Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.0 Vintage Analog Synth w/Kenton MIDI Kit SN 2202

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“The synth was recently overhauled and electronically serviced by my synthesizer tech and no expense was spared to get it to the state where it will continue to function flawlessly for many years to come.”

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS

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“Excellent condition SH -101 with the mod wheel.
Tubbutec MIDI.
Fully serviced and calibrated.”

Sequential Circuits Prophet T8 8-Voice Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer SN 000452

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FREE Prophet VS V Custom Patches! Exclusively for Matrixsynth Readers!

synth_nyc · Arturia ProVS Custom Patches [Bank 1] FREE
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“Happy 4th of July!

Exclusively for your readers, please find a FREE set, Best Of my [Bank 1] for the Prophet VS V.

It was hard to decide which patches would made the ’Top 5’ cut, so many great sounds in this collection…

I used to own a Prophet VS rack; fantastic machine! The VS is really shining at slow

Prophet-5 & Big Sky – July 2020


“This is my improvisation today on the following equipment:
– Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 (rev.2) analog synthesizer
– Strymon Big Sky digital reverb (cloud setting)”

Making Music With Iconic AMS Reverbs & Delays!

Alex Ball

“A video looking at the AMS 1580S and the AMS RMX 16, which were early digital effects units that helped define the sound of recordings in the late 70s and early 80s.

In the video I use them to process sounds within a song I’m recording and demonstrate what they do during the production.

0:00 Intro
1:01 Processing the Roland TR-77 with the DMX 15~80S
2:38 Processing the SCi

Sequential Circuits Six Trak


This one is currently listed on Reverb here.

Pics previously captured here.

Vintage 1985 Sequential Circuits Split-Eight Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer Keyboard

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Sequential Circuits Six-trak Analog Synthesizer SN 0030027

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Pics of the inside below.

“Just serviced (6/28/20) with new battery, re-caps, cleaned pots, reloaded factory sounds.

Fully functional! Very good cosmetic shape with minor marks/scratches.”