Siel Opera6 (1983) – Autony AU for Ipad in Generative Random Music Jam

Published on Jan 26, 2020 VSMI

“Siel Opera6 (1983) Made in Italy analog 6 voice synthesizer – Autony AudioUnit in AUM for Ipad in Generative Random Music Live Jam – Montarbo DREV128 Echo rack unit.”

Siel DK80 1984 Analog Synthesizer w/ SSM2045 Filters

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“A lot of love went into this machine. All capacitors have been replaced by new, high quality, low ESR ones by Nichicon, Panasonic, etc. The power supply section was upgraded. A new power supply module was fitted. All keys were cleaned. Comes with a RAM module.
This machine sounds amazing. Lush, full-bodied, dirty when pushed. And the retro eighties looks are stunning. A real

SIEL DK 80 Rare Vintage Analogic 12 Voices + Ram & Rom + BCR2000 Full Pack

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“Hello Music Lovers, this is the full pack for the wonderfull,rare,unknown,cool design & underated Italian Synth from the mid 80’s (1985).
SIEL DK 80 Dynamic Bitimbric Synthesizer
12 Voices Analog Polyphonic
CEM Filters,Sequencer & full Midi implementation.
Suzuki Ram Pack in the box with Ram stickers included
Siel Rom Pack Set n°1 included
Power supply PS-80 included

Siel Cruise + Cheetah MD16 + Roland SH-101 demo

Published on Sep 20, 2019 Carambolage

“Little demo piece created many years ago with three machines from the 80’s: Siel Cruise (Italy, 1981), Roland SH-101 (Japan, 1983) & Cheetah MD16 digital drum machine (UK, 1991). Recorded in 2011. Additional effects & mix in DAW.”

Get 70% off Keys Bundle by Soundiron, 9 unique instruments for 82 EUR

VST Buzz Soundiron Keys Bundle

VST Buzz has launched a sale on the Keys Bundle by Soundiron, offering a 70% discount on 9 vintage organ, classic synth and concertina/reed pump instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt. The “Keys Bundle” by Soundiron is a wonderful selection of 9 unique instruments hand picked from their Vintage Organ, Classic Synth and Concertina/Reed Pump collections. […]

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Siel Orchestral 2 Analogue String Synth

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“This all plays OK, except each F” – which are slightly lowerin volume. In addition the 4 buttons to the Left hand side either remain on oroff – which can be annoying, as you either get the effects or not!”

SIEL DK-80 SN 474

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“Siel DK-80 ‘Dynamic Bitimbric Synthesizer’

-analog 12 voice polyphonic
-rich SSM sound
-built in BBD chorus
-bi-timbral: layered or split keyboard
-onboard 2-track sequencer with trigger input
-midi CC control (see photo)
-lightweight, quality keys
-comes with original power adapter & styrofoam packing (damaged)
-printed manual included
-Made in Italy”