Sequential Prophet XL – Tweakage

Published on Apr 15, 2019 Sounds From The Shed

“Ran a short sequence and then had a mess about with the modulation, envelopes etc to see what does what.

No key playing, just turning knobs!!!!”

Strymon Big Sky, Meris Mercury 7, Eventide H9 Max Shimmer Reverb Comparison

Published on Apr 14, 2019 Uriel Ortega

“These three units are what I constantly use for my live synth rig. All three are powerful high quality units with very deep editing. In this simple video I do a comparison of the shimmer reverb algorithm on the Meris Mercury 7, The Eventide H9 Max, and the Strymon Big Sky. I love all three but usually have the Big Sky as my go to reverb for live use.

Meris Mercury 7 + OB6

Published on Apr 13, 2019 Uriel Ortega

“Check out this awesome combo! The OB6 is one of my favorite synthesizers, and together with the Meris Mercury 7, I can get some awesome sounds. This reverb definetly rivals my Big Sky! Enjoy”

SundaySynth #27 : Sequential OB6 Strings

Published on Apr 13, 2019 Khoral Central

“More work on the electro live set, DSI Tempest + Elektron Digitakt (with GForce M-Tron Pro samples) + Sequential OB6 controlled with the Tempest pads. Music by Negus.”

Low Frequency Expander for OB-6. Demo of LFO 2.

Published on Apr 14, 2019 Steve Hunt

“Demo of LFO2. LFO1 is identical. SHIFT button lets me change the waveshape. For Tri and Sin, it changes the symmetry so it moves from saw up through tri (or sin) to saw down. With the ramp up and down, it changes the shape from exponential up, through linear to exponential down. For square it changes the pulse width. For the Step waveform, SHIFT determines

Low Frequency Expander for the OB6 & Prophet-6

Expander 1 Large Published on Apr 11, 2019 Steve Hunt

“My Low Frequency Expander for the OB6. Also will work with Prophet 6.”

I reached out to Steve Hunt asking if this was a one off or if it will be made available for others. He replied: “Almost ready to make a few. Just a few software tweaks then another look at costs. Might make a batch of 10 if there’s enough interest.” If you are

Strymon Volante – Peter Dyer Synth Examples – Demo

Published on Apr 11, 2019 strymon

Instruments used in the video, in order of appearance:

Moog Subsequent 37
Dave Smith Instruments Prophet Rev2
Critter & Guitari Organelle
Nord Stage 3
Moog Grandmother

Signal path: Synth → Volante → audio interface

“Recently we had the pleasure of spending some time with keyboardist/producer/sound designer Peter Dyer while he played a wide variety

Meditations on The Prophet Rev2 Synthesizer

Published on Apr 8, 2019 Temple Of Holy

“This track was created using the Prophet Rev2 synthesizer. It was inspired by the instrument’s rich spectrum of sound and its endless possibilities. Sequenced on a computer and recorded onto magnetic tape.



Written & Produced by Arkia Jahani at Temple of Holy studios”

SundaySynth #26 : Mellotron and Oberheim Vibes

Published on Apr 7, 2019 Khoral Central

“More work on the electro live set, Gforce M-Tron Pro sounds sampled with Elektron Digitakt, DSI Tempest melodies and Sequential OB6… themes by Negus”

Synthwave jam

Published on Apr 3, 2019 Medsound Music

“A little Synth wave jam using : Prophet6, Moog Grandmother, Roland Juno106 and DX Drum machine sounds.

Maybe a new song will come out this idea shortly… 🙂 will see”