Soft Synths

Animator Synth – Free Yamaha CS80 Soft Synth

Free VST – Arminator Synth (Yamaha CS80 synthesizer-emulation)

Published on Jun 12, 2017 vstplanet

via VST Planet

“Krakli Plugs has released Arminator, free VST plugin Yamaha CS80 synthesizer-emulation.”

“Demo of my soundbank for a perfect Yamaha CS80 synthesizer-emulation by Ian Webster, called the “Arminator”. He created this synth in honour of me and I put all my efforts intothe making

Jean Michel Jarre Tribute V-Collection Demo

“The JMJ Tribute sound set is now available from Arturia. This track contains three pieces (Chants Magnetiques 1, Equinoxe 1, Equinoxe 6), featuring the amazing Arp 2600V, ModularV (mostly for drums/percussion this time) and SolinaV. No other sound sources were used.

Recorded in ‘real time’ in Live with multiple instances of the various synths to allow tweaking each part as it is running.


Pallas – Semi-Modular Synthesizer by Max for Cats

Published on Jun 21, 2017 max forcats


“Max for Cats’ latest creation brings the versatility of a semi-modular interface to the world of analog-modelling synthesis. Built around a flexible virtual patchbay, Pallas gives users immense control over a wide range of bold and unique sounds.

Pallas is a Max for Live device that has been specifically

11EDO algorithmic IDM in Pure Data

Published on Jun 20, 2017 acreil

“11EDO/11TET means 11 equal divisions of the octave. As usual, this is a single PD patch with no samples or plugins or anything.”

How to turn a vocal sample into a textural drone with NI Form

Published on Jun 21, 2017 Future Music Magazine

“Want to morph the most basic of sound sources into a dystopian soundscape? Look no further than Native Instruments’ synth Form. Let’s take a look at how it works…”

Randy Vogue – On The Cusp Of Collapse

Published on Jun 11, 2017 Jacques Mongrel

“Unstable electronic funk manipulations careen through a kaleidoscopic vision of the American dream.”

A new piece by supporting MATRIXSYNTH Member Jacques Mongrel aka Pinwale Sounds under the Randy Vogue alias. The track features Ableton Live with Cheese Machine VST (a string machine plug in).

Native Instruments Releases Free REAKTOR Blocks 1.3 Update

via Native Instruments:

“Major update of Native Instruments’ Eurorack-inspired modular system adds a new family of modules and synthesizer patches

June 8, 2017, Berlin – Native Instruments today released REAKTOR Blocks 1.3, a substantial update to this acclaimed virtual modular system, provided with REAKTOR 6.

Free for existing users, Blocks 1.3 introduces a new Blocks family: Kodiak. These

4ms joins ever-expanding Softube Modular platform

“LINKÖPING, SWEDEN: high-end plug-in specialist Softube is proud to announce that highly respected synth module-maker 4ms has joined the ever-expanding Modular platform — the virtual Eurorack system released last year to rave reviews — to become a licensed brand alongside Doepfer and Intellijel, as of June 7…

One of the most striking Eurorack modules made by 4ms is the Spectral Multiband

XILS Lab – PolyM: Films n’ Friends

Published on Jun 7, 2017 Adam Borseti

“Just another demo of the fabulous, upcoming XILS Lab PolyM; a superbly authentic and meticulous emulation of the Polymoog Synthesizer! Of course, you can’t even say “Polymoog” without mentioning Gary Numan, so I thought I’d make two demo tracks to demonstrate the PolyM’s Gary Numan presets (which I programmed). They will be included with the released

Syntronik – Hardware Synthesizer DNA – Part 3 [Alesis Andromeda A6, Yamaha SY99 & PPG Wave]

Published on Jun 6, 2017 ikmultimedia

“In Part 3 of this Syntronik video series, learn the ins and outs of just some of the classic analog synths included in the legendary synth powerhouse.

Learn about vintage synth classics like the Alesis Andromeda A6, Yamaha SY99, and the PPG Wave.”

You can find all parts of the video series and details on Syntronik here.