Sinevibes Brings New Powers To Korg Synthesizers

Sinevibes offers three oscillator plugins, each of which brings a new capabilities to your synth.… Read More Sinevibes Brings New Powers To Korg Synthesizers

KORG’s nutekt NTS-1 is a fun, little kit – and open to ‘logue developers

KORG has already shown that opening up oscillators and effects to developers can expand their minilogue and prologue keyboards. But now they’re doing the same for the nutekt NTS-1 – a cute little volca-ish kit for synths and effects. Build it, make wild sounds, and … run future stuff on it, too.

Okay, first – even before you get to any of that, the NTS-1 is stupidly cool. It’s a little DIY kit you can snap together without any soldering. And it’s got a fun analog/digital architecture with oscillators, filter, envelope, arpeggiator, and effects.

Basically, if you imagine having a palm-sized, battery-powered synthesis studio, this is that.

Japan has already had access to the Nutekt brand from KORG, a DIY kit line. (Yeah, the rest of the world gets to be jealous of Japan again.) This is the first – and hopefully not the last – time KORG has opened up that brand name to the international scene.

And the NTS-1 is one we’re all going to want to get our hands on, I’ll bet. It’s full of features:

– 4 fixed oscillators (saw, triangle and square, loosely modeled around their analog counterpart in minilogue/prologue, and VPM, a simplified version of the multi-engine VPM oscillator)
– Multimode analog modeled filter with 2/4 pole modes (LP, BP, HP)
– Analog modeled amp. EG with ADSR (fixed DS), AHR, AR and looping AR
– modulation, delay and reverb effects on par with minilogue xd/prologue (subset of)
– arpeggiator with various modes: up, down, up-down, down-up, converge, diverge, conv-div, div-conv, random, stochastic (volca modular style). Chord selection: octaves, major triad, suspended triad, augmented triad, minor triad, diminished triad (since sensor only allows one note at a time). Pattern length: 1-24
– Also: pitch/Shape LFO, Cutoff sweeps, tremollo
– MIDI IN via 2.5mm adapter, USB-MIDI, SYNC in/out
– Audio input with multiple routing options and trim
– Internal speaker and headphone out

That would be fun enough, and we could stop here. But the NTS-1 is also built on the same developer board for the KORG minilogue and prologue keyboards. That SDK opens up developers’ powers to make their own oscillators, effects, and other ideas for KORG hardware. And it’s a big deal the cute little NTS-1 is now part of that picture, not just the (very nice) larger keyboards. I’d see it this way:

NTS-1 buyers can get access to the same custom effects and synths as if they bought the minilogue or prologue.

minilogue and prologue owners get another toy they can use – all three of them supporting new stuff.

Developers can use this inexpensive kit to start developing, and don’t have to buy a prologue or minilogue. (Hey, we’ve got to earn some cash first so we can go buy the other keyboard! Oh yeah I guess I have also rent and food and things to think about, too.)

And maybe most of all –

Developers have an even bigger market for the stuff they create.

This is still a prototype, so we’ll have to wait, and no definite details on pricing and availability.


Yep, still waiting.

Wow, I really want this thing, actually. Hope this wait isn’t long.

I’m in touch with KORG and the analog team’s extraordinary Etienne about the project, so stay tuned. For an understanding of the dev board itself (back when it was much less fun – just a board and no case or fun features):

KORG are about to unveil their DIY Prologue boards for synth hacking


Sounds and stuff –

Interviews and demos –

And if you wondered what the Japanese kits are like – here you go:

Oh, and I’ll also say – the dev platform is working. Sinevibes‘ Artemiy Pavlov was on-hand to show off the amazing stuff he’s doing with oscillators for the KORG ‘logues. They sound the business, covering a rich range of wavetable and modeling goodness – and quickly made me want a ‘logue, which of course is the whole point. But he seems happy with this as a business, which demonstrates that we really are entering new eras of collaboration and creativity in hardware instruments. And that’s great. Artemiy, since I had almost zero time this month, I better come just hang out in Ukraine for extended nerd time minus distractions.

Artemiy is happily making sounds as colorful as that jacket. Check

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Die Korg-Familie bekomme neue Oszillato(h)ren: Das andere FM von Sinevibes


Sinevibes ist der Hersteller bzw. Bent ist der Name bisher zweier Angebote für Prologue und Minilogue XD von Bent. Sie erweitern den digitalen Oszillator-Bereich.

Schon lange waren Oszillator-Modelle für die Korg-Synthesizer angekündigt und von Mutable bereits auch geliefert. Und dann gibt es noch einen Anbieter namens Bent. Von dort kommen jetzt schon zwei Angebote:

Zeitkonstantenkompensatoren neu kalibrieren!

FM gibt es eigentlich ja jetzt schon, dennoch gibt es von Sinevibes die Bent Oszillator-Modelle. Das Besondere ist nicht nur die FM selbst, sondern die Verbiegung der beiden Oszillatoren innerhalb dieses Modells. Sie verformen die Kennlinie und Charakteristik sowie Phasenlage und Zeitsymmetrie. Als Schwingungsformen sind fünf verschiedene vorgesehen, die allesamt Symmetrie-Modulation zulassen und „Harmonic Balance“ justierbar macht.

Die Qualität und „Auflösung“ dieses Effekts soll sehr hoch sein. Ein langsamerer LFO bis 10 Hz ist ebenso verbaut. Eine AD-Hülkurve ist auch vorgesehen.

Neben diesen gibt es auch nocht das „ältere“ „Turbo“-Modell, das ebenfalls FM-Sounds generiert. Auch hier ist eine kleine AD-Hüllkurve verbaut und die hohe Aufllösung ist hier ebenfalls über dem der normalen Synthesizer.

Die Möglichkeit für eigene Oszillatoren-Modelle begann mit dem Prologue und ausgegebenen DSP-Boards und wurde durch den Minilogue XD erweitert. So kann der dritte Oszillator deutlich mehr. Der Code ist eigentlich gleich für die bisher zwei Synthesizer.

Weitere Information

Korg forderte auf, dass Hersteller sich dessen annähmen und sie haben es auch getan. Aktuell gibt es beide auch als Bundle für 49 Dollar. Mehr dazu findet man auf der Website von Sinevibes.