RetroSound – Vintage Synths ~~~Aquarius~~~

Published on Oct 22, 2019 RetroSound

(c) 2019 #vintage #synthesizer track by #RetroSound

These track is very different to my other one synth tracks.
Different concept and different in musical way.

I used:
SCI Pro-One (1981)
PPG wave 2.2 (1982)
Moog The Source (1981)
Yamaha DX7 II (1987)
Simmons SDS-8 (1984)
Roland M-VS1 Vintage Synth (1995)
Oberheim Xk (1986)
Tama TSQ-1000

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Previously Owned by Ric Ocasek / Syncro Sound SN 4450

via this auction

Not the seller does not have provenance for the Prophet-5:

“Kills me to do this, but up for grabs is a Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 previously owned by Ric Ocasek and Syncro Sound. This unit was purchased by Ric personally in 1982 for the Beatitude sessions (where it can be heard all over the album) and was also used for the Heartbeat City recording sessions along

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Keyboard Synthesizer Model 1000 SN 3398

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Sequential Circuits Pro-8 Vintage Analogue Synth

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“This synth takes its internals and body work from the better known Split-8 synth from Sequential Circuits.
This electronic keyboard is an 8 voice polyphonic, bi-timbral analogue synth with the ability to split or layer two oscillators.

One of the most notable oddities with the Pro 8 is that you can filter FM one patch with the output of another when stacked in double – this

Sequential Circuits PRO-ONE SN 3349

via this auction

“J-wire keybed model – also with the improved power supply arrangement chassis mounted OFF the PCB. In great condition with some wear here and there, some markings on the lower keys – see photos. Please note that volume pot is a bit tilted, not a huge deal unless you’re ocd. Newer solid walnut side cheeks. Just had in for service including: replaced bypass caps; cleaned pots,

Sequential Circuits Prophet VS & Waldorf MicroWave 1 RevA Rackmount Synths

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Sequential Circuits Pro One w/ Dust Cover

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Working Perfect! 6 month warranty.
J-Wire Version.
Perfect flat keys.
New Bushings
Original Manual
Quality Dust Cover.
Great shape on the wood!

Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 3.0 SN 1873

via this auction

“Prophet-5 #1873 Revision 3.0 with 40 programs and no MIDI in excellent cosmetic and electronic condition. Recently serviced by Wine Country Sequential, looks and sounds wonderful. Well cared for and kept in Anvil Road Case that has just be refitted with all new foam. Comes with original owners manual (pictured.)”

Landosonic – Skipping Galaxies (Prophet-600, Ableton Live)

Published on Oct 8, 2019 LANDOSONIC

“An original Electronica composition for relaxation, stimulation, soothing, calming and uplifting purposes.”

Synth Spotting with Duran Duran ‘The early days’

Published on Dec 14, 2013 BMHMusic

“Duran Duran Interview with Nick and Roger about how the band was formed and what was happening in Birmingham during 78 -81. Great insight to how one of the most successful groups from Birmingham who then went on to rule the world !!”

Posting this for the synth spotting. Note what appears to be an all black Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 in the background to