Beats and Bytes // Launchpad for FL Studio // 18 April 2019 4PM PST

Streamed live on Apr 18, 2019 NovationTV

“If you are an FL Studio user, then this is the live stream for you. Join us as we show you how to use the Novation Launchpad with FL Studio to improve your workflow and get the most out of your productions when using Launchpad as a controller.

FL Studio Feature Overview:…”

Best 43 Free Modules in VCV Rack less than 7HP

Published on Apr 22, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

“Here is my review of 43 THIN VCV Rack modules…they have good perfomance\width\functionality ratio and nice to use as the compact workflow on your screen. I also built a patch from scratch using all of these modules (as the template). So I hope it will be interesting for you to explore how good these modules are.

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Podcast 273: Dan Goldstein (Cherry Audio)

Published on Apr 21, 2019 20Objects

“Dan Goldstein has been living his dream for 20 years. He started off with Sonic Foundry – back in the golden days – creating the future of audio software from scratch. He went on to be a main developer of Mixcraft, and has recently been involved in the release of Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular synth software. It’s a powerhouse, and you can tell that Dan is

New Legendary Voltage Controlled Synthesizer RAST-A | VST Instrument for HALion

Published on Apr 18, 2019 VST Instruments & Plug-Ins

Oberheim OB-X / OB-Xa based soft synth. Sounds like my old OB-Xa, but not seeing a 2-Pole / 4-Pole switch.

“RAST-A for HALion is an homage to legendary voltage-controlled synthesizers of the 1980s. It not only models the musical influence of individual hardware components on sound, but also simulates the temperature drift of VCOs.

Testing NEW ValhallaDelay with synth in VCV Rack (NO TALKING)

Published on Apr 17, 2019 VCV Rack Ideas

“This is amazing delay and I think that’s all I should say. There are so many characters, saturation, diffusion (reverb), pitch shifter, frequency shifter, reversed pitched delay, BBD, tape…oh, really . But they are all sound great!
Just look how it processed Mutable Plaits with minimalistic sequence from bidoo dTroy.”

Introducing Drum Synth 500

Published on Apr 15, 2019 AIR Music Tech


Newest drum synthesizer software from Air—renowned creator of the industry reference Strike for Avid Pro Tools—delivers total control of all electronic drum sounds with simple, intuitive interface.
Cumberland, RI USA (April 16, 2019)—AIR Music Technology (

TTNM: My Synth Story Video Series



My Synth Story e01: Synth1 VST, MicroKorg & 3D Stop Motion (VLOG) #TTNM
My Synth Story e02: MIDI, Arduino Synths & Doepfer Theremins (VLOG) #TTNM
My Synth Story e03: Tinysizer, Tenori-On & Christmas Music (VLOG) #TTNM
My Synth Story e04: Eurorack, Eurorack & Eurorack (VLOG) #TTNM

SundaySynth #27 : Sequential OB6 Strings

Published on Apr 13, 2019 Khoral Central

“More work on the electro live set, DSI Tempest + Elektron Digitakt (with GForce M-Tron Pro samples) + Sequential OB6 controlled with the Tempest pads. Music by Negus.”

Serum Dubstep Bass + Ableton Live – itijik Quick Tips featuring Hazardoze

Published on Apr 12, 2019 itijik

“Dubstep Bass from Scratch! Using Serum in Ableton Live!

This time Hazardoze is building a patch from scratch, adding effects and showing us what Serum can do! Killin it!

Check out the itijik store! You can buy inspiring samples and tools on …there’s some really useful FREE stuff on there too 😉

Serum Dubstep Bass + Ableton Live – itijik

miniMO & Synthmulator Modular Synthesizer Simulator

You might remember, the miniMO mini modular synth. miniMO has teamed up with Synthmulator, makers of a 3D rendered virtual modular synth. You can find a video below. The following is some info from Jose, the developer behind miniMO:

“I’ve partnered with a friend who developed a virtual modular synth and I’ll be giving away a promo code for his synth with every miniMO value pack (which