Mindpulse (DSI/Oberheim OB-6)

Published on May 19, 2019 Hitoshi Koizumi

DSI/Oberheim OB-6
Strymon Bigsky/TimeLine/Mobius

Sequential / DSI Pro 2 Discontinued

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The end of a classic, legendary, modern, mono synth. This is going to be one of those “synths that got away” for many.

This one was spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Prophet Rev2 Quick Look | LFO with filter

Published on May 15, 2019 Synth & Sundry

“A quick video about routing the LFO to filter cut off and resonance parameters on the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2 synth. Trying out different rates and shapes while playing this analog polysynth.
The LFO routing implementation on the Prophet Rev 2 is probably one of the most intuitive I’ve seen and the large amount of possible destination

The ultra-rare Sequential Prophet T8, reborn as a flagship add-on

It was the stuff of legends – a richly capable polysynth from the mind of Dave Smith, with only 800 units making it into the world. But now as makers chase the same clones on repeat, the T8 finds its way onto another innovative and overlooked flagship, today’s Sequential Prophet X and XL.

I wouldn’t normally write about sample packs, let alone add-ons for particular hardware. But Sequential’s Prophet X and XL are already uniquely sophisticated instruments – monster polysynths combining dozens of gigs of “deep sampling” sample content with analog synthesis, in a hybrid giant. The sample shop that assembled the sounds for that Prophet, 8dio, have gone back to painstakingly recreate the T8 as an add-on to the new Prophets.

The resulting combo could be the best modern Prophet available at the moment. The T8 had the soul of a Prophet-5 architecture, but was decades head of its time by unveiling polyphonic aftertouch keys (take that, MPE). Those T8 sounds, sampled here in detail, are a natural pairing with the Prophet X’s stereo analog filters, deep modulation, dual digital effects, and polyphonic step sequencer, plus its own superb keyboard.

8dio worked with Dave’s own, immaculately maintained T8 for the samples.

8dio has also made add-ons featuring the ARP 2600 and OBX.

The pack is just US$48, so while picking up a Prophet X or XL is hardly cheap, what you do get here for your investment is a serious alternative to assembling a bunch of software plug-ins for this sort of sound design depth.

Sequential Prophet X/XL Add-On 5 T8

The bad news here is really about a limitation of the new Prophets – Sequential doesn’t do polyphonic aftertouch or MPE on their new keyboards (though there is polyphonic glide). I’m rather hopeful that the reemergence of the T8 prods Dave and team to consider doing that, following Bay Area leaders like Roger Linn who helped drive the adoption of polyphonic expression in MIDI. These sounds deserve some control from more than one of your fingers at a time. (You get just mono aftertouch on the Prophet X/XL.)

But whether you’re a Sequential owner or not, it’s worth spending some time revisiting the T8 in all its 1983 glory – this is an early 80s synth that seems more like something you’d get now.

You absolutely should check out this copious review / history from greatsynthesizers.com for everything you could hope to want to know about this axe:


There’s a lot of stuff in that keyboard – optical sensing, release velocity as well as polyphonic aftertouch.


Photo at top – greatsynthesizers; seriously, do go check them out!

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8Dio Releases New Prophet T8 Sample Pack for Prophet X

San Francisco, CA—May 14, 2019 — Sound developer 8Dio has released a new “T8” Add-On pack for the Prophet X that features over 3,869 samples, 120 custom instruments, and 32 custom presets. The Add-On pack was created by deep-sampling Dave Smith’s own vintage Prophet T8 synthesizer. The $48 Add-On pack is now available for download from 8Dio’s website.

The Prophet T8 was one of Sequential’s

Dave Smith & Dieter Doepfer at SUPERBOOTH 19

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“#Superbooth19 with Dieter Doepfer!”

Two synth legends at this year’s SUPERBOOTH. It’s pretty amazing to think of the impact they have had in the world. Aside from creating incredible instruments, Dave brought us MIDI with Kakehashi from Roland in 1983, and Dieter brought back modular with the eurorack format in 1996. Analogue Systems worked in the same 3U format as

Getting SCI-FI on the OB-6 with Robot

Published on May 14, 2019 JAde Wii

PATCHES & SAMPLE PACKS ♡ https://www.dawlessjammin.com

Synths of Deadpool – Studio Time with Junkie XL

Published on Mar 8, 2016 Junkie XL

“A walkthrough of the synths of Deadpool and a taste of the Studio Time with Junkie XL to come! More info coming soon!”

DSI OB-6 PATCHES | "OB CLASSICS" Soundset by AnalogAudio1 | New Patches | HD Demo

Published on May 13, 2019 AnalogAudio1

“2019 (c) by AnalogAudio1

You can buy these patches for your DSI OB-6 – read the Youtube description for details (scroll down).

The intro sequence was produced via multitrack-recording using patches from the OB-6 “OB CLASSICS” soundset offered here. All sounds were recorded without any external signal processing directly from a DSI OB-6. All effects came

Sequential In The Spotlight Interview with ANDREI KUDRYAVTSEV

You can find the interview on Sequential’s website here.

“Unlike many Sequential artists who play their trade in the studio or on stage, Andrei Kudryavtsev labors largely behind the scenes as a technologist. With a Computer Science degree and a background as a classically trained pianist, he’s combined his two passions into a lifestyle as an Intel engineer and a synth tech/home studio maven. As