Looping improv. with the Prophet 12 (Prophet 12, DittoX4)

Streamed live on Dec 18, 2019 State Azure

“New toy, new live stream.

FX: Valhalla Delay and Shimmer

Recorded direct to DAW.”

Happy Birthday Dave Smith! :)

Dave’s 70th Birthday Card Published on Apr 1, 2020

Dave Smith turned 70 today! The man is an inspiration to us all for so many reasons. Have a great day Dave! You are well loved. Thank you so much for everything you do.

“Please join us in celebrating a major Sequential milestone – Dave’s 70th birthday! As you probably know, Dave has spent over 40 of those years creating some truly

The Internet is throwing synth maker legend Dave Smith a 70th birthday party

Happy birthday to Dave Smith – founder of Sequential, co-creator of MIDI, and the innovator behind some wonderful instruments and tech that make us smile even when we’re in isolation.

And while it sure would be great to be toasting Dave in person, wow has the Internet contributed – with quite a few Prophets and such in the background.

Artists and other inventors – what a bunch. I can needle drop just to give the range. John Carpenter. Jason Miles. Cory Henry. Roger Linn and Ingrid Linn (Ingrid is also an electrical engineer). Monika Heidemann. Dave Rossum. Suzanne Ciani.

Honestly, watching this, you may start to feel like it’s your birthday, too. And it’s a nice reminder of what talented and nice friends we have in the world of synthesizers – a world that continues to add more of you around the world as inventors and artists and thinkers, all three.

Suzanne even speaks Italian and Roger and Ingrid demonstrate that it’s okay to break out bubbly.

Happy birthday, Dave.

PS, if you want to get the guy a gift – Sequential are also joining in supporting musicians during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Sequential Pro 3 SE Review

Published on Apr 1, 2020 tarekith

“Overview and review of the new Pro 3 Special Edition from Sequential.”

First video here.

Pro 3 SE

Sequential Artist Spotlight Interview with MAT PETERS

You can find the interview on Sequential’s website here.

“Mat Peters plays guitar and synths in Manchester-based Post-Punk band ist ist. He also makes his own ambient music and produces under the name Kim’s Garden.

Ist Ist started as a heavy punk band in 2014. Mat joined in 2018 as the songs started to become a more experimental and the use of synths was becoming more prominent. The band’s

GEoRGiA How I Wrote… About Work The Dancefloor

Published on Mar 28, 2020 GEoRGiA

Some synth spotting with Georgia.

Buy ‘Seeking Thrills’: CD / LP: http://smarturl.it//GeorgiaStore
Digital: http://smarturl.it//SeekingThrills

Sequential OB-6, DSI MoPho X4, & Clavia Nord Wave.

And the finished track:

Georgia – About Work The Dancefloor (Official Video)

Published on Mar 28, 2019

“Georgia – ‘About Work The Dancefloor’, from the new album

Everything In Its Right Place (Sequential Prophet 6)

Published on Mar 28, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

“Recorded into Ableton Live and processed/mixed with UAD, NI & Arturia plugins. Kick is from the CR78 kit in Ableton Live.

Filter cutoff is modulated a Moog EP3 connected to the LP Filter input.”

Sequential Pro 3 Special Edition First Look

Published on Mar 26, 2020 tarekith

“My first thoughts with the new Sequential Pro 3 SE after 48 hours of heavy use with no one within 6 feet of me.”

Pro 3 SE

Fault Radio Talks: A conversation with Dave Smith

“We’re proud to present to you our first episode of Fault Radio Talks podcast with Grammy winner and the founder of Sequential circuits – Dave Smite.

As part of International Synth Day that took place on May 23rd last year, we caught up with Dave in his office in San Francisco to learn more about his personal and professional journey.

Dave founded Sequential Circuits in 1974 and may be best

0400 (Sequential Prophet 6)

Published on Mar 25, 2020 3rdStoreyChemist

“All sounds from the Sequential Prophet 6. Recorded into Ableton Live and processed/mixed with stock Live, UAD, NI & Arturia plugins”