to spooky this synth will definitely make you think of soundtrack to stranger things. it has a

Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 with Keyboard Case

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The cheapest way to get a Linndrum or DMX drum machine without paying blood. Awesome solution.

Published on Nov 9, 2018 Espen Kraft

“Many musicians doing synth based music dream of a Linndrum, LM-1 and/or a Oberheim DMX. The first two go for ridiculously high prices these days.
In this video I show you that by getting a much cheaper Sequential TOM drum machine instead, you can get cartridges with the Linndrum/LM-1/DMX sounds. In contrary to many other cheaper drum machines with swapped

Luftrum 19 soundset for Repro-5 synth to launch November 12th!

Luftrum 19 for Repro 5

Luftrum has announced the winner of its recent contest, revealing that the upcoming Luftrum 19 soundset will feature 128 sounds for the Repro-5 virtual analog synthesizer instrument by u-he. Repro is a software emulation of Sequential Circuits Pro-One and the Prophet-5 in one synth (both synths are included) using component-level modelling technology to create the […]

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Luftrum 19 – 128 Patches for Repro-5

Published on Nov 8, 2018 Luftrum1

“Luftrum 19 walkthrough, covering 34 presets. No talk, pure sounds.

Luftrum 19 is a collaborative soundset between Luftrum and Stephan Baer who runs the Sonic Underworld label. The soundset contains 128 patches for Repro-5 by U-He released on”

Repro-5 is a virtual soft synth based on the Sequential Circuits Prophet-5.

Sequential Circuits Pro One – J-Wire Model SN 5801

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“One of the greatest classic mono synths of all time! This is the much more desirable J-Wire model, easier to service and much more reliable than the later membrane keyboard option. It’s the cleanest Pro One I’ve personally come across and has been restored beautifully. The following has been done:

1) New keyboard bushings – Pro One’s have rubber keyboard bushings that get

Sequential Circuits Pro-One c 1980 SN 1149

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“Original vintage c 1980 SCI Pro-One analog synthesizer in excellent playing condition. This synth has just been fully serviced, recapped, and calibrated, all keys regulated and refitted with new bushings, and is ready for another 40 years of nastiness. She’s 100%, no issues.

For the uninitiated, the pro-one is considered by some handsome geniuses to be one of the best

Super Rare Vintage TBS-303 MKII Bassline Mono Synth (TB-303 clone+) SN 0399058 w/ Original Box

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I’ve only seen one of these go up for sale back in 2007. Note the font under TBS in the upper left matches Sequential Circuits font.

Details form the listing: “What happens when you take the basic analog synthesis engine of Roland’s classic TB-303 bassline, add MIDI control, and put it in a seriously heavy-duty tabletop housing?

You end up with TBS Musical Instruments