Sinevibes to give away 10 licenses for Audiaire’s Zone synthesizer

Sinevibes Zone promo

Sinevibes has announced a co-promotion with Audiaire, the makers of the new, multi-talented Zone synthesizer plugin for Windows and Mac. At the heart of Zone is a powerful parameter sequencer that allows virtually every control to be assigned to and modified by its own independent sequencer lane, with unlimited lanes, each running at their own […]

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Save 30% off Sinevibes creative plugins & bundles

Sinevibes Fraction 1.4

Plugin Boutique has launched a Cyber Week sale on Sinevibes, offering 30% off its creative AU plugins for macOS for a limited time. Sinevibes AU plugins fuse together perfectly fun & unique creativity. Save 30% off this awesome collection of plugins in our Cyber Week Sale. The sale includes the recent Blend multi-voice chorus, as […]

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Plugin Boutique’s Best Guitar FX/Effect Plugins VST Alternatives 2018

PIB Top 5 Friday Guitar FX plugins

Plugin Boutique continues its Top 5 Friday series by Tim Cant with a roundup of some of the best guitar fx plugins. The best effects for axe-wielding maniacs everywhere. This Top Five isn’t about amp sims – it’s about guitar-focused plugins that offer a great alternative to real-world effects pedals. Check Tim’s top five plugins […]

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Sinevibes releases Blend multi-voice chorus for Mac

Sinevibes Blend

Sinevibes has released Blend, a multi-voice chorus Audio Unit plugin for Mac. Blend is comprised of up to 16 separate layers. Each of them actually is a chorus effect on its own – complete with a dedicated modulation generator and a feedback loop. Even with all 16 layers activated, the resulting mix is dense yet […]

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Plugin Boutique Top 5 Friday: Favorite plugins under 50 GBP

PIB Top 5 Friday Plugins under 50 GBPPlugin Boutique has published a new video in its Top 5 Friday series, in which Tim Cant takes a look at five plugins under £50 GBP. This round-up includes Outer Space, Torsion, Decimort 2, TAL-Bassline-101 and Plugin Boutique’s very own Scaler, which I can recommend. 5. Outer Space – AudioThing The Roland RE-20 Space Echo […]

Sinevibes announces free upgrades for legacy plugins

Sinevibes Free Legacy Plugin UpgradesSinevibes has announced a new legacy upgrade program for its existing customers. Those who own select discontinued Sinevibes Audio Unit plugins can request replacement plugins free of charge. The eligible discontinued plugins include Deep, Dynamo, Gateboy, Transformer, and Space Oscillator. The replacement plugins have more features, much improved design and higher efficiency – all while […]

Korg releases Minilogue sound library in collaboration with Sinevibes

The Deep Dive for Korg minilogueSinevibes and Korg have announced the release of The Deep Dive, a new sound library for the Minilogue polyphonic analog synthesizer. With this collection of 110 patches, Sinevibes founder and sound designer Artemiy Pavlov attempts to dive into the deepest depths of the minilogue and reveal its hidden superpowers. It includes meticulously crafted synths, leads, […]

Sinevibes Inertia audio level shaping plugin on sale for $19 USD!

Sinevibes Inertia salePlugin Boutique has launched an exclusive sale on Inertia by Sinevibes, an effect plugin for advanced audio level shaping. It is based on a sequencer that runs in precise sync with the host transport, triggering up to 32 envelope generators one after another. With multiple envelope types to choose from, as well as variable timing […]

Luminance adds shimmery reverb to your sound – and it’s a runaway hit

Reverbs can mimic real spaces (precisely or loosely), or sound like springs, or sound like thickened delays. Luminance goes somewhere else: unreal, shimmering spaces full of glimmering reflections. And it’s already taking off.

Shimmer-y reverbs are perhaps a zeitgeist now, as developers return to digital effects and new twists on those ideas. From the team formerly at CamelAudio, we saw ChromaVerb in the Logic Pro X 10.4 update at the start of this year, and a couple of Max for Live devices have gone a similar direction.

Luminance has the advantage of sounding unique, utterly beautiful, and with a clear, simple interface – one that lets you dial in just the amount of effect you want, while always producing lovely results. It’s probably the most accessible take I’ve seen on the idea, and the results sound modern and fresh without being too unfamiliar.

In short: it’s some dreamy sauce you can add easily to anything. And that may explain its runaway sales. Mac-only developer Sinevibes has a strong following, but this particular plugin, the developer told us, has already far exceeded any other launch, even in its first 24 hours in the world.

Here’s how Artemiy describes it:

Luminance is a plugin for creating “shimmer reverb” effects – unreal acoustic space simulations which gradually pitch-shift the reverberation tail. It’s a novel take on this coveted effect, here based on a modern “feedback delay network” design with high-quality interpolation – plus quite a few original tricks such as phase-inverted time modulation, special configurations for damping and signal blending. All this gives Luminance a fresh and highly musical character: it smoothly follows the original melodies and harmonies and creates a lush background sound layer reminiscent of a dreamy symphony of strings or pipe organs. And to ensure highest possible day-to-day usability, Luminance has an easy-to-understand set of finely-tuned parameters.

There’s a really nice demo video that gets the point across (probably also helped sales):

An update since launch has added compatibility fixes all the way back to Mac OS X 10.6 – there’s something you don’t hear often these days.

Cost: US$29. (Demo and bundle pricing available)

32-bit/64-bit Mac AU only.

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Sinevibes Intros Luminance Shimmer Reverb Effect For Mac

Sinevibes has introduced Luminance – a Mac Audio Unit plugin, designed for creating ‘shimmer reverb’ effects.… Read More Sinevibes Intros Luminance Shimmer Reverb Effect For Mac