Vintage Suzuki Keyman PK-37 SIEL SN 4317

via this auction

“This is great Vintage 90’s Suzuki Keyman PK37 Full Size Keyboard in great shape and working order. Features a 1/8” sound output to connect to fx boxes, computer etc. Great crunch for loft sounds or just as a tool to play around and compose on. Also a great tool for a child to learn on / experiment with.”

Siel CTS-2000 quick demo

Valmont / Mooggy

“Minute of CTS-2000, a very rare hybrid italian synth from the mid eighties 😀
Thinking about making a VST of this synth, but there are so many wavetables… The work ahead’s gonna be long and boring!
Other demo I did with it:” [posted here]

DK80 SIEL Synthesizer SN 000745 w/ Foot Pedals

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“12 Voices Analog Polyphonic
CEM Filters SSM 2045 (can be found also on other italo- machine like Solton Project 100 or famous milestone like Emu Emulator II or some Fair light CMI versions.)Worth to mention a useful key tracking option
OSC SSM 2031
Full Midi implementation(all parameters can be controlled by midi)
Suzuki Ram Pack in the box with Ram stickers included
Siel Rom

SIEL EXPANDER 80, MIDI EXPANDER, & MIDI Computer Interface Brochures

SIEL EXPANDER 80 via this auction

MIDI EXPANDER via this auction

MIDI Computer Interface via this auction

SIEL CRUISE vintage analog synthesizer + ORIGINAL PEDAL

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Demo in the listing previously posted here (it’s a good one).

“A perfect working Siel Cruise, the vintage mono+poly synthesizer released by the Italian manufacturer Siel in the early 80’s. The machine has been recently serviced and recapped and looks great. No scratches, no missing/broken parts, it just has a couple of erased words on the panel. Comes with the original volume

SIEL Opera 6 Vintage Analog Synth

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“Amazing synth in working condition however it does need a service. It works for the most part but occasionally goes a little distorted or the volume drops. I believe that it may be a capacitor that needs replacing on the output circuit.”

SIEL DK80 Synthesizer w/ Extras

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“SIEL DK80 digital controlled Analog Synthesizer with the original Power Supply , manual , Midi , original Pedals (which were optional & rare) and 3 extra Modules (which on Ebay sell around $75 + each)- It offers 12 voices that can be played together or layered as a pair of 6 oscillators or even in split mode. 2 filters, 4 LFO’s, and, 14 digital envelopes. The unit also has a

Siel CTS-2000, just a few sounds passing by…

Published on May 26, 2019 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

“Another rare and atypical machine: the Siel CTS 2000. (Usually called Keytek)
Italian hybrid synth from 1987, using sort of wavetables…
A mix of Ensoniq and PPG Wave, under an Emulator II/DX7 interface!
It sounds really weird, and it’s pretty complicated to use 🙂
Wavetables are generated by 2 really cheap SGS M114A, and the filters are CEM 3389 (

Siel DK-80: 17 Nice patches quick demo

Published on Oct 29, 2018 [ጠσσǥǥሃ]

“Analog, MIDI, 12 voices with SSM Filters (Like early Prophet 5, PolySix, Fairlight, E-Mu Emulator II!)
The difference is that it costs 10 times less, because it didn’t become famous. The workflow is absolutely horrible xD

Ah well I got exportation problems, so the video quality is lower than usual.
I did’t know what to play so I played idiot chords, still

Siel Opera6/Crumar BitOne/Solton Project100 on Aphelion app – CRB Diamond725 drum samples on Sector

Published on May 11, 2020 VSMI

“Siel Opera6 – Crumar BitOne – Solton Project100 plays the same midi pattern on Aphelion app, Montarbo DREV128 echo effect only on synths.- CRB Diamond725 drum samples on Sector thru EFX effects apps. Vintage Synthesizers Made in Italy live jam”